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  1. This just isn't true. There is the biggest problem. The fixable problem is Canada. Fire him tomorrow.
  2. This is probably the one that burns me the most https://www.google.com/amp/s/rumbunter.com/2015/07/27/top-five-worst-trades-in-pittsburgh-pirates-history/amp/6/ The Pirates agreed to take less if the Cubs also took Lofton. was declining by this point but was having a good year. He clearly had reasonable trade value alone, more really than the whole return.
  3. Espn did a thing recently on all time worst trades. This was the first one mentioned
  4. It really depends on the injury. A year out from ACL injury is not fully recovered.
  5. Agree although I think Hines, Anderson, and Hampton should be HOFers. Hines did things as a blocker WRs rarely do. The Steelers really used him as a TE often. This is a big part of who he was as a player and his greatness. Anderson is among the all time kickers easily. If kickers get into the HOF, he should. Big Snack's greatness was to make others look better than they were by occupying blockers. He did this as well as anyone ever. He was hard to move in the run game. All of them were great Steelers though.
  6. Ben actually played pretty well this week. He graded out solidly on pff.
  7. I am with Ben. The offense has often struggled until we go no huddle and then moves up and down the field with ease. The Steelers should never huddle and Ben should call a lot of the plays.
  8. If we had vaccine passports, which you also oppose, this could be true. However if we can't verify vaccination, mask mandates are needed not neurotic.
  9. Over Godwin seems crazy. TB should have at least 3TDs today. Godwin likely gets 1
  10. I am not sure why Winston isn't getting more love. I think all the weekly projections for him look way too low.
  11. Steelers D has been really hard to run against. I think the projections for Drake seem high.
  12. 12 for 60 and a TD 3 rec for another 30
  13. Yeah, that is absurd. I think most buyers are collecting more than drinking in this category though.
  14. I could see him taking a pro job, but I have a hard time seeing another college job as a better job.
  15. I would have ranked him top 30 preseason. I let myself be talked out of this.
  16. People continue to take the wrong message home when someone like Williams has a 100 yard game. The Ravens didn't find a hidden star. It just doesn't really matter who the RB is. 95% or more of RBs on NFL rosters would have put up similar numbers. With that being the case, you can get benched real easy for blowing blocks
  17. You should. It is really fun. However there aren't many people making moves this bad
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