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  1. Fake news is literally that - 'fake news'. News that isn't true, but is presented in a way (normally via a social media channel) that, at first glance, that is credible. Too politicians, particularly one in the Oval Office, it has become used to dismiss news that you don't like. Many of the stories published by the NYT, Washington Post, etc. are true and there is little question about the contents. These are often the same stories derived as 'fake news' because it doesn't have direct sourcing (as one example). Now, the media isn't innocent in all of this - many of their news stories do have an angle or bias, and some have been flat out wrong, but the large majority of stories have been accurate, even if the President disagrees.
  2. In-game NBA question for everyone. Who is the best player in the NBA and should Kawhi Leonard be given serious consideration for that honor as the best player in the NBA? Obviously, you have guys like James, Durant, Curry, Harden, Antetokounmpo and others...... Quick thoughts - Who are the top 3 NBA players?
  3. Any good articles on this? Would love to read more about how CC issuers are targeting their consumers.
  4. I would have expected something from Trump even if it's not accurate or if you disagree. If he's said nothing, that is surprising to me.
  5. Maybe I don't follow the news closely enough, but rather surprised that this story has largely gone under the radar. Haven't seen much coverage, etc. Has Trump said anything?
  6. I think this is the video that Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources (CNN) played. While there's a strong point to be made, CNN shouldn't be the ones making it. They aren't exactly fair and balanced, and that Sunday show is nothing more than a Trump bashing show disguised as a a journalism hour.
  7. I thought I heard that Trump has already played as much golf as Obama did during his entire term, but that needs to be verified. Maybe a dumb question, but why is the Mueller Report for sale vs. just being available for free to citizens to download?
  8. Thank you! Of course, that's what I am looking for. One adjustment. I need to evaluate for the same logic for Cell's A1 through F1 in Sheet1 and then apply the same formatting based on the the value in that cell being GT the value in Sheet2, B2.
  9. I need to create a conditional format that highlights my A1 cell: If the value of 'Sheet1' A1 > 600 (the value of '600' is referenced in 'Sheet2' B2), then format the cell red. I can't get this logic to work. Any ideas?
  10. That's what most people said going on and happy to hear you're sticking to that. I do worry that most will move the goal-posts.
  11. Don't disagree with anything you are saying, it was always difficult to believe that there was going to be a meaningful deal and this became a show.
  12. I highly doubt that the media will acknowledge any responsibility in what many seem as over-hyping a story for political reasons. I'm sure they will point to the indictments that Mueller made and the Trump associates who don't tell the truth regularly. So, there are very legitimate reasons for reporting on the story, but there were many who may have reported with an agenda/political bent.
  13. The central and most serious question in this investigation, the reason Robert Mueller started it: Did the current president of the United States assist the Kremlin in an attack on our democracy?" "And if Mueller, after two years, comes back and says, 'I don’t have the evidence to support that charge,' that’s a reckoning," he continued. "That’s a reckoning for progressives and Democrats who hoped that Mueller would essentially erase the 2016 election. It’s a reckoning for the media. It’s a reckoning across the country if in fact after all this time there was no collusion." Link
  14. You're have to explain so I understand why.. Weren't nuclear weapons developed over the last 25 years? Is taking pictures with the President and wasting our time with false promises worse?
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