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  1. Yeesh, I don't know how you deal with only 4 bench spots in a normal season.
  2. Dunno if it's true, but I think I remember reading before the season that it's possible some teams wouldn't play all 16 games, winning percentage would determine playoff spots.
  3. Two things Trump will never criticize: White Supremacists and Vladimir Putin
  4. Well except for the part about calling on Democrats to change longstanding GOP policy while the GOP is in charge...
  5. So his biggest accomplishment in his first 4 years is beating Hillary in 2016?
  6. To be fair, while what you said is true, it still might be his biggest accomplishment. What else has he actually accomplished? Tax cuts for the rich? Another one any Republican President would have done.
  7. Trump Buffett will be the new sizzler in rural America. They already got the well-done steaks and ketchup mastered!
  8. I wonder if it has anything to do with the sitting President saying the election will be rigged and he may not accept the results.
  9. I mean I think it's crazy people would cheer that on as well, but cheering on violence against the press sounds like they're happily cheering on a dictator.
  10. I dunno, I heard a lot of cheering when Donny was talking about how wonderful it was to see a journalist get roughed up.
  11. My guess is that he unveils TrumpTV during the concession speech. OANN gets new branding.
  12. Yeah, those liberals are always denying science while cheering on racism and eugenics. Trump might as well be a Democrat! Nailed it.
  13. Cause and effect. If the GOP followed their own playbook from 2016, there would be no need to pack the courts. Republicans in Congress have been playing hardball for decades now. It's about time for the Dems to step to the plate, IMO.
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