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  1. I have - we have one right here in this forum that is still going with "IF he cheated on his wife..."
  2. Trump has the power to name an Acting Attorney General to fill the position for a few months (6 or 9, don't recall) as soon as Sessions is gone to prevent Rosenstein from being in charge. Anyone previously confirmed by the Senate can become that Acting Attorney General immediately without another hearing. Most likely a U.S. District Attorney, but as the law is written, Betsy DeVos could be Acting Attorney General since she's passed a confirmation hearing. Great system we have here.
  3. I think I am going to start referring to him as the Emetic Ted Cruz, because I can't watch or listen to him without wanting to vomit.
  4. No evidence is correct I sure hope there are some typos in here, otherwise I don't know why anyone around here would give one whit about your opinion on anything.
  5. So anyone who supported Trump before will/should support him even after his long-term personal lawyer pleads guilty and directly incriminates him. On the same day that his long-term confidante and one time campaign manager is convicted of federal crimes. That his supporters are so insulated they don't care about any of this. This is the important point you're trying to make. Stephen Colbert once said that George W. Bush believed the same thing on Wednesday that he believed on Monday, regardless of what happened on Tuesday. That seems to be at play here.
  6. And what was that? Because even your clarification didn't make much sense: Are you saying that of the people who voted for Trump, most of them voted for Trump? If so, I agree.
  7. Could "your basic facts" be based on other things than "our basic facts" ? Yeah, reality. He said "most Americans voted for Trump", which was pointed out immediately that it was false. Then he said he meant that of the people who voted, most voted for Trump. Again, completely false. Now, you can say that Hillary didn't win the popular vote but there is zero evidence that this is true. And, even if you want to go that route, you're leaving out the fact that Johnson/Stein/McMullin got over 6.5 million votes between them so even if Trump got more votes than Hillary, more people vot
  8. I think in your case it's more of a "bash anyone who ignores basic facts" sort of a thing.
  9. It's really weird how you laugh about your own ignorance but whatever works for you, I guess. It's days like today that show everyone that you guys have zero clue as to what is happening.
  10. Phew, you guys are celebrating like this actually meant something. There is still hope! It certainly means something. At the very least, it's just more proof that your hero surrounds himself with criminals.
  11. Remember, this has nothing to do with the Mueller investigation. Manafort cheating on his taxes means nothing for Mueller. Remember, this was the first of two trials for Manafort.
  12. Is that the one featuring Vince Foster? Is that the guy Hillary killed by stuffing him full of cocaine and uranium before strangling him with Monica's dress?
  13. Can you ask Q to give you the definition of that word? Because it doesn't mean what you think it means.
  14. Can't wait for FBGAnon to show up and explain how Dodds is just a ploy by Joe to take down FantasyPros.
  15. 1. Nobody is doing that 2. She has nothing to do with the investigation
  16. We do not make predictions, I would not expect anything until January 2019 which is when Trumps EO come into effect. Even that is a guess. But many things have already happened, just not the "big" things you are looking for. I think I have already pasted some Q posts to show some stuff that has already happened. You have more than you know. You have the ability to make stuff up too. Love the repeated slogans. Not creepy at all.
  17. So we need to not nitpick that words actually have meaning? Because North Korea has nukes, your concern or lack thereof be damned. Do we "figuratively" not have nukes? What about Russia? Or Pakistan? This is next-level kooky.
  18. I think I found the problem here...
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