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  1. Still need one more. Actually filled the one spot, but another owner is not responding over leaguesafe. I get the deal with leaguesafe, but at least let’s talk about it. Any way, really need to fill this last spot. Hoping to start our auction by late next week.
  2. Have one last opening again. One owner fell through because I don't use leaguesafe. I did in the past but my leaguemates asked me not to. About 2/3 of this league are people I've been playing with for upwards of 20 years, so I have plenty of references if needed.
  3. Looking to fill a redraft that uses a superflex and 2 TEs in the lineup. 10 teams, PPR scoring with bonuses, 11 player lineup. Most likely going to be a slow draft league, but if everyone agreed to it we could do it as an auction. Expect a draft though. Need 3 owners. Cost will be $75 to play. https://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/35052#0 Drop a PM here to Mike or email me @ mike1111962@yahoo.com
  4. I'm still looking to fill the last 2 spots in a startup auction keeper salary cap league. It's a superflex version of another league I've run since 2009 and has been very successful with very little turnover (10 of 12 original owners still in the league). See my post for more info if Interested. https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/797613-startup-auction-keeper-looking-for-owners/
  5. Still looking. I know this is a slow time of year for a few more weeks, so I'll be patient. Really have until Aug. 1 to get it filled.
  6. Still need at least 3 more. I really would rather do 12 teams if possible, so that would mean 5 more needed.
  7. I've been running a successful auction keeper for 10+ years and am looking to start a second version of the league using a superflex. The league uses a salary cap to determine your keepers year to year. Salaries are generated based on fantasy points in our scoring system. We have a 3 round rookie draft followed by a vet/open auction. Scoring is PPR with no bonuses. 22 man rosters, 11 starters, 2 man taxi squad for rookies only, 3 man IR. For year 1 we will have a 6 player auction (vets only) to set the core of your team. Many of us are in other keepers and I wanted to let people target who they want to go after for their core players rather than leave it to random chance in a draft set randomly on site. Once the auction is complete, the values of your players will be totaled in our scoring system and a draft order set for 16 rounds to fill out our rosters. That draft will include all the rookies and leftover vets from the auction. Cost of the league is $100. Set up for 10 teams but can/will go to 12 if there is enough interest. Have 6 owners crossing over from my other leagues, so there are 4-6 spots available. If interested, drop me a PM on here or email me at mike1111962@yahoo.com . https://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/51518#0 ETA: one misprint originally. We start 2 TEs. Something I tried in another league a few years ago, people liked it more than I expected, so now I set any new league with it.
  8. Absolutely no reason to limit number of QBs in a 10 team superflex. There are plenty of QBs to go around. Even in 12 team leagues, there are enough to go around for the most part. Four teams will be short a third QB by default, but since you don't have to start 2 QBs, you just cover the byes/injuries with a RB or WR that week. One or two teams might try and horde QBs, but rarely do they get the trade bump they think they will get out of it. Something not mentioned yet is in superflex leagues it can be somewhat important to handcuff your QBs. So you wouldn't want to limit the number of QB spots if you go that route. You don't see QB handcuffing in traditional 1 QB start leagues, but a good number of teams do it in superflex.
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