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  1. Got caught up in Christmas and did not do an overview for Sunday. But here are the games I like: KC@Atl - great matchup, but hard to fit everyone in. Philly@Dal - my favorite matchup, but who to use? Hurts and . . . Chi@Jax - Chicago playing for the playoffs in a juicy matchup. Cle@NYJ - see above. How will COVID affect the game? Others of interest: Car@Wash - Sneaky good matchup. Washington playing for division. Den@LAC - Herbert and Co. against a team playing out the season. Cin@Hou - DeShaun against the woeful Bengals.
  2. Trying to finalize lineups for the Sunday slate. Between injuries and COVID, having a hard time finding a lineup I like. Too many TE options this week. Players too expensive to fit in. It'll be interesting to see how the week plays out.
  3. My thoughts on the Week 16 Saturday Slate Tampa@Det (Det: +9.5 O/U:54) Ok, this one has the highest O.U, but the spread is 9.5 points. Tampa should run away with this one. For that reason, I am Liking Leonard Fournette especially if Ronald Jones is out. I think given the option, Tampa will run first and use the play action to strike deep. I could see Antonio Brown ($6500) getting some deep shots. It would be a bit of a risk/reward play, but it could be an option. Just remember, when Tampa gets in the red zone the first receiving option is usually Evans. Tampa has the NFL’s bes
  4. I am not too into fantasy basketball, but I may be will to try my hand from time to time. I learned a lot this year in football, maybe I can do the same for the NBA.
  5. Thanks, as always for doing this FatNate. I love the lower prices for the Friday and Sat. games. I especially like that multiple winners for the league. I will try to post my thoughts for the Saturday and Sunday slate in the next day or two. Sorry no single game tips, lol.
  6. Not a great Sunday, but still managed to end up in the black. I missed badly on my dart throws in the league. My Lamar lineups just missed cashing. Had enough KC lineups to cover. Best lineup (166.4) featured Kyler and DeAndre running back with Ward (15.2) plus Pollard.
  7. Went heavy on the Bills game as well. Added Aaron Jones for the night cap. $1 in $5 out.
  8. Update (KC@NO): Just read Brees is back for NO (sorry haven't been following as close as I should). This changes everything for me. Also, Thomas is out. Kamara gets a HUGE upgrade and Cook gets a small bump. But the one I like the most is Treyquan Smith. I feel a lot more comfortable with Brees throwing him the ball than Hill. At $5000, he can give you a nice ceiling for a low price, just the thing to break open a GPP.
  9. My thoughts on week 15 DFS matchups (Part II): These games do not necessarily have the flash of the others, but I can see some good plays in these. Phi@Ari (Spread: Ari -6 O/U:49) As the week goes on, I am liking this game more and more. A lot of people like Hurts and for good reason. He is relatively cheap ($6900) and his ability to run gives him a solid floor. Trouble is, there are no good choices in the Philly passing game. If I would go with anyone, I think I would choose Greg Ward. Probably won’t get a whole lot from him, but at $4800, it won’t take much. Miles Sander
  10. Taking a look at the matchups this week in DFS. (Part I) KC@NO (Spread: NO+3 O/U: 51.5) Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, and a bunch of value plays, this is about as simple as it gets. NO has a good defense, but it will be difficult to slow KC on a fast track. If you want to play it safe, this is the way to go. On the other side, NO with Taysom Hill doesn’t really excite me. They will likely be playing from behind and I just don’t trust Hill in the passing game. Assuming NO does throw, Michael Thomas is the obvious runback. KC is vulnerable to the run though, and Alvin Kamara h
  11. Early thoughts for this week: Liking Lamar this week, but not sure how to stack. Think Henry goes big again. No great options at WR. Don't see many good value plays. Probably pay down at QB to fit RBs. Toying with Trubisky. Do I dare?
  12. Needed a bigger hammer lol. Congrats to @FatNate. The late games brought my winnings back down, but still doubled my money so all in all a good day.
  13. Looking good after the early games. If only I started Trubisky over Watson (go figure). Now for GB to bring the hammer to Detroit.
  14. Liking the HOU-CHI game this week, despite the low O/U. Chicago's D is banged up and I think it will hit the over. Plus, Watson-WR stack allows for higher end RBs. Running back with Montgomery and Robinson. Hoping I'm right.
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