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  1. We did it in a league that I’m in when we first started a few years ago and there was a lot more trading in that first preseason, as certain guys fell in the draft or guys missed on their targets in the draft. I’m very intrigued by this league, I’ve never done IDP before and one of my leagues folded so I was looking to add one with IDP as a new challenge. I don’t want to impose my views on your settings by any means, but the current rookie set up is the only thing that’s giving me real pause personally.
  2. Seems pretty cool, I just can’t wrap my head around the inaugural rookie draft. If everyone starts at the same amount, then the average price per player can only be manipulated by not spending auction dollars and/or not drafting the max amount of players? Wouldn’t a more equitable way to implement a vet auction and rookie draft be to just let folks bid on the draft picks in the vet auction? Not trying to undermine your league setting, just genuinely curious before potentially committing.
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