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  1. Is there a reason some people never use the pre-draft feature?
  2. He's actually not wrong on this one. One the things Trump is fantastic at as a business person is branding. Branding can be incredibly important in business and Trump has made it a major focus. It's my opinion that one of the biggest reasons he ran for President was to promote his brand even more, and it worked.
  3. Seriously. He's asked if he's willing to do it and he says, sure. He doesn't actually condemn anyone, just that he's willing to do it. This is what you're clinging to?
  4. What exactly has he done though? I dislike Trump but I'm not sure I see any illegal activity when it comes to him paying taxes.
  5. Their President is Afro-Cubano. Doesn't change what they've done and stood for over the years though.
  6. You'd think after seeing the debate last night that more people would vote third party. My vote is for Jorgensen. Neither Trump or Biden is fit to be President.
  7. The allegiance to Trump is still strong here. I haven't seen too many of his supporters actually say that he had a good debate last night. The overwhelming amount of comments have been negative on how he did. This isn't to say that Biden was much better though, only that Trump did not blow him out of the water as expected.
  8. Between yesterday pre-fishing and the tourney today I spent 20 hours on the water with my kayak. It was a beautiful two days but the fishing was not as great as the weather for me. I didn’t do as well as I had hoped but still managed a limit.
  9. Definitely going to need a charger regardless. How often you need to charge it will depend on how long you’ve used it, how much you’re running off it and the amp hours the battery is rated.
  10. Anyone have good info on fishing around Rhinelander, WI?
  11. Dakota Lithium, Bioenno Power and Amped Outdoors are some popular brands that kayakers use. Edit: That's if you want lithium but they're expensive. I think a lot of people like the Optima blue top batteries from Walmart for their price.
  12. Things are gradually opening back up here in Iowa. Campgrounds start opening today. My first kayak tourney is next Saturday and if no changes are made it looks like it's actually going to happen. I'm very excited.
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