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  1. I agree but I think the intent is to serve as some limitation to uncontrollable spending. Doesn’t matter if they just move the goal post all the time. Neither side seems interested in managing to a budget. but one side does like to claim the high ground on fiscal responsibility even though their actions are complete opposite
  2. I actually agree with you. My only point is that I think it’s wrong to over generalize and blame ‘everybody’ when there are clear actions taken by a specific group that contributed to what we see today. It’s the same reason specific criminals go on trial rather than society, or another broad group. We need someone to run the business of govt until an algorithm proves competency. I agree we voters need to do better, but until then we can’t over generalize and let people off the hook for their actions while in office. That’s my only point.
  3. And why did the debt ceiling need to be raised? Think way back to the trump tax cuts Without sufficient spending cuts many moons ago. Raising the debt ceiling is how they keep the lights on. Otherwise the govt shuts down, remember?
  4. Saying ‘everybody’ is to blame is just wrong and you let them off the hook when you say that. Republicans had 100% control of govt for two years. They cut govt income without reducing spending like they always do. Those shiny tax cuts are nothing without equal spending cuts. It’s the same thing they did the last time they had total control (cut taxes and increase spending). I’m 42yrs old, in my lifetime I have yet to see the fiscal conservative side of the Republicans even though people talk about it like they do Bigfoot. Their actions at Fed level have always been the opposite, which is verifiably accurate. Their actions in this century matter to me and there’s no such thing as a fiscal conservative Republican today. It is false to put any/most of what we see today fiscally on the Democratic Party.
  5. Exactly. And best part is they can start earning a better than average wage right from the start. Put in 10yrs learning then open up shop by your ~30th bday. It’s closest to a sure thing I’m aware of. If I was in a different spot in life I’d do it.
  6. I’m degreed in construction management, great career choice. I am slowly trying to brainwash my 13 and 14 yr old “Gifted” kids to Enter the trades against my wife’s wishes. ive met a lot, and I mean a LOT of self made multi millionaires With a HS diploma and trade experience. And many whose kids have inherited the biz. With my knowledge and connections I could make their start easier. it makes so much sense it will likely never happen. the construction industry top to bottom is seeing major personnel shortages nationwide in trades and mgmt.
  7. I hope it plays out that way. I live in the south and all the bama fans are now rooting for Hurts at OU.
  8. i agree he's no where near the passer as Baker and Kyler. But it looks like Lincoln is specifically using his running to open up the WRs. I think I heard an announcer call it a PRO vs RPO style offense. I do think the WRs can get open against the better teams, though not as frequently and it will depend on our QB taking a lot of hard reps. He looks fine but eventually someone is gonna square off on him good. Given all we lost in the draft, we still look very solid. I'm glad Grinch is there and glad they are at least saying the right things. The D seems to be good in first half but much weaker in the second half against weaker teams. Hopefully they get better every week. If UGA/LSU stay strong all season, we may end up #5 or 6 with an undefeated record and even though the Hurst storyline is ripe for primetime viewing.
  9. This x 100. Electrical shortcuts as well. The GFIs in our master bath are wired to a GFI in the downstairs guest bath of all places. Guess where all the hair dryers and curling irons are?
  10. Mine is called the hipthruster3000 for maximum “satisfaction”. Lol
  11. I used to bike a lot more than before replacement (not in a “serious” way though like some). Since replacement I’ve noticed difficulty finding good seating position that is comfortable. I haven’t spent much time trying to solve that issue though so there may be a simple fix. Other than that when I’ve biked it’s been fine. Seat comfort has been only issue for me.
  12. I had mine replaced five years ago at age 36. It was due to a childhood injury. Best thing I’ve done. I was back to work within 4 weeks. Just take your time to let everything heal, don’t rush it but within a few months you should be feeling really good and start getting somewhat active again The worst part is that you’ll feel like you can do anything with it. I play tennis now pretty regularly with no pain or discomfort. That’s the sport I picked up to try and get cardio. My doc told me absolutely no jogging/distance running type sports and no jumping. The one time it freaked me out I played easy b-ball with my kids. Did a short hop for ball and felt a scary pop in it. It’s fine but I won’t be doing that ever again. Tennis is perfect. Watch out for the painkillers they give you. That stuff is dangerously addictive.
  13. No, try to keep up. It happened, they got caught. Now I merely suggest that if they were to do this intentionally it could lead to a win-win scenario in their opinion. Why else would Cohen come out of nowhere and state something so obviously false? Just a thought for discussion, didn’t mean to rile up the resident board genius.
  14. Watching how this is playing out, and knowing who is involved... Wouldn't the shark move by Cohen/Trump/Stormy be to purposely do this and have a second agreement that Stormy cash in on an interview only to say "nothing happened" or to lessen the drama? The only thing that's been confirmed is an initial payment. She gets paid, the story deflates and in the end the trump team has deniability. Another stained dress? Seems hyperbolic that a woman that gets paid to be covered in goo on camera would keep a dress from a guy that was at that time a joke. Or she was smart enough to keep it for 12 or more years as an investment for future blackmail material. The whole thing seems suspicious to me.
  15. thankfully we haven't had any major health scares in my family. But speaking from the employment perspective, I'm finally with a great small company I love and my family premiums are $1k per month. My previous larger employer I paid less than half of that per month for better insurance, but absolutely hated every single day working for a big company. I'll pay the higher premiums for now and be voting for anyone/everyone that supports single payer or something sustainable. I do not blame obama/dems for the rate hikes, I blame the R's for not participating in the original debate and wetting the bed at every opportunity to do the right thing. Fixing the system is 100% on them and I have extremely low expectations for them to do anything positive.
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