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  1. Did you ever heard of the TV show Apprentice?? Who knew Studs and Duds had an alias?
  2. I live in a heavily red district and didn't see my first Cruz sign until yesterday. If you were only using the yard sign metric, you'd think Beto was running unopposed.
  3. I wear cargo shorts and have no opinion on crocs but anyone over the age of 20 who consistently wears their cap backwards kinda deserves to be punched in the face.
  4. When you say stuff like this, it gives the impression that you have no idea what you are talking about.
  5. You see Shader? This is what a true troll looks like. Even if you wanted to be a troll, you’d never be able to master the form the way the above does. You’d always be an amateur. Yeah... you're giving Nopie way too much credit here.
  6. Just finished watching this doc: Active Measures If you follow this thread closely, there's no new info (tip 'o the hat to this place) but man, seeing it linked all together at once....
  7. No, it does. Believe me, it does. But that could be a good thing.
  8. No, it does. Believe me, it does.
  9. Racism isn't a thing anymore, guy. HTH
  10. And what does the poll prove? Still only about 75 percent of Dems found the n-word offensive vs. about 40 percent of Trump voters. Less than 60 percent think it is offensive. It could be a good thing. Maybe people want more context. I am continually amazed at the lengths you'll go to in defending conservatives.
  11. This just isn't true, as any of the links here or this link will tell you. This thinking encapsulates one of the issues I have with patriotism - we think we're better than we are so we don't work like we should to make us live up to our ideals. The idea of America is great and should be lauded. The reality of America... it could use some work.
  12. And Ted seems to have no desire at all to "climb the ranks of political power."
  13. I was dropping my kid off at school this morning and saw a car with a sticker of a "Q" on the back window. It was the only sticker on the car. My first thought was "Wow, I wonder if that's for all this Q bull####." And then I thought "Maybe it's completely unrelated. Most people probably don't know what that is. Maybe their kid's name is Quintlyn or something." And then I decided that I needed to try to get a good look at the driver so if it were because they believed in Q, I would know not to waste my time listening to anything they said about anything, ever. Me: "Man, they are really ki
  14. Sounds snowflaky but maybe you're on to something - what if every thread title was changed to something he didn't like? Problem solved!
  15. My feelings on McCain are complicated. From a personal perspective, he surely seemed like a decent man and the grit and determination as described in the piece by David Foster Wallace was beyond anything I could ever hope to approach, but the hawkishness... I just can't look past it. We now, as a nation, largely eschew diplomacy and go way too early IMO to force. McCain played no small role in that.
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