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  1. Still need one more. Actually filled the one spot, but another owner is not responding over leaguesafe. I get the deal with leaguesafe, but at least let’s talk about it. Any way, really need to fill this last spot. Hoping to start our auction by late next week.
  2. Have one last opening again. One owner fell through because I don't use leaguesafe. I did in the past but my leaguemates asked me not to. About 2/3 of this league are people I've been playing with for upwards of 20 years, so I have plenty of references if needed.
  3. Looking to fill a redraft that uses a superflex and 2 TEs in the lineup. 10 teams, PPR scoring with bonuses, 11 player lineup. Most likely going to be a slow draft league, but if everyone agreed to it we could do it as an auction. Expect a draft though. Need 3 owners. Cost will be $75 to play. https://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/35052#0 Drop a PM here to Mike or email me @ mike1111962@yahoo.com
  4. I'm still looking to fill the last 2 spots in a startup auction keeper salary cap league. It's a superflex version of another league I've run since 2009 and has been very successful with very little turnover (10 of 12 original owners still in the league). See my post for more info if Interested. https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/797613-startup-auction-keeper-looking-for-owners/
  5. Still looking. I know this is a slow time of year for a few more weeks, so I'll be patient. Really have until Aug. 1 to get it filled.
  6. Still need at least 3 more. I really would rather do 12 teams if possible, so that would mean 5 more needed.
  7. I've been running a successful auction keeper for 10+ years and am looking to start a second version of the league using a superflex. The league uses a salary cap to determine your keepers year to year. Salaries are generated based on fantasy points in our scoring system. We have a 3 round rookie draft followed by a vet/open auction. Scoring is PPR with no bonuses. 22 man rosters, 11 starters, 2 man taxi squad for rookies only, 3 man IR. For year 1 we will have a 6 player auction (vets only) to set the core of your team. Many of us are in other keepers and I wanted to let people target who they want to go after for their core players rather than leave it to random chance in a draft set randomly on site. Once the auction is complete, the values of your players will be totaled in our scoring system and a draft order set for 16 rounds to fill out our rosters. That draft will include all the rookies and leftover vets from the auction. Cost of the league is $100. Set up for 10 teams but can/will go to 12 if there is enough interest. Have 6 owners crossing over from my other leagues, so there are 4-6 spots available. If interested, drop me a PM on here or email me at mike1111962@yahoo.com . https://www54.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/51518#0 ETA: one misprint originally. We start 2 TEs. Something I tried in another league a few years ago, people liked it more than I expected, so now I set any new league with it.
  8. Absolutely no reason to limit number of QBs in a 10 team superflex. There are plenty of QBs to go around. Even in 12 team leagues, there are enough to go around for the most part. Four teams will be short a third QB by default, but since you don't have to start 2 QBs, you just cover the byes/injuries with a RB or WR that week. One or two teams might try and horde QBs, but rarely do they get the trade bump they think they will get out of it. Something not mentioned yet is in superflex leagues it can be somewhat important to handcuff your QBs. So you wouldn't want to limit the number of QB spots if you go that route. You don't see QB handcuffing in traditional 1 QB start leagues, but a good number of teams do it in superflex.
  9. Any chance they go after Jamison Crowder once the Jets cut him to fill the hole at slot WR? I agree this guy is just outside depth at best. Was really hoping the Titans were gonna take Elijah Moore with their first pick, and disappointed they waited until round 4 to address the biggest need on offense.
  10. Trade that went down yesterday in one of my leagues was essentially Dalvin Cook and rookie 2.06 for Jonathan Taylor and rookie 1.06. Not necessarily that bad in and of itself (it's PPR), but it's how the owner that traded Cook got him in the first place. Last year he acquired Cook and a future first round rookie pick, which ended up being 1.03, for Dak Prescott, Melvin Gordon and Mike Davis. It is superflex, but still. Of course Dak went down for the season right after it, too. The team that traded Cook was still in playoff contention right to the end, so you can argue you didn't know the pick would be that high. But that one guy now has netted Jonathan Taylor, 1.03 and 1.06 for Dak, two borderline starting RBs and 2.06.
  11. I'm not sure why most assume the extra week means there will be an extra week of sitting out players. This is rarely the case even if a team goes 13-0 and clinches their division by week 14. And there's only one bye now for the top seed, so that lessens the chance teams sit players, even if only a little bit. Most have something to play for prior to the final week. In the new setup, week 18 now is like week 17 was, and week 17 is like week 16 was. So why wouldn't you extend the season and playoffs one week? The difference is minuscule. Teams don't rest players multiple weeks at the end no matter how early they clinch. You're likely just missing out on a week of meaningful football for a misconception.
  12. I'll give Brady and Tampa Bay their due. They outplayed KC tonight. But what did Brady really do to deserve game MVP? His scores were all set up by short fields. The entire D deserves the MVP award really, but seems like they took the easy way out by not being able to name one individual on defense and just gave it to Tom. Really if I was going to give it to an offensive player I might have gone with Gronk. The true MVP was probably the refs. Tampa outplayed KC but the ref help played a big part setting it up. Who knows if it would have been the blowout it was if some of those calls didn't go Tampa's way. I'd also give a special MVP award to Reid for his coaching blunders, especially calling those timeouts on defense at the end of the first half. Couldn't believe he did that; you were probably going into halftime down one score if you just let the clock run. It's not the first time Reid's choked in the playoffs, either. And no, I'm not an Eagles fan!
  13. Just needed Ryan Finley to not be epically bad (faced the Steeler D but had a big lead)...mission accomplished Needed a down night from JuJu (led by 13.75 in a PPR)...got that, too Happy times
  14. My defense scoring has -1 per fumble forced. In one playoff game a guy entered the night down 0.42 points but had the Ravens D going. He was 98% probable to win on the site. Before that last play he was down about 6 points or so. I figured he'd gain the 2 for the safety and some fractional points for any lost yardage, but forgot about the fumbles. When I looked after the play was recorded he'd ended up losing by only 0.25 points. Now have to wait out any stat changes on Thursday, but I can't believe it got that close.
  15. Others answered this already. I just wanted to add I don't specifically have the rule for taking a knee, we just award 0.1 points for any rushing attempt. It just happens when you have someone taking a knee, the scoring just balances out to a net zero on the play (unless the QB taking a knee ends up with negative rushing yards, then he gains the 0.1 because we don't have negative points for less than zero rush yards). Also it's not a negative play. Taking a knee is a good thing usually for the team because it means they just won the game (except for taking a knee at the end of the first half). Also there's no intent to gain yardage on the play, by design, so it doesn't make sense to penalize a team for it. Taking a knee has its use and is either a positive or neutral play depending on the circumstance. It really should be fantasy irrelevant as much as possible, and in my scoring it pretty much is.
  16. Part of the reason we do it this way is a few years ago I got complaints about defenses ending up with negative scores, and if you had a bad matchup and didn't feel there was a better defense in waivers, you would have the incentive to not start a defense. A good chunk of the defense points in my league is based on net yardage and points allowed (especially offensive points allowed). I adjusted the scale for each up slightly, added a few more things that aren't used often but available in the scoring setup on MFL, and it took care of the problem. You still get negative scores from time to time, but your D has to play pretty bad to get it now. As a frame of reference, the top fantasy defense in my scoring is Pitt, ranked 25th overall. Players right around them in scoring are James Robinson, DK Metcalf, Keenan Allen and Travis Kelce. Some leagues like defense scoring to be high, some don't. I think we're kind of in the middle, maybe slightly on the higher side. The next highest scoring defenses (virtually tied) are the Saints and Rams at 48th and 49th overall, with five total defenses in the top 64 overall. You do get some high point games from time to time, in the 30s (or even 40s twice this year), but the majority of defense scores end up in the 10-20 point range. Any way, that's how and why I set the scoring the way I do.
  17. Don't use tackled for loss or offensive fumble recovery. Credit a player for falling on a ball 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage that his team mate coughed up? That seems ludicrous. Look he fell on it so the team didn't lose possession. Let's give him a point! You don't have to like my defensive scoring. Again it's just hijacking the thread to bash it. I just gave the backdrop of how my league worked to show why I was looking if there were any additional scoring changes. Fumbles usually aren't a good thing. Sometimes they are benign but more often they end up in lost yardage and a lost down. To each their own.
  18. This turned into an attack on how I score fumbles. It’s irrelevant to what I asked, if there were any scoring changes in the Pitt game. But if I must defend it, here’s how and why I do it. A lost fumble nets in a loss of 2 points, 1 for your player fumbling and an additional 1 point for losing it (same as the net loss of points on an INT). Why do I penalize for the fumble without losing it? Because many times it results in a loss of yardage on the play. Like when a QB fumbles the snap and has to fall on it taking a sack. Or a RB fumbling the handoff and falling on it for a loss. Not every fumble results in a loss of yards, but the scoring doesn’t different between those situations. And why not credit for a fumble recovery? Same reason, the player fumbles and falls on the ball; why reward him for losing yards and poor ball security. As for kneeling, as I stated I give the 0.1 for the rush attempt to offset the -0.1 lost for the lost yard. So it’s a net zero play in most cases. Except for not awarding negative points for negative total yards. I did send a ticket into MFL and they say they did all final stat changes. I assume they included the Pitt game because I explicitly asked about it.
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