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  1. Crazy that the #78 is losing his current ride, but glad he ended up at JGR. Feel sorry for Suarez though.
  2. 0-5 to start, then 5-3 over past eight races. Considering I don’t have Busch or Harvick, I will take that.
  3. 0-5, with losses by 5 points, 2 points, and 4 points in three of the past four weeks. Next week, a Battle of the Beatens as either my squad or @DaVinci's crew will finally get to victory lane.
  4. Ditto. At least this week I only lost by 2. Should win before NBC takes over the telecasts.
  5. That was one boring race today. Still waiting for my first win, but three-for-three seeing at least one driver on my roster get a DNF.
  6. And a finish separating the top two cars by about one inch per overtime attempt to finish that thing.
  7. I like how my four set up for the start of the Daytona 500 - two teammates in the front (Bowman and Elliott), one guy I n the middle (Bayne) and my Most aggressive one in the back (Keselowski) so when the big one comes, hopefully not all four get taken out.
  8. Do we need to do anything on Fantrax to make the drivers active? Assume no, but wanted to check.
  9. And I'll close out the Hendrick cars with #88 Alex Bowman. Wanted Suarez... @The Man With No Name for next selection
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