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  1. Those two brave Democrats are heroes for putting country over party. I think it's far more likely that they voted "no" knowing that they are are in districts that voted for Trump and that the measure was going to pass with their votes or without. I don't think bravery had anything to do with it.
  2. more and more news is not coming out negatively. You are focusing on the anti-Trump media. So, uhhh... you think this is all there is?
  3. Correct about acting on his own whims, completely unfettered even more than now, for the next 4 years if he gets reelected. BTW, the 2 distinguished Republican Senators from Florida, Rubio and Scott, both thought it was a great idea to bring the G7-G8 to Trump Doral because it would be good business for Miami and Florida. Men of principles. Suggested slogan for their next campaigns: "It's not corruption if it benefits us!"
  4. Only insofar as to who gets my bike. 😉
  5. Yeah, absolutely. If you ride a bike aggressively or in areas with a lot of traffic, you should wear a helmet. I guess I was just kinda pushing back on the "if you don't wear a helmet, you're taking your life in your own hands" talk.
  6. And if I rode around like a bat out of hell, I'd agree with you. I don't, so I don't.
  7. I don't ride my bike much anymore but only ever wore one for trail riding. When I do ride, it's on nice wide concrete bike paths. Could I fall and suffer a traumatic brain injury? Sure. I could also trip on a rug or dog in my house and knock myself out on a table or counter edge but I don't wear a helmet around my house either. Life is risk and I understand wanting to minimize it where you can, but really it's such a small risk that I just don't care. My daily commute is more dangerous.
  8. They have very good attacking players on the bench that they may well need later. I can see how it looks but you have to have players ready to go if needed. That said, I felt bad for Thailand.
  9. I feel like what's being missed here (in this discussion in general) is that a large percentage of these people are mentally ill. Yes, they need help and support but there is next to nothing in terms of help and support for mentally ill homeless people in this country. So they do what they can do - get money to get blasted to make it through the day.
  10. It's Charlie McCarthyism, with Putin in the Edgar Bergen roie.
  11. I don't know why you insist on making assumptions. I don't have a problem with selling stuff. I have a problem with using particular means to sell stuff. Everything else you've brought to this conversation is you making assumptions about what I think. Stop doing that. Elementary.
  12. Sorry replied to wrong post. Sounds to me commercials should be banned in general in your parallel universe. Me: I don't like using patriotism to sell stuff You: Sounds to me like all commercials should be banned in your parallel universe Is this the part where I completely make up stuff I think that you think?
  13. As someone else pointed out a simple counter is to propose to move it to Saturday. No national holiday needed. He'd still oppose it and his reasoning would be even more transparent.
  14. By the same token, should parents never be proud of their children because they are really never perfect? I don't know what you're looking for here, but you're not going to find it with me.
  15. What to do when you’re an American car maker? Oh, I don't know. Make ads that don't rely on patriotism, like the vast majority of other American companies?
  16. Not a fan of using patriotism to sell stuff and using the national anthem to do it makes it even worse.
  17. After everything that has happened over the last couple of years, I can't believe you guys are getting caught up in arguing the margin of the electoral college with these dolts. It doesn't matter if he pitched a shutout. The guy is an incompetent boob whose only accomplishment was getting a tax cut passed with his party in control of Congress, and he even found a way to make that harder than it should have been.
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