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  1. I dunno. Texting gives you the option to respond, at your pace. Calling says YOU TALK TO ME NOW DROP EVERYTHING AAAAAAA. Calling people's office desk phone is different. Calling cell phones is for ########s or an outright house on fire emergency. Nobody I am close to over the age of 40 gives a #### if you call their cell phone. If they don't want to talk, they don't answer.
  2. I know I am not impartial. But I am far more understanding of where Democrats come from than you understand where the GOP is coming from. 😁 You have zero idea of my understanding of where the GOP is coming from.
  3. You dislike the Democrats much, much more. It wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that you try to pretend to be impartial. You are not.
  4. I have clearly stated that many many times. I am telling the full story. You are telling a one-sides half-story full of ridiculous scare-mongering rhetoric. ETA: And yes the forum is so far slanted to the left it is silly. The mob with the helpful hand of the moderators have successfully chased away all pro-GOP posters. You never tell the full story but I have no doubt that you believe you do. That's what makes you you. Here's the thing: you're as big a partisan hack as anyone on this board. You're unique in that you lack any awareness of it.
  5. Yeah, it kind of reminds me how ridiculously partisan this forum has become. 😄 We all know you'd have the exact same stance on this if the roles were reversed.
  6. Looked like he thought it would fly It's like he thinks it's a dove. 😆 Can this guy do ANYTHING like a normal person?
  7. I like how you say stuff like this and then complain about the tone of this place.
  8. He didn’t. The best defense I can think of for Trump regarding this is that he doesn’t really understand that it’s a crime- he sort of proved this to be true by publicly lambasting Sessions for recusal. Personally I would vote to remove Trump for obstruction of justice. But I can see the argument the other way. Ok, let's say he didn't understand that it was a crime at that point. What about now? Don't you think he's been told over and over that he could be putting himself in jeopardy by all of his public statements since then?
  9. Man who constantly complains about others making generalizations routinely makes generalizations about others. Film at 11.
  10. Any info? No, not really. Obviously it's kinda weird but I've never really given it much thought. I assumed it from wearing socks because it was just from the lower third of the shin down initially but after it went up the calf, that kinda shot that theory down. And the fact that it's more on the outside of the calf makes it even weirder.
  11. I could have written this. Had it for at least 5 years.
  12. Or he could have just not committed any crimes Yeah, but then he wouldn't have gotten a job in this administration. Tough spot, fella.
  13. Nice hair, Lou. You're 73 years old - YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY.
  14. There are things we could devote money to like treatment programs, economic revitalization of depressed areas, and bolstering education in areas that have been hard hit by opioids that have nothing to do with the border. Any and all of them would be better uses of our money than building some dumb#ssed wall. Complicated problems are not going to be solved by simple simple solutions (and I say that realizing you aren't advocating for a wall here - it's aimed at others around here).
  15. We would have jumped into a clusterf#ck 12 years earlier? He knew there was no workable post-invasion plan he could turn to.
  16. He didn't forget #### yet still, the answer is no...he's not. He has the mental capacity of a 10 year old. If you have kids, think about his behavior and compare it to your kids' when you know you have them dead to right. Now tell me their behavior isn't identical.  It's not. My kids behave way, way better. If they get caught in a lie, they don't double down on it or do something even worse to take attention off of the original issue. This guy is in a class all his own.
  17. Everything the right does on this forum is mischaracterized as whining or trolling and it is usually done by the biggest whiners and trolls on the left. No, just everything you do. You start threads just so you can play the victim. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  18. This. How is it possible to have respect for a president and, these days, a party that routinely lies about their policies and positions? We all know how Trump is. Now, Republicans are trying to act like they care about protecting people with pre-exisitng conditions when they've spent years now trying to get rid of it. They knew they were full of #### about what the tax bill would do. They don't care as long as the rubes keep voting for them. Their policies aren't popular? Let's ramp up the fear then with thinly-veiled racism. Sorry, but I can't respect that. You want respect? Carry yourself l
  19. Trump's solution to this: armed guards in churches and synagogues while ramping up the death penalty.
  20. No way do I put that thing back online without reformatting it.
  21. If Ian Kinsler ate at Jack In The Box every day for a month, you wouldn't be able to tell us apart.
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