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  1. Had him in many leagues... sold him just on time. One of the best players that I have ever had. Got him pretty low in draft, got a lot of points from him, then good reward while trading him. It was situation over talent, but situation was really good. Wouldn't wanna own him anymore in any situation. The fact that he didn't come to Seattle says it all. He's not gonna get a lot chances and is in a downward spiral...
  2. Gave Mostert and Dede Westbrook for this guy... missed him in so many places so had to have him in dynasty.
  3. Never giving up on this guy! It's like a drug... must have him in every league 🙃
  4. And the reasoning for that is that Hill hadn't prepared to play the QB. Did they use Bridgewater in the playoffs or Hill. Hill seemed to do what it takes to win the game. Bridgewater was watered down version of Brees. Have never been a fan of Bridgewater so for me it was alarming that he went ahed of Hill, but that was the coaches choice for that season. This season it's whole different ball game. And even though Hill would not set the world on fire on his first year, if he's good enough, they will use him more the second. It's all about winning that Super Bowl, and in my opinion, you can't win it with Bridgewater... at least he will not be the "it" factor in winning, then it has to bee something else. Hill has that "it", at least there's a chance for it...
  5. Crazy and yet, is it? The guy hasn't thrown much in NFL, but is now only preparing to do it. Can he do it? I think we have to give him a chance like we did give Lamar a chance... oh wait, no one here gave Lamar a chance. Is he the Lamar? No. Can he be effective NFL QB? There's no reason for be to believe otherwise until he gets that chance... I'm a believer
  6. I am counting on this too. When he's on the field, he's one hard guy to stop. Let's hope next year will be the one he can play fully healthy. I think at least he will be doing everything he can do to stop the cycle of getting hurt.
  7. Johnson didn't do as well as I hoped. 7 targets, 3 catches ain't that good. Well, he's still young...
  8. Ready to see if he breaks out this week. He has been good and Arizona offense has not been consistent. So now there is chance to see if Johnson can be #1 and make something out of nothing.
  9. Lol, sorry guys. Hope you got my point. Carson is good. Was excellent against Arizona. He is much better than Penny. That spin move he did against Suggs was something else... https://www.seahawks.com/video/2019-week-4-chris-carson-s-best-plays I try to be more punctual next time
  10. I don't think Carson is done. He run better than Penny last year and still runs pretty well. There's not much holes in that line and coach is just running him straight to the wall. Everyone is expecting Seattle to run and it's hurting the teams running a lot. Last year was last year, this year it's a total different thing. So many of our drives start with 1 and 20 and it's hurting the running game too. I wish we would start passing more, so the running would be better too. Those fumble issues were not there last year, so it's fixable.
  11. Traded Dede for Tevin Coleman which I had for 3 years. Dede looks like a guy who will get enough targets this year to reach top-16 on PPR leagues.
  12. I have always just drafted my guy and determined my own ADP. I love Cook and have no problem if someone takes him 5th overall.
  13. I didn't like that post route he missed. With Bill these things matter more than with anyone. He didn't see action after that, but got eventually on the field and did well. He won't see any play time during the season if he does it again...
  14. My bet is at the moment for Keenan Reynolds. He might be a guy who can step up and do some damage, but most likely this will be a situation where no particular receiver jumps out and Pete will use all of them in different situations.
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