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  1. No, no we wouldn't. That would be bringing all of this to the forefront. They're so far left in municipalities and then they wonder why nobody wants to live in those areas that are considered unseemly. Broken politics like the new new left encourages don't work.
  2. Not sure why the laughter. I sincerely do not believe that the health professionals should speak in any capacity about his mental decline unless they've fully examined him, much like the Goldwater Rule states. This, however, does not preclude that the President gets away with an awful lot of behavior that would sink normal folks' political aspirations in a heartbeat.
  3. The letter questioning the President's cognitive decline by concerned professionals was really best left unwritten. The people can determine that. The vetting process is constantly happening everywhere. It just seems that different rules apply to our Teflon President.
  4. Yep. Forgot his name for a moment. Poor O-line. So important, so unsung.
  5. That would be the offensive lineman that was recommended surgery by the doctors but the Jets didn't want him to get it because it would be season-ending and he's a free agent.
  6. Oh, I wasn't making the leap of blaming the representatives for the shootings. I don't blame the President for his dialogue inciting violence in the shooting in El Paso, even. What I'm saying is limited to the bystanders, which is why I go to great pains to separate the shooters out. It's easy to see why the dealers would rationally open fire, it becomes another order of magnitude to explain away bystander reaction. What about the current or historical climate causes bystanders to cheer death. This sounds like it goes way beyond an administrative PD issue.
  7. I'm aware of MOVE and Philly and the long history and stain that the raid of MOVE caused within the city respecting police tactics, honesty, and fidelity to the law. But much like bad facts make bad law, bad actors can force a bad reputation. But that's a bit of a red herring as I don't think the bystanders were particularized. How many know the story of MOVE? If you accept -- and you likely do, as you just did -- that people's views are directed at a particular target, you assume engagement with particularized grievances about particularized governance on some level. But drug dealers in
  8. No, I just mean a nebulous dislike of the police and the state. It hardly seems out the realm of possibility for drug dealers with submachine guns to embrace a weird form of anti-authoritarianism that manifests in nihilism and self-preservation, it's another to have bystanders cheering along while they shoot dead the sacrosanct.
  9. Would it be safe to say that there's a sociopolitical element to the cheering bystanders?
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