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  1. I wish I could hide DM from my list of holdings on Schwab. Even on overall green days I don't enjoy watching that constantly wither away to nothing.
  2. Any reason for FLGT to be down 10%+ other than it just does this every couple of days or so?
  3. Personally I hope TGT goes out of business. My net worth would double just by keeping my wife out of their stores.
  4. Ouch. Have my eye on a few things and they just keep sinking lower.
  5. AMC big drop right at the same time
  6. So Roblox was worth $4bn last Feb and now it is worth $50bn?
  7. They almost didn't lose more money today!
  8. The premium had gone crazy negative on GBTC.
  9. At this pace I'll be able to buy all of Desktop Metal in a few more days.
  10. You guys still holding STMH? Any reason for the big drop lately other than everything else tanking?
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