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  1. With Cook on bye and Barkley and Gibson injured, I am starting Johnson this week. Picked up for 43% of my bid dollars. That was aggressive for a guy who doesn't have long term value because I really need someone who will get PT this week. If he puts up 10 points I will be pleased.
  2. In 2015 there was a lot of disagreement about Henry with some suggesting that he lacked speed, vision or lateral movement and would not be a strong NFL back. After looking at his college tape, I compared him to Ricky Williams and I stand by that comparison. I some ways, he is an incomparable running back, but Williams is as close as any. Backs that big and fast are very rare. Henry adds a top flight stiff arm and superior vision. I drafted him at 1.05 as a rookie and couldn't be happier.
  3. As a Lawrence owner, I hope this leads to Urban being fired soon.
  4. Shepard is a good player, plain and simple. The only thing that has held him back are injuries and situation (horrible coaching and QBs). If he stays healthy he is going to be a consistent producer in PPR all year although that is a big if, given his tendency to get nicked up. On the positive, I think Galloway actually has helped him because he is more effective in the slot role. Also, I think Danny Jones is now an average NFL QB--not a great one by any means--but average. And that's an improvement.
  5. I benched him for Sterling Shephard and I will probably continue to bench him in favor of another flex for a few weeks. I saw some sparks of what he can do but I think it may be closer to mid-season before we see him returning to his former value.
  6. Slayton does not have good hands. And that limits his value in the long run because he isn't an exceptional athlete either.
  7. Gibson just made a great blitz pickup block. It won't show up in the stats, but that's the kind of play a three down back must make.
  8. Cousins is the epitome of the average NFL qb who can play well enough to win but won't be the x factor in many games. The offensive line can't run block. Zimmer needs to go and so does Cousins and probably the GM too. We need to start over and once again are wasting the career of a great offensive player (Cook).
  9. Henry had several opportunities on short and goal but the blocking was horrible and he was hit in the backfield. Had he scored, we wouldn't be talking about him. Gibson was ok but not great. The QB situation there is a real concern though.
  10. Watching this one. Looking forward to seeing Cook play and also seeing how the WR situation unfolds in Cincy.
  11. I am starting him this week, mostly due to how weak I am at QB position, but also because HOU matchup seems potentially juicy.
  12. This is something to factor into your ranking but not overwhelming. It is worth factoring because usually where there is smoke there is fire and usually men who abuse don't stop. On the other hand, it never made it to a legal complaint so probably nothing happens this time.
  13. Dropped pass where ball was dropped on his hands led to an INT. Not good. He needs to work on his catching.
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