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  1. Just needed Ryan Finley to not be epically bad (faced the Steeler D but had a big lead)...mission accomplished Needed a down night from JuJu (led by 13.75 in a PPR)...got that, too Happy times
  2. My defense scoring has -1 per fumble forced. In one playoff game a guy entered the night down 0.42 points but had the Ravens D going. He was 98% probable to win on the site. Before that last play he was down about 6 points or so. I figured he'd gain the 2 for the safety and some fractional points for any lost yardage, but forgot about the fumbles. When I looked after the play was recorded he'd ended up losing by only 0.25 points. Now have to wait out any stat changes on Thursday, but I can't believe it got that close.
  3. Others answered this already. I just wanted to add I don't specifically have the rule for taking a knee, we just award 0.1 points for any rushing attempt. It just happens when you have someone taking a knee, the scoring just balances out to a net zero on the play (unless the QB taking a knee ends up with negative rushing yards, then he gains the 0.1 because we don't have negative points for less than zero rush yards). Also it's not a negative play. Taking a knee is a good thing usually for the team because it means they just won the game (except for taking a knee at the end of the first h
  4. Part of the reason we do it this way is a few years ago I got complaints about defenses ending up with negative scores, and if you had a bad matchup and didn't feel there was a better defense in waivers, you would have the incentive to not start a defense. A good chunk of the defense points in my league is based on net yardage and points allowed (especially offensive points allowed). I adjusted the scale for each up slightly, added a few more things that aren't used often but available in the scoring setup on MFL, and it took care of the problem. You still get negative scores from time to time
  5. Don't use tackled for loss or offensive fumble recovery. Credit a player for falling on a ball 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage that his team mate coughed up? That seems ludicrous. Look he fell on it so the team didn't lose possession. Let's give him a point! You don't have to like my defensive scoring. Again it's just hijacking the thread to bash it. I just gave the backdrop of how my league worked to show why I was looking if there were any additional scoring changes. Fumbles usually aren't a good thing. Sometimes they are benign but more often they end up in lost yardage and a los
  6. This turned into an attack on how I score fumbles. It’s irrelevant to what I asked, if there were any scoring changes in the Pitt game. But if I must defend it, here’s how and why I do it. A lost fumble nets in a loss of 2 points, 1 for your player fumbling and an additional 1 point for losing it (same as the net loss of points on an INT). Why do I penalize for the fumble without losing it? Because many times it results in a loss of yardage on the play. Like when a QB fumbles the snap and has to fall on it taking a sack. Or a RB fumbling the handoff and falling on it for a loss. Not every
  7. Kind of crazy turn of events in one of my leagues yesterday. One of my league members lost a game by .02 points when Ben Roethlisberger took a knee at the end of the game. In our league you get 0.1 points for a rush attempt and -0.1 for a lost rush yard. However, we don't have negative points for less than zero rush yards. Normally when a player takes a knee it's a net zero play, but because Ben had no rush yards he gained the 0.1 points instead. So the apparent loss basically knocked two teams out of the playoff chase. Fast forward to this morning and a stat change was applied to James Robins
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