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  1. You know you will draft at least one more with a week to go.. Can't resist man!!
  2. Here's a Main for ya Andrew QB Rodgers, Garoppolo RB Kamara, Michel, Breida, Shady, Mattison, Davis, Crockett WR Evans, Keenan, Golladay, Gordon, Ty Williams, Goodwin TE Reed, Eifert, Witten K Gould D NE
  3. Drafted that one sober Andrew.. Drank till 9 Saturday mornin from the time I got home from work on Friday.. Took a nap for a couple hours and got up and joined that Main for Saturday nite.. Prolly the only time I've drafted sober in years.. Was surprised what fell in that draft considering it was a Main.. Reed's concussion sucks.. He was the healthiest he's been in years.. You know damn well you're going to do at least one Main yourself..Half a Mill man "Da Gildz Won team Won Time"
  4. Made sure I got my share of Darwin after that debate.. Pick #4 QB Aaron, Josh RB Ezekiel, Kerryon, Leonard, Melvin, Darwin, Damiem {with the H), Jaamal, Malcolm WR Julian, Alshon, Curtis, Tyrell, Marquise, Marquise TE Jordan, Darren K Ka'imi D Boston
  5. Took this from the back Pick #12 QB Ryan, Cousins RB Cook, Mack, Jacobs, Justin Jackson, Barber, CJ Anderson, Jamaal Williams WR Thomas, Mike Williams, Curtis Samuel, Corey Davis, Boykin TE Cook, Reed, Waller, Eifert D Min K Badgley
  6. Injury to Max definitely hurt .. Price was just unfortunate to get the Yanks farm system 2 weekends in a row.. The F Troop Been rollin everyone this year..
  7. Hey Andrew, give the players on that baseball team a kick in the ###!! 7 weeks left after this weekend to get back to the top.. Let's go man!!
  8. #5 pick QB Rivers, Garoppolo RB Bell, Gurley, D Williams, Henderson, CJ Anderson, J Williams, Mike Davis WR Cooks. Golladay, Jeffrey, Valdes-Scantling, Washington, AJ Brown TE Reed, Walker, Olson (That's right, "The All Nursing Home TE Team") Just need one to get out of the wheelchair. K Badgley D NE
  9. First draft of the season last nite.. Started a month late this year.. Pick #10 QB Mahomes, Garoppolo RB Bell, Lindsay, Michel, Henderson, McKinnon, Ollison WR Beckham, Thielen, Davis, Washington, D Jackson, Gallup, Enunwa TE Hooper, Fant, Gronk K Badgley D Balt
  10. Anyone else got the Kamara/Thomas Saints combo? Damn, 80 points between the 2
  11. Real nice team if/when Bell returns.. Were you considering Conner or did he get snagged to early? Looks like everyone in that draft was leery of Olsen's little tweak of the back..
  12. Main from #6 Garoppolo,Goff Kamara,Hyde,Kerryon Johnson,Peterson,Wilkins,Martin Diggs,Goodwin,Jordy,Gallup,Moncrief,Kirk Kelce,Graham,Eifert LAC D,NE D,Gould Main from #1 Garoppolo,Goff Gurley,Thompson,Mack,Morris,Jones,Clement,Martin Hilton,Hill,Thielen,Crabtree,DJ Moore,Richardson Olsen,Gates,McDonald NE D,Gano Thielen,Olsen and Graham were all still available at the 4-5 turn
  13. Was in the same one as you other three.. The 4 playoff teams would be nice.. Demaryius ain't goin nowhere Rook:) Goff,Smith Gurley,Devonta Freeman,Jamaal Williams,Carson,Penny,John Kelly Hilton,Demaryius,Tate,Jordy,Mike Williams,Richardson,Dorsett Hooper,Gates,Watson NE D,Crosby
  14. Did a Main myself Saturday nite from #2 Luck,Ryan David Johnson,Devonta Freeman,Howard,Hyde,Chubb,Ware,Dixon Demaryius Thomas,Cooks,Crowder,Jordy,DJ Moore,DJ Chark Eifert,Hooper,Hurst NE D,Butker
  15. Nice team.. Hunt went at 2:4 or is that just the way you listed them? Too bad you couldn't cuff Hunt also
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