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  1. Beer: the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.
  2. Isn't that a country and western song? (I hope you still have your sense of humor) If you are serious I really feel sorry from you because that is awful!I am indeed serious, but don't feel too bad for me... I can go get more beer.
  3. My wife (whom I still love) had a miscarriage and told me she no longer believed we could make our marriage work (we've had more than our share of problems). I regretfully left after she told me she dreaded coming home. So I have lost a baby I wanted, a wife I love and my home. All of this since Wednesday. To top it all off, I'm typing this from my ex-wife's house, her Internet keeps dropping every 5 minutes and I'm almost out of beer. The dude with the house issue needs to suck it up.
  4. For me it comes down to Dick Hicks or Mickey. Did you catch the Hardline a few weeks ago when Mike and Gregg were in drydock and Mickey and Bill Jones filled in? WORST RADIO EVER. I couldn't handle it. I had to send Cat an email telling him to pull his head out of his ###.
  5. Guys I miss:Psycho DaveKevin ScottBig Dick HunterExpo FoxSaw K-Scott at the Stoneleigh a couple of months ago and I asked him when he was going to get his own show. His response was that he was waiting for Norm to die.
  6. Where is Hammer?#1Bob is absolutely unlistenable... so consider the above list Being a Viking fan I have an IMMENSE dislike for that bald foolPaul, the damned Viking?
  7. In my mind, it has the best schtick to sports ratio of any show on the station. Bob's sports insight rivals Norm's and their bits are good. I also don't know why so many people hate Dan. I think the guy's a hoot.
  8. This guy knows stuff. Interesting side note about the makeup of the Hardline, Corby is taking over more and more segments of the show. Yeah he gets E-News, Snake Pit, Community Q-Hits, but now any golf, college football and non-baseball segments, he either leads or is the main speaker. Might be time for a shakeup there. Never thought I would say that. Somebody needed to.
  9. I hadn't thought about it, but I'd say that's pretty spot on in my opinion.
  10. Was he always this bad and I just failed to realize it or has he gotten exponentially worse over the last year or so? The guy has no sense of humor, he botches EVERY discussion he's in, and outside of baseball, his sports knowledge is pretty sad. Is he getting by because he's the resident hick?
  11. I bet he stuttered, lost his train of thought, and botched seven facts while admitting it. It's funny 'cause it's true. They ought to make him do tickers. At least he'd be funny then.
  12. Not there yet, but I'm glad to know that I own this thread. :aa:It's good to be the king.
  13. No wonder you backed out of BIF II, you have turned to gin... It's my last hurrah for the vacation. And trust me, I put down quite a bit of beer over the past 10 days. The Oregon Brewers Festival was awesome.They moved, huh? I guess it's hard to compete in a market the size of Milwaukee. Baseball really needs revenue sharing.
  14. That show sucks. It reeks of dudes trying to be funny when they really aren't very funny. Their standup blows and they have a big bag of nothing when they're trying the "hey, we're funny offstage, too!" bit.
  15. Forget about the girl. Focus on getting help for the depression and gambling. Nobody is going to be able to do anything for you until you do. Good luck, bud.
  16. No. And there goes your credibility. Evilgrin oozes credibility on this subject. There's no one I'd trust more. Don't worry. We all know who the real metal authority is around here, GB. Let's hear it for Cameron!
  17. But didn't he ask him how a hot bath and some sex with a strange woman would suit him? I doubt he wanted the guy anywhere near his ladies if he thought he had the pox. I thought Cy was less than happy to see him when he walked through the door.
  18. I believe he has some connection to Tolliver. I read something that they had supposedly teamed up for some scams in the past, but Tolliver obviously wasn't very happy to see him. Maybe Andy has some beans to spill?
  19. Calamity Jane. And that line she threw out in the bar when the men in there wouldn't go with her to search for that family was :rotflmao: As for the show, I thought it was great. I think Al is the devil incarnate.
  20. One of my buddies had the same question when we saw the previews. That sure would detract from things if a guy was about to gut someone and he says something along the lines of "Now listen here, you lilly-livered scalawag! There's just some things we don't do around here, and sweet talkin' another man's horse is one of 'em!"
  21. I think this show is going to set a record for f-bombs. I couldn't be happier!
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