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  1. I mean I definitely don't disagree mistakes were made by this administration, just seems a little shall we say hypocritical to act like leaving Afghanistan was Biden's plan or something.
  2. It was Trump's plan to get out of Afghanistan, no? Wouldn't this be Trump's gift to America?
  3. Might make sense if every democrat in Congress wasn't vaccinated. But they are.
  4. Pretty sad state of affairs that following the science is now deemed "politics". But I guess that's what you get after decades of anti-intellectualism. An uneducated population.
  5. Right. You agree with the model, I agree with the thousands of people all over the world who are experts in viruses.
  6. I too get all my medical advice from models who are married to NFL players.
  7. Seriously, just get the shot! It's ok to trust experts in their field.
  8. What? Every single American that went to public school had to show proof of vaccination before being allowed to attend. This has been true for nearly a century.
  9. Because people are refusing to get the vaccines. If we were 90% vaccinated, I wouldn't need to wear a mask at work again like I do now.
  10. Nice strawman and all, but haven't we gone over this already? Maybe you're hoping that I call you a monster. You've mentioned it twice now. I haven't. But to me, it says a lot about why you are making this argument to begin with. That it's about culture and politics for you as opposed to facts. And that's why you're refusing to admit the simple fact that humans can infect other humans with viruses. No amount of mental backflips is going to change that very simple fact.
  11. You want to live in a society with the rest of us humans? Gotta follow some rules. My choices aren't harming the health of my community. Yours are. If you want to go live in a society where you are free to infect people with whatever you want, that's up to you. I'm not sure what country that is but I'm sure there's a few out there.
  12. Yes, if 600,000 Americans were dying a year from any of those things, I would support government mandates to get them under control. Is that weird?
  13. I can't get infected by YOU. Which means, logically, that if everyone followed those measures, no one would spread the virus. I can understand that you came into this with a certain viewpoint, but you're simply not thinking logically. Viruses are passed from person to person. If people aren't together, the virus can't spread. Incredibly simple stuff.
  14. Where did I label anyone as monsters? Oh right, I didn't. Let's go back to the civil discussion I was trying to have before you changed the subject.
  15. False. If you don't come near me, wear a mask, get vaxxed, you have control over whether you infect me or not. Same if you are infected and don't do any of that. Again, your argument is just not logical.
  16. The dictionary would like to have word with you here, lol. And no need to put "vaccine" in quotes, it's an FDA-approved vaccine. It's real. And it's spectacular.
  17. I don't know the percentage, the important part is that COVID patients are starting to take up more and more of the beds. But hey, like you said, it's a business! If a few people die waiting to get in, that just means business is doing well!
  18. Ummm...not from you I can't. Your argument is not logical.
  19. Sure, only difference being no one dies when Best Buy runs out of iPhones.
  20. Those are just the facts. Your freedom to swing your fists ends where my face begins. You have the freedom to do what you want until you are hurting others. The government has asked us to stay home, wear masks when we go out, and get vaccinated. These are all clearly in the name of public health, not some authoritarian power grab. The vaccine is FDA approved now. Experts the world over agree it's a very effective and safe vaccine. This is as good as it gets.
  21. My wife's hospital is now 97% full. Consequently, around 97% of people hospitalized for COVID are unvaccinated. But by all means, let's keep playing the whatabout game!
  22. Vaccines started being required in public schools in 1855. Not exactly some new outlandish idea to have people vaccinated if they want to participate in society. Authoritarians, lol. Hyperbole much?
  23. The science says you are 100% wrong on this. So while everyone is entitled to their opinion, it's probably best we follow the science. 600,000 people died the last time we didn't.
  24. I too heard that doctors and nurses have been wearing them for fun all these years!
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