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  1. Woah! I've been out of the loop lately. What city was burned to the ground?!?
  2. Yeah, I remember when they canceled every event and sports season and everyone was walking around with masks because of the flu in 2017 and 2018. Great analogy. ETA: What I said was that I hate seeing Americans dying needlessly. Yes, people are going to die for all sorts of reasons. The point is that so many of these particular deaths could have been prevented. Easily. Whether or not we support Trump, I would think we can all agree on that. Anyway, have a good one!
  3. Attack me all you like, won't change the facts you won't respond to. It ain't faux rage, I'm actually upset Americans are dying needlessly. Guess I'm a weirdo like that.
  4. Not disputing the fact that lives were lost because of our inaction though, right?
  5. 2 medical experts estimate 90% of coronavirus deaths in the US could have been avoided if everyone started social distancing on March 2 Uggh. Literally any other President would’ve taken this seriously and a lot more people would be alive today.
  6. Now we're down to hoping we somehow have better immunity than Italy? We're going in the wrong direction here...
  7. From what I can tell, he's being blamed for downplaying the severity of Coronavirus, saying the flu is worse, saying it was contained or will be shortly, and focusing on the stock market more than the health of the American people. I'd say those are accurate. What is he being blamed for that he has no control over?
  8. Give it a few more weeks of "the media is making the stock market crash!"
  9. How so? He also spelled smoker "smocker" and choker "chocker" among many more. The President can't spell. That's all.
  10. So when you come in and drop one-liners in an anti-Trump thread, that's ok right?
  11. Yeah, I remember when they went nuts asking for Trump's birth certificate claiming he wasn't an American citizen. The GOP is always classy in defeat on the other hand: "Hang in there Obama" sign, adorned with noose, displayed on Wisconsin roadway
  12. Right, and that's why he prepared a built-in excuse for when he lost: he was cheated! Just like @Megla was claiming Democrats would do.
  13. You mean like in 2016 when Trump kept claiming the election was rigged when he thought he was gonna lose to Hillary?
  14. A few years ago this would've sounded insane, today not so much. Some of you may have seen Bill Maher's closing remarks on Friday, they were chilling to say the least. Basically what he said is that when you switch over to a dictatorship, it still has the appearance of a democracy. Showed pictures of Russia and North Korea, how they still technically had a "parliament" but obviously they're just for show. I realize some people here indeed still think this is a crazy thought. But how far have we already gone? The checks and balances of our 3 branches no longer exist. The Presiden
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