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  1. This is really important information I didn't know. So the Houston coaches are in position to know whether his college production is his floor or his ceiling and I doubt they would aggressively trade up to get him, as they did, if they didn't think he had a lot of potential.
  2. He didn't have a huge 1200 yard type season. But he did break out as a Sophomore (early breakout is always a good sign) with 632 yards and six TDs. His Junior year he had 729 yards and seven TDs. His QBs were not good and the coaching did not emphasize the pass so I don't think you can look at production and be certain he can't produce at an elite level. He sat out this past year due to Covid so we lost that data point. If he were on a high octane offense and/or played with an NFL caliber QB and had numbers like this I would agree. But you need to watch his tape as to me the talent jumps off
  3. I took him at 2.09 and was very happy to do so. He has a chance to be a starter right away. Yes, Houston is a mess but sometimes that can mean lots of late game points for receivers as bad teams pass a lot. He has really good hands and uses his hands to snag ball out of the air. His size and speed is elite. Route running can be taught; size/speed cannot. And in my experience, a guy who can't catch usually doesn't get better at that either and it can really hurt a player's chances to become or stay a starter.
  4. For the last 15 years I have had Drew Brees as my dynasty QB; now it will be Lawrence. He can make all the throws, has great throwing form, reads defenses well, and can run when necessary. Jaguars have at least average receivers. I'm very optimistic.
  5. I was fortunate to get Trevor L at 1.09 but if he had been gone I would have taken Fields. Why? He looks like a much better passer than Wilson. The differential in draft stock is so minimal that I don't put much stock in it; do you really trust the Jet's scouting office? The Bears aren't much or any better, but my own eye decides in that case. It is also worth noting that Wilson has a really bad receiving corps--easily one of the bottom of the barrel.
  6. Well it isn't the same level of star power, but Detroit and LA swapped starting QBs this year. And Wilson has a history in Wisconsin so he might like the trade. Both would be going to competitive teams.
  7. Why not seek a trade with Seattle for Wilson? Include a future draft pick to make it fair.
  8. Right. You will be LUCKY if the 1.06 yields a player who performs as well in 2021 as Gibson did in 2020.
  9. Exactly. If he was 25 or 26 years old, sure. But he is still 22 so you could build around him for the next three years.
  10. My feeling is that if you have a chance to contend you don't trade away a key piece. That being said, 1.04 and 1.08 is decent value depending on how deep this draft is. I don't know that yet.
  11. If you offered same deal but didn't ask for his second it would be fair.
  12. I would say he is worth at least a 1.02 rookie pick.
  13. An injury can derail anyone's career no matter how great, but so far, he has proven to be resilient to injuries and contrary to the claim that his style makes him jury prone, he actually is very adept at avoiding dangerous hits. He tends to deal more damage than he suffers and he also uses stiff arms to avoid hard hits. It would be foolhardy to expect another 2000 yard season although that is definitely possible. But I fully expect him to be in the 1000-1300 range for at least three to four more seasons and to continue scoring in double digits.
  14. Do we get apologies from all the horrible prognosticators who projected only 20 points for Henry week 17? I love that he rolled up 250 yards today and to those who were lambasting Bloom for last week you are all....(fill in the blank). For those keeping track, today was Henry's third 200+ yard game of the season.
  15. I'm glad to see him starting to fulfill his potential though I had to let him go from my dynasty team early on in the season.
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