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  1. If those are his ideas on how to fix it, we'd be better off if he would just shut his yap. The country is being held hostage by a moron and 40% of the country is cheering him on. Unbelievable. I didn't think he could shock me with something he said at this point. I was wrong.
  2. Trump has now set himself up in a no-lose situation for opening things up (at least among his supporters). If re-opening generates a 2nd wave of virus, he can say "I would never have allowed "State X" to re-open when it did. It was clearly too early. Too bad they didn't want me to exercise my authority." If re-opening doesn't cause a 2nd wave but the economy continues to stink, he can argue "See, they waited too long to open and that's why the economy is suffering. Too bad they didn't let me exercise my authority and get things moving sooner. The economy would have taken off like a rocket." I
  3. "It would have been so easy to be truthful", says guy who lies about everything, all the time.
  4. I don't think saying "it's just flu" is giving the flu its just deserve. I was caught off guard when I started looking into flu numbers and the number of deaths from that each year. By comparing it to the flu isn't downgrading the seriousness in my opinion. I think the flu needs to be taken more seriously. I have never had a flu shot and I am probably going to change that up moving forward. For me and based on what I have read, I think COVID is bad because of the unknown. Take the precautions and do what we are doing but when it is all said and done I don't think
  5. So I went last night a little before 8. It wasn't deserted but the number of people in the store was reasonable and there were no stockers, so it was fairly easy to keep distance. The big exception was a younger couple in the fruits and vegetables (which is where I picture myself getting infected, standing there for 5 minutes trying to open one of those damned plastic bags), who just did not give two ##### about any of it. Invincibility of youth and all that, I guess. Otherwise, it was overall a better experience than going early.
  6. I have been going later at night about an hour before closing and it has been dead. Maybe been 5-6 people in store all spread out. All the markets around me are way too busy in the AM hours. Most people go early in hopes of getting toilet paper and paper towels. This is what I am shooting for.
  7. I figure if I'm going to catch this virus, I'm probably going to pick it up from the grocery store. So I'm trying to figure out the best time to go to minimize the risk. I've been going on a weekday before 7 am and there aren't too many shoppers but there are stockers on most of the aisles. Now I'm thinking a Monday night around 8 might be the way to go. Anybody found the sweet spot?
  8. I mean imagine being elected President and in a time of crisis, you basically decide to take a pass. Complete abdication of leadership. This guy is the most spineless "alpha" who ever lived.
  9. Doesn't matter. He's made a career out of it - just keep saying the same bulls#t over and over, whether it is true or not, and don't ever stop. At least a third of the country has swallowed it whole.
  10. That whole "leave it to the states" is working out great! New York getting gouged and there's nothing they can do about it
  11. This is one of the many moments that he accuses someone of something he would do, were he in their position.
  12. And you have your head in the sand if you think he is capable of handling anything delicately. Bombast and bluster. That's all he is at this point.
  13. I love this kinda stuff right here, like you completely ignore a certain network that does nothing but blow smoke up his ###. This #### was politicized from the start by your boy - "the Democrats and media are hyping this just to bring me down." Sorry you support a know-nothing clown.
  14. That's dumb and I wish that phrase would be banned here as it is obviously posted to get a reaction, living as we are under the "new rules". And iIt's already not that. Even if the Republicans sit on their hands, it's crystal clear that our president is supremely dishonest and did something that at any other time in our history would have seen him be sent packing. That the Democrats are the ones making a mistake here is one take, I guess. You say they are all dishonest so it doesn't matter. I think a third grader can make distinctions in the matter of degrees. I agree that you are a
  15. A simple, traditional plan to win the next election. Use his insecurity against him. Note all the things he really hasn't been able to do. Really anything other than cheering on politicians calling other politicians corrupt. They got played. I've heard this argument and it has me shaking my head. Let the next election decide it... an election where Trump has been caught trying under the table to get a foreign country to do something that he thinks will increase his chances of winning. That makes zero sense. We'll campaign on the issues while he uses his office
  16. Thus my repeated lamenting of the left wasting their chances. Picked two fights they weren't going to win. Which fights should they have picked, in your opinion?
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