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  1. I would say he is worth at least a 1.02 rookie pick.
  2. An injury can derail anyone's career no matter how great, but so far, he has proven to be resilient to injuries and contrary to the claim that his style makes him jury prone, he actually is very adept at avoiding dangerous hits. He tends to deal more damage than he suffers and he also uses stiff arms to avoid hard hits. It would be foolhardy to expect another 2000 yard season although that is definitely possible. But I fully expect him to be in the 1000-1300 range for at least three to four more seasons and to continue scoring in double digits.
  3. Do we get apologies from all the horrible prognosticators who projected only 20 points for Henry week 17? I love that he rolled up 250 yards today and to those who were lambasting Bloom for last week you are all....(fill in the blank). For those keeping track, today was Henry's third 200+ yard game of the season.
  4. I'm glad to see him starting to fulfill his potential though I had to let him go from my dynasty team early on in the season.
  5. Mostly it is based on QB situation. I like the future of Joe Burrow and so his future WR1 who has shown a lot already ranks higher than a very talented McLaurin who alas has no QB.
  6. Started him over Gallman because of the supposedly easy matchup. Boy was I wrong. Didn't see the game because it wasn't featured in my area so interested to hear if he is droppable or not from people who watched it.
  7. I was offered Deshaun Watson for Barkley from a team that is out of contention--I am leading team but have Goff/Bridgewater at QB. I turned it down but would it be fair to ask the Watson owner to throw in his second round pick? How do people rate Barkley's value right now?
  8. I would put Higgins in that group and drop McLaurin. Love McLaurin but don't consider him a top 5 dynasty WR.
  9. Yes, Gaskins in his second year and is still only 23. I would prefer Akers too but the rationale above is poor.
  10. Same situation. I am rolling with Steelers D because the reward is so high and a replacement D may not yield many points anyway. Plus I don't want to cut a player to pick up a trash defense. Finally, the NFL is all about the money so my guess is they play even if half the players are off the street.
  11. Thanks! I was trying to decide between Hill and Gallman as my flex and I am going with HIll now that I know that only he and Ito are available. Plus, LV has a bad run defense.
  12. Gibson is 22 and Zeke is 25. Gibson is still learning the position and has lots of ceiling yet to grow. While I can see that Zeke is safer, I would be hard pressed to trade Gibson for Zeke in Dynasty.
  13. Thanks guys. I was tempted because Watson would really balance my roster this year but his playoff schedule isn't favorable and after the feedback it seems pretty clear people think Barkley has more value. I rejected.
  14. If you took Gibson at his ADP you are a happy fantasy GM. MFL ADP is 105 overall and RB43. Yet he is producing as a top 10 fantasy back and put up another monster game today.
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