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  1. I have a recommendation for you desk bound guys. I bought this under-the-desk exercise bike, and have been shedding the pounds since. Pedal whenever you’re at your desk and the calories burnt and miles pedaled will add up quicker than you think. To offset overheating I also put a fan under my desk that blows on my legs and balls.
  2. No, it doesn’t because “infestation” is referring to drugs, not people. But presuming that he’s talking about Hispanic drug traffickers don’t you think that even other Hispanics view that subsection of Hispanics in a negative light and accuse them of infesting their communities? Trump called MS-13 “animals”, and I think most Hispanics would agree.
  3. OK, but even if we use your interpretation of the statement is Trump incorrect in stating that New Hampshire has a drug infestation problem? Your interpretation would actually make use of “infestation” even more appropriate because the drugs are coming in from out of state.
  4. Say a parent knows their young child is deathly afraid of the boogeyman in their closet. So the dad, to get what he wants, scares his child into believing the boogeyman is not only real, but is about to get them at any moment if the child doesn’t do what dad says. You can see the child is emotionally disturbed every time you do this, but it works. Are you cool with that, Tim? Now couple in the societal tension the comparable form of that lie causes.
  5. I agree with you that Trump is beyond the pale. Shouldn’t disingenuously scaring black voters into believing that slavery is either literally or figuratively about to be reinstituted by your opponent so that your ticket can benefit also mark one as beyond the pale? If not, doesn’t that diminish your argument about how wrong it is for the Democrats to engage in that behavior? After all, if lying about racism doesn’t mark you as as beyond the pale then why not engage in that behavior if it’ll benefit you?
  6. I agreed with your comment on the whole. It was well stated. Regarding the above passage, however, does that mean you won’t be supporting Joe Biden who told a black crowd that Mitt Romney was going to put them back in chains because Biden proved himself to be unjust and outrageous? Or are we willing to overlook unjust and outrageous racial statements if we believe that candidate presents the best chance to win? And if we’re willing to overlook outrageous and unjust racial statements from our preferred candidate then how can we chastise others for doing the same?
  7. Trump’s Baltimore comments remind me of Hillary’s “deplorable” comments. Attacking other politicians with insults is immature and not a good look, but at least those other politicians willingly put themselves in a position where they’re going to be criticized. Insulting American citizens or an American city and its residents is several levels more toxic. Definitely not behavior a sitting U.S. President should be engaging in.
  8. The Politics Forum is my leading source of unintentional, ironic comedy.
  9. So kind of like the sycophants who attack Trump for deporting illegal immigrants, placing children in detention centers, and being critical of and not transparent with the press, but didn’t do so for Obama? Yes, what a world we live in, indeed!
  10. You should keep track of who reports what and whether their report was warranted — i.e. it led to another FootballGuy being warned or suspended. After three consecutive unwarranted reports the reporter himself should be suspended. That’ll make people think twice about using the report feature in an unnecessary and vindictive fashion. It’ll save you time from having to sort through unwarranted reports. And it would add more fun to this place to see who got suspended for being a #####.
  11. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Slow your roll with that hate speech, buddy. :reported:
  12. I’m baffled that anyone is reporting anyone. Never mind “lots of” reporting.
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