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  1. As a Lawrence owner, I hope this leads to Urban being fired soon.
  2. Shepard is a good player, plain and simple. The only thing that has held him back are injuries and situation (horrible coaching and QBs). If he stays healthy he is going to be a consistent producer in PPR all year although that is a big if, given his tendency to get nicked up. On the positive, I think Galloway actually has helped him because he is more effective in the slot role. Also, I think Danny Jones is now an average NFL QB--not a great one by any means--but average. And that's an improvement.
  3. I benched him for Sterling Shephard and I will probably continue to bench him in favor of another flex for a few weeks. I saw some sparks of what he can do but I think it may be closer to mid-season before we see him returning to his former value.
  4. Slayton does not have good hands. And that limits his value in the long run because he isn't an exceptional athlete either.
  5. Gibson just made a great blitz pickup block. It won't show up in the stats, but that's the kind of play a three down back must make.
  6. Cousins is the epitome of the average NFL qb who can play well enough to win but won't be the x factor in many games. The offensive line can't run block. Zimmer needs to go and so does Cousins and probably the GM too. We need to start over and once again are wasting the career of a great offensive player (Cook).
  7. Henry had several opportunities on short and goal but the blocking was horrible and he was hit in the backfield. Had he scored, we wouldn't be talking about him. Gibson was ok but not great. The QB situation there is a real concern though.
  8. Watching this one. Looking forward to seeing Cook play and also seeing how the WR situation unfolds in Cincy.
  9. I am starting him this week, mostly due to how weak I am at QB position, but also because HOU matchup seems potentially juicy.
  10. This is something to factor into your ranking but not overwhelming. It is worth factoring because usually where there is smoke there is fire and usually men who abuse don't stop. On the other hand, it never made it to a legal complaint so probably nothing happens this time.
  11. Dropped pass where ball was dropped on his hands led to an INT. Not good. He needs to work on his catching.
  12. Cooper/Lamb reminds me of the Carter/Moss days. As long as a coach is willing to air it out and the receivers have a QB who can play that game, more good receivers actually increases the pie rather than decreases it.
  13. If you can get any 2022 first for him I would jump. His actual value is closer to a 2022 early second.
  14. I've had Robby since his rookie year and really like him but am I the only one who is surprised by how rich this contract is? This tells me that Carolina sees him as a really important piece of the offense and I see his dynasty value and redraft value tick up as a result of this show of faith by his team.
  15. Isn't the guy like 30 years old? Why would you put him on a practice squad at that age to learn a position? Either he can play it or he can't. Unless Meyer just wants to give him a paycheck, however small?
  16. Pre-season fluff? Obviously. But this looks better than a. Goff is hurt and sitting on the sidelines b. Goff isn't here in camp because.... c. The backup is looking better than Goff...all the talk is about the backup. He has a horrible cast of receivers but he should be an ok QB2. I'm not happy about him as a QB1 until he shows he can do it again.
  17. During OTAs I am most interested in seeing a rookie doesn't get hurt and actually participates. If there is positive fluff, that's a bonus but I don't put too much weight until the real games starts. Teammates and coaches are all singing the same tune--Collins looks more mature than a rookie and is putting in time and learning the playbook. https://www.si.com/nfl/texans/news/nico-collins-showing-texans-more-than-rookie
  18. I tend to see Lawrence similarly to EBG; a likely top 5 fantasy QB. It is hard for even the best passer to be a #1 fantasy QB unless they are a true dual-threat and while athletic, he isn't going to ever run for 1,000 yards. What I like is his throwing mechanics and poise. He can make any throw and appears exceedingly accurate. He hits his receivers in stride, which is so important to enable the receiver to get the most yards. As to the concern about QBs coming from offenses where there are a lot of strong supporting players and that perhaps elevates the QB above his true ability, I don't think that is true of Lawrence. While he played on a great team, his WRs were not uber elite. My biggest concern is the coaching in Jacksonville, specifically, the HC. This whole thing with Meyer bringing back Tebow (come on! The guys is in his 30s and hasn't played football in a decade and he never played the position they claim he will play) makes me question his judgement. That being said, I like Darrel Bevel and he has had success with QBs in the NFL. Also, I like the Jaguars receivers and offensive playmakers.
  19. Team 1 gives up Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB; Patrick, Tim DEN WR; Tonyan, Robert GBP TE Team 2 gives up Barkley, Saquon NYG RB I am the Barkley owner and turned this down. I do need a TE but don't see Tonyan as enough of an upgrade over Gesicki and Higbee to give up Barkley. There is some uncertainty due to Barkley's injury but I like the improvement made to the Giant's Oline and his youth and upside are better than Zeke.
  20. He might have shopped the 1.06 for a trade and gotten a pretty good veteran TE instead. We all know that most rookie TEs take time to develop and Freiermuth is no sure thing long term either, especially with Big Ben at the end of his career.
  21. This is really important information I didn't know. So the Houston coaches are in position to know whether his college production is his floor or his ceiling and I doubt they would aggressively trade up to get him, as they did, if they didn't think he had a lot of potential.
  22. He didn't have a huge 1200 yard type season. But he did break out as a Sophomore (early breakout is always a good sign) with 632 yards and six TDs. His Junior year he had 729 yards and seven TDs. His QBs were not good and the coaching did not emphasize the pass so I don't think you can look at production and be certain he can't produce at an elite level. He sat out this past year due to Covid so we lost that data point. If he were on a high octane offense and/or played with an NFL caliber QB and had numbers like this I would agree. But you need to watch his tape as to me the talent jumps off the screen when you watch him.
  23. I took him at 2.09 and was very happy to do so. He has a chance to be a starter right away. Yes, Houston is a mess but sometimes that can mean lots of late game points for receivers as bad teams pass a lot. He has really good hands and uses his hands to snag ball out of the air. His size and speed is elite. Route running can be taught; size/speed cannot. And in my experience, a guy who can't catch usually doesn't get better at that either and it can really hurt a player's chances to become or stay a starter.
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