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  1. 34 minutes ago, Da Gildz said:

    Here’s a main I just finished.  So much for no more drafting.  This was a wild one to say the least.  One team went back to back qb’s in 6/7.  😳  Another team went QB in 8 and 10.  

    From the 12:


    QB:  Winston (12), Garrapolo (18)

    RB:  Cook (2), Sanders (6), Murray (7), Breida (8), J Hill (9), Ty Mont (14), Mike Davis (16)

    WR:  Julio (1), Cooper (3), Godwin (4), Ridley (5), Pettis (10), Humphries (15)

    TE:  Hockenson (11), Fant (13), Everett (17)

    K: Gould (19)

    Def: Buff (20)


    One of the teams who took the 2 QB’s early went Ryan in the 8th.  Wanted to stack that ATL offense but I wasn’t going near that price for him.  So wasn’t going to happen.  A lot of juice here.   TE could be an issue if both the rooks flop.   This room didn’t get the memo that Herndon must fall to me late.  Similar look to my team 1.   Lot riding on Winston/Cook/Godwin/Sanders.   They roll, I roll.  

    -Won Time!

    You know you will draft at least one more with a week to go.. Can't resist man!!

  2. 15 hours ago, Da Gildz said:

    Zeke you crushed that Main the other night.  Just saw the board.  Love how teams are now gift wrapping Henderson to the Gurley owner.  Makes Gurley that much more desirable in the 2nd for me.  Reed makes me a bit nervous now tho.  Not sure he even plays at this point.  Outside of the TE position, it was 🔥.   Still debating on whether I should put 1 in.   Which means I’ll be putting 1 in.  GL

    Drafted that one sober Andrew..  Drank till 9 Saturday mornin from the time I got home from work on Friday.. Took a nap for a couple hours and got up and joined that Main for Saturday nite.. Prolly the only time I've drafted sober in years.. Was surprised what fell in that draft considering it was a Main.. Reed's concussion sucks.. He was the healthiest he's been in years.. You know damn well you're going to do at least one Main yourself..Half a Mill man "Da Gildz Won team Won Time"

  3. 6 hours ago, Da Gildz said:

    Thanks Zeke I’m trying!  Once Max went down it’s been a stuggle.  Just trying to stay afloat for now.  Didn’t help starting Lester and Price who have decimated my ratios.  It’s been a disastrous few weeks with those 2 bumbs.   Price is already gone , Lester will be next.   Won Time!

    Injury to Max  definitely hurt .. Price was just unfortunate to get the Yanks farm system 2 weekends in a row.. The F Troop Been rollin everyone this year..

  4. #5 pick

    QB  Rivers, Garoppolo

    RB  Bell, Gurley, D Williams, Henderson, CJ Anderson, J Williams, Mike Davis

    WR  Cooks. Golladay, Jeffrey, Valdes-Scantling, Washington, AJ Brown

    TE  Reed, Walker, Olson (That's right, "The All Nursing Home TE Team") Just need one to get out of the wheelchair.

    K  Badgley

    D   NE

  5. First draft of the season last nite.. Started a month late this year..

    Pick #10

    QB   Mahomes, Garoppolo

    RB   Bell, Lindsay, Michel, Henderson, McKinnon, Ollison

    WR  Beckham, Thielen, Davis, Washington, D Jackson, Gallup, Enunwa

    TE   Hooper, Fant, Gronk

    K     Badgley

    D     Balt


  6. 1 hour ago, Coots said:

    This was the very last Main of the FFPC season.  Got pick 11 which I hate.  Took a chance and took Bell so I need some luck on my side.  At round 6 M. Ingram was still there but couldn't take him because Bell is already missing.  Took Olsen in 6th instead.  Wilson in 10th was nice as well. Took Ajayi in 4th to help out week 1 as well but hate the pick.


    Bell, M. Gordon, J. Ajayi, M. Lynch, J. Allen, C. Ivory, M. Gillislee

    Fitz, J. Gordon, R. Anderson, K. Benjamin, J. Brown, D. Amendola, T. Williams, W. Snead auto pick, frooze up and didn't have anyone in que

    Olsen, J. Cook

    Jacksonville, Lambo

    Love this team if Bell gets his ### to work but could be a bust without him....

    Real nice team if/when Bell returns.. Were you considering Conner or did he get snagged to early? Looks like everyone in that draft was leery of Olsen's little tweak of the back..

  7. Main from #6


    Kamara,Hyde,Kerryon Johnson,Peterson,Wilkins,Martin



    LAC D,NE D,Gould


    Main from #1



    Hilton,Hill,Thielen,Crabtree,DJ Moore,Richardson


    NE  D,Gano

    Thielen,Olsen and Graham were all still available at the 4-5 turn


  8. 1 hour ago, Coots said:

    Well. This is a big draft let me know what you think from the 9 hole

    wilson, mahomes

    mccaffrey, hunt, a Collins, ekeler, Cj Anderson, j Allen, c edmonds

    baldwin, Goodwin, k Benjamin, k stills, m Gallup, c kirk

    engram, Doyle, b jarwin

    philly, gould

    Nice team.. Hunt went at 2:4 or is that just the way you listed them?  Too bad you couldn't cuff Hunt also

  9. 1 hour ago, Coots said:

    Here is another one I just did..  And yes I really like Kamara!!!

    Luck, Winston

    Kamara, D. Lewis, R. Burkhead, J. Williams, J. Wilkins, A. Ekeler

    K. Allen, D. Baldwin, J. Gordon, J. Edelman, J. Doctson, D. Amendola, A. Wilson,

    Kittles, R. Seals Jones, ASJ

    Gould, Bears

    Nice team Coots. Plenty of shares of Kamara here also. Got the Kamara/McCaff combo a couple weeks ago. Dig it up after work and post it later. 

  10. 7 hours ago, Coots said:

    Did 2 drafts yesterday and had the same pick in both..  Pick 5, had ZEKE right beside me at 6 on the first team.  Was surprised you let McCaffrey go bye in the second round but I was happy to grab him..  We seem to be fighting each other for picks.  Not sure which team I liked better though, probably prefer team 2 because of the value that fell.


    Kamara, McCaffrey, Ajayi, Burkhead, Barber, R. Kelley

    Diggs, Landry, Edelman, Funchess, Golladay, A. Miller, Amemdola, T. Williams (last pick, not sure why he was still there)

    Eifert, Watson, Kroft

    NO, R. Gould


    Both drafts were weird but more value seemed to fall in the 2nd draft which doesn't mean anything until they play the games...

    Wilson, Mahomes

    Kamara, Drake, Thompson, Ekeler, Powell, J. Allen

    K. Allen, TY Hilton, Watkins, Lockett, Hurns, M. Bryant, A. Wilson

    Olsen, D. Walker, L. Wilson

    Chargers, Gould


    Let me know what you think


    Who did the imposter take instead of McCaff?  I haven’t been in a draft since Wednesday Coots.  Both teams are solid but 2 does look better on paper based on this so called value system everyone seems to be high on these days. 

  11. For your viewing pleasure Gildz

    From #6



    Antonio,Michael T,Jordy,Richardson,Coutee


    Minn D,Elliott


    From #4





    Balt D,Gano


    From #6


    DJ,McCaff,Thompson,Aaron Jones,Booker,Ivory,Ware,Edmonds



    NE D,Succop


    From #7


    Kamara,Royce Freeman,Kerryon Johnson,Thompson,Lynch,Martin,Dixon,Ballage,Williams


    McDonald,Hurst,Seals Jones

    NE D,Succop



  12. 29 minutes ago, msudaisy26 said:

    So you got Melvin Gordon, Antonio Brown, A.J.Green, with your 1st 3 picks

    then Tate, Lynch, Abdullah, Martvais Bryant and Olsen in the next 5 picks?

    So you had 8 picks in the first 5ish rounds?

    It's apparently a draft that's not the Football Guys Tournament..

  13. 1 hour ago, Da Gildz said:

    From the 9:


    QB: Carr (12), Tyrod (16)

    RB: Zeke (2), Cook (3), McCaffrey (4), Henry (8), Kamara (13), Sims (17), Alf (19)

    WR: Edelman (6), DJax (7), Cobb (9), Coleman (10), Ginn (11), Lee (18)

    TE: Gronk (1), Rudolph (5), Howard (14)

    D: ARI (15)

    K: Hopkins (20)

    Like that one Gildz.. If Zeke's suspension gets cut in half and you play the right receivers each week team will do well.. You know I'm into the Cook/Mccaffrey combo..

  14. 2 hours ago, Caesar said:

    Agree.  I like all those teams.  Of course, having DJ is always going to add stability, but you did a fine job all the way around. 

    I draft 2nd in a couple upcoming leagues, and I am really hoping Bell goes over him in at least 1.  I don't have a #1 spot this year.  :sadbanana: 

    Saw Bell go over DJ in a few drafts before camp opened but unless Bell reports I doubt anyone will pass on DJ at #1. 

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