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  1. Totally believable. And according to Biden it was the same chain Mitt Romney was planning to use to re-enslave black people.
  2. So you created a strawman that conversion therapy is the paramount issue that conservatives are upset about regarding censorship so that’s the hill they will die on? Cute argument. So do you want to discuss Dennis Prager’s lawsuit against YouTube censorship which has nothing to do with conversion therapy? How about Conservative lawsuits against Twitter which also have nothing to do with conversion therapy. Is it possible that the argument against censorship is actually about, well, censorship and not conversion therapy?
  3. You’re correct. In every survey of Democrat voters non-white Democrat voters are considerably more conservative whereas white Democrat voters are way more far-Left. Exhibit A Exhibit B A significant portion of that divide can be explained by white guilt which non-white Democrat voters obviously don’t have, while many white Democrat voters have in unhealthy doses.
  4. I think that it’s funny that when a “victim” either denies an event happened or has no recollection of it whatsoever yet political partisans will still run with the rumor because it confirms their bias. Just out of curiosity, could you share the the official Tepublican party platform advocating for conversion therapy. Or just name, say, ten Republicans who’ve advocated for it since it’s apparently the party position. Thanks in advance for your anticipated cooperation, and looking forward to your answer.
  5. “Photos from law enforcement appear to show racial slurs, a swastika and “MAGA” spray painted in different parts of the establishment.” Dude went for the hat trick of obvious, fake hate crime clues. These people live in such a fairy tale world that they think their own fairy tale sounds believable. It doesn’t.
  6. Another option is to not draft a back-up QB that you’re hoping to trade if you know that nobody in your league trades for QBs and comparable QB value can be found on the waiver wire if your starter gets injured.
  7. Why so exclusive? It’s 2019. It just as easily could have been stopped by a good girl with a penis.
  8. That’s true. I just saw an interview where Cory Booker said T-Bone isn’t buying the Corn Pop story.
  9. ANSWER: “And on the left, Democratic presidential candidates former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, former Rep. Beto O'Rourke, and Sens. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Kamala Harris of California called for Kavanaugh's impeachment.” FROM: Democratic presidential candidates want Kavanaugh impeached after newly surfaced sexual misconduct accusation
  10. Honestly, I think that most second albums aren’t as good as the first. That first album is usually a collection of all the best material the artist has created before making it. It’s like a greatest hits of their material to that date. The second album is often an attempt to recreate the success of the first album, but without the years of toil and the emotion that toil can create which made the first album spectacular. I’ll add Tracy Chapman. Her eponymously named first album was a gem with the powerful one-two opening punch of “Fast Car” and “Talkin’ ‘bout a Revolution”. Her second album, Crossroads, while good can’t compete.
  11. You really should. Maybe it was the Zima in me, but it got me emotional.
  12. I’ll also add that the NFL has more Torrrey Smiths — upstanding, good men — than it has Antonio Browns; but, unfortunately, it’s natural for the deviants and miscreants to get more attention and press.
  13. Hey, can’t let facts get in the way of a good emotional rant.
  14. A reminder that there’s more to the game than just the game... Torrey Smith shares how football positively affected his life in his retirement speech: Dear Football (Video) I may have to send that link to the guy at work who loudly announced that he will no longer watch football due to its toxic masculinity. LOL. What a sheep.
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