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  1. My bet is at the moment for Keenan Reynolds. He might be a guy who can step up and do some damage, but most likely this will be a situation where no particular receiver jumps out and Pete will use all of them in different situations.
  2. As seahawks fan, does not sound promising for Seahawks either... Jaron Brown sucks.
  3. The chargers game drop hurt him and basically he didn't do any miracle catches. He had few chances and didn't do well enough with them, so the team decided to find better places to go and Loccett was on fire. I think he has decent chance this year to do better and earn the Baldwin role.
  4. I was big fan of this kid coming out of college, but he was behind Flacco three years. Now, he is in a place where he have to compete E J Manuel and Matt Cassel, that's a competition that this kid can win. Tyrod developed nicely as a passer in college and now he has three years under his belt with good coaching. Rex is known for making his own decisions, so it's not totally impossible this kid will be the Russell Wilson of Bills. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000479075/article/tyrod-taylor-has-shot-at-buffalo-bills-qb-job
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