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  1. We work to develop alternative energy technologies
  2. Hard to disagree with a post more. 2. There are some bad institutions, but the idea that most grant worthless degrees is ridiculous. 3. This is a popular talking point and maybe a contributing factor at most predatory for profit schools, but not at most institutions. 4. This is completely the opposite of reality. Virual classes are clearly less effective than in person. The pandemic has made this completely clear. Nobody is talking about how much better students are learning. There is however a lot of concern nobody is learning anything this year. Online classes don't mea
  3. Just commenting that I think there is reason to be more optimistic for you getting your vaccine soon.
  4. The problem is still vaccine supply. The current schedule for new doses will have enough for everyone who wants one pretty soon.
  5. Generally people shouldn't be criticized for taking legal deductions. However, when you are passing questionable tax policies that help yourself, you should be open to criticism. Additionally, the policies should always be a valid point for criticism.
  6. I think it is typically harder to argue that someone is a dependent than the way around
  7. 57% is also big enough to basically lock him in as the GOP nominee. 57% is against the field of all possible people.
  8. This is what I use as well. I normally use Alton Brown's recipe. I would say the key to good red beans is pickling your own pork. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/red-beans-and-rice-recipe-1943443
  9. It is amazing on 2 accounts. I am genuinely amazed he can get support. Getting support from voters is one thing. Most of them have not met him. However to run successful campaign you need to get enthusiastic support from volunteers and staff. The second count might honestly be even more amazing. It is hard to be that disliked. You have to give to to Cruz. He really is world class at being a unlikable.
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