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  1. I do think discussing what metrics are needed to remove all restrictions is needed. I a. Going to throw out 50% of the population vaccinated, a daily new infection rate at less than .01%, and a test positivity rate of less than 2%.
  2. I loved it. I had been hoping for some huge cameo, but now I am glad they didn't wrap it up with Dr. Strange popping in yo save the day. This was much more satisfying.
  3. No, we will never get anywhere near 100%. I agree we should be having this discussion. It may help with getting people vaccinated to have a goal that removes masks.
  4. Texas is more than probably judging the gun a bit. If you make a mistake and wear masks too long, people will have their mouths covered. If you make a mistake and stop too soon, people die. I think it is a pretty easy call to be conservative when deciding how long to keep mask mandates.
  5. I think you have to go to their Summit line to get 6 burners on a Weber. That will run you close to 3k. I did pull the trigger on the Weber 435s
  6. I am 90% sure I am getting a Weber, but if I wanted to go a cheaper route I would get: https://monumentgrills.com/products/6-burner-grill
  7. There is a huge difference between planning to lift restrictions and doing so now. Being close to doing so safely makes it even dumber to doing it prematurely.
  8. I think people need to remember this is primarily an economic stimulus bill.
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