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  1. This is my thought as well. 10 days isn't a crazy ask. It is certainly worth a try.
  2. I think I am going to roll with Washington. I don't need a huge game, but can't really afford a zero
  3. I wanted the Steelers to draft him in the 6th instead of Harris in the first
  4. Start 1 in flex ppr 1 5 for TE ARob Herbert H Henry Higbee
  5. Maybe you can get someone to house/dog sit when you are traveling.
  6. Got some flounder and spotted trout this morning.
  7. It is an indication Harbaugh doesn't trust him.
  8. My team with Woods and ARob is 1-3. I am starting my comeback
  9. He has only pass blocked on 9 plays. Grades can be weird with small samples
  10. Nobu or Delmonaco for a splurge. Giada is good. It is probably somewhere just below splurge.
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