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  1. Just picked it up in the Steam $5 sale a few weeks back. Only played Perfect Team so far, but would love to get into a regular sim league.
  2. Posting some makeup picks Round 15 - Jason Aldean - Drowns The Whiskey (feat. Miranda Lambert) Took a different song of the same album at mid-year, but this one is pretty decent as well. Round 16 - Mercy Union - Young Dionysians Featuring members of NJ's The Gaslight Anthem and The Scandals, some straight up Jersey rock. Great opening song from their debut album. Round 17 - Zedd - The Middle (feat. Maren Morris) A repeat from my mid-year selections, still a great pop-hook on this one Round 18 - Chris Stapleton - Millonaire From his late 2017 release, this was the 2018 single - not his best, but still better than most of what is out there from the country and western folk Round 19 - Greta Van Fleet - Safari Song Another repeat from my mid-year selections Round 20 - Muse - Pressure Not the best song they have ever put out, but one that has grown on me and one that is unmistakably Muse from the first lick Bonus Muse track - their cover of Hungry Like The Wolf - not sure this one needed to redone, but assume this will slide into the live sets in 2019
  3. Time to bring the R&B - number of great tunes on this album Round 14 - The Suffers - I Think I Love You
  4. Since he’s been in the news a lot recently, for good reasons - here is looking at a long shot for the RnR HoF that it would be great to see get the nod. Adding him would offset the lyrical cesspool of inducting Def Leppard. Round 11 - John Prine - When I Get To Heaven He’s not the Last Highwayman Standing, but the last putting out great material I was mindin' my own business, a-buzzin' 'round My mind spinnin' faster than the speed of sound And I was perfectly happy when I ran into her But she complicated me and the way things were Round 12 - Willie Nelson - She Made My Day And to complete the old guy Singer-songwriter picks from me, an old punk rocker who has completed the pivot but still rocks it out every so often Round 13 - Alejandro Escovedo - Sonica USA
  5. Catchy. Digging it more and more. Deserves a spot. Need more non-country songs from my polling location. Round 10 - The 1975 - Love It If We Made It
  6. His best work comes from the back end of each album - his 2018 EP release brings the same. Cool guy - met him a few times at shows near Jersey. Round 9 - Kip Moore - Come Home With You
  7. A few makeup picks from me - yes, dipping back into some of the mid year albums with different tracks. Round 6 - Amanda Shires - Break Out the Champagne Welcome to the “crap” show indeed Round 7 - Lucero - Cover Me (Live Version) Missed their local show this year, but love this tune from the new album Round 8 - Brian Fallon - If Your Prayers Don’t Get to Heaven Seeing him Saturday for an acoustic show Will make up the rest later or on the morning commute.
  8. Just about that time for two from me Gonna play that one word song title game To keep it fresh, the genre ain’t the same So you’re lucky they both won’t be country Round 4 - Cardi B - Money (Spotify link) I like this one better than “I Like It” and it seems like she’s going to make a lot of it in the coming years. Round 5 - Kacey Musgraves - Butterflies (Spotify link) A repeat album from my mid-year selections, but a different song. Honestly, I could take about a dozen songs off this great album.
  9. I tried to go to college but I didn't belong Everything I said was either funny or wrong They laughed at my boots, laughed at my jeans Laughed when they gave me amphetamines Left me alone in a bad part of town Thirty-six hours to come back down Am I the last of my kind? Am I the last of my kind? From my favorite artist, this time a live cut that I enjoyed even more as the year went on - just love the outro dual between Sadler Vaden’s electric guitar and Amanda Shires’ fiddle while Jason Isbell strums along on this acoustic and checks in with the rest of the band. Glad to see this track make 2018’s “Live From The Ryman” - Spotify link below is from this album. What great shows they were in the fall of 2017 and this song was a standout each night. And now, will no longer have to rely on boots to get this song fix every few days. Round 3 - Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit - The Last of My Kind (Live) (YouTube link) (Spotify Link - Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit - The Last of My Kind (Live))
  10. Told you I would not hit up the same tracks as the mid-year...taking this one purely for the video. In particular, the scene at 1:08. Round 2 - Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (ft. Miley Cyrus) (YouTube link)
  11. Gonna be playing catch-up for this whole draft and going to try not to lean too heavily on my mid-year selections. Round 1 - Eric Church - Desperate Man (Spotify Link at left, YouTube link at right) Desperate Man This sums up where I am for ideas right now and it was bound to make my Top 10, so may as well play the “Kicker in the 1st round” card here. Love the song, but the same name album has more clunkers than classics. But still looking forward to 2019’s “Double Down” tour from EC - two nights, same city, different set list.
  12. LZ, DL, AC/DC, Aerosmith were my choices. Not a big fan of either Aerosmith or Queen, so would have been happier if either VH or Metallica had drawn either of those for the first round bout.
  13. Here is my write-up from my trips down from NJ as a tourist 6x in the past three years that I just did for my buddy who is going to see Jason Isbell at The Ryman the weekend of 10/26-10/28. ++++++++ Shows at The Ryman Seating For lower level seats, Rows up to K are before the poles supporting the balcony and not under the balcony. Those are the best seats in the place. But the balcony seats are just as good sound wise - no view issues from anywhere in the balcony. In the balcony using Section 10 as the example, Row F and Row K give you the most hip room, Row C and Row G the least as C and F have the same number of seats in a pie shaped section (as do G and K). Go Early Well, in case you decide not to do a tour, you can check out the areas at either end upstairs for the history of the joint. But also to pick up a Hatch Print like these at the link below - they will sell out immediately after the crowd gets let in. Hatch does a Print for nearly every show at the Ryman. To purchase, go upstairs to the merch table and wait in line. Also, at times, artists like Status Serigraph will also do posters like those in the link below (my regret in 2014 was not buying the series so I could get the guitar one - we only have the bird on the left). Hatch Show Print images for Isbell Status Serigraph images for Isbell Sights To See (in order listed) - The Three Must See Places for a weekend (1) Johnny Cash Museum (downtown) https://www.johnnycashmuseum.com/ The Johnny Cash Museum is excellent, but probably the 2nd best museum in town after the CMHoF. But if you decide to flip and see AFTER the HoF, I think some of the luster will be lost after going through the huge HoF. So, I always tell people to hit this one first. If you arrive in town on an AM flight and settle at that hotel, easy to slot this one in after a late lunch (can’t do that with CMHoF). (2A) Country Music HoF + Hatch Print add-on + RCA Studio A add-on (all downtown) https://countrymusichalloffame.org/ A must see for any music fan. Extensive background on the founding fathers and sisters of CM, this place is huge. Plan to spend a big chunk of time here. If you are debating having time for only one add-on, I actually think Hatch Print is the better of the two options (and you get to make your own). (2B) Ryman Auditorium (downtown) https://www.ryman.com/ If you got to town the night before and want to break up your museum days, slotting the Ryman Tour ahead of the CMHoF is the smart move. Full tour is good and take time to appreciate the hallway with the signed Hatch Prints of shows in the past. Other Cool Places to See (or options for the next weekend trip) (3) George Jones Museum (downtown) https://georgejones.com/ More modern than the Johnny Cash museum, but just a notch below. Too many things in here you are like, “OK not sure why we need to see that”, but still some worthwhile items to see about George’s career. Bonus for possibly seeing Nancy Jones in the elevator and this place has a great 4th floor rooftop deck over looking the Cumberland River and Nissan Stadium (can go to rooftop deck without going to museum). Note: they have changed the layout since we went there in late 2016, remaking an extensive gift shop on the 1st floor into a bar area and introducing food into the mix. Not sure of what impact that had on the museum proper which is on the 3rd floor, as we have not been back to that floor since our visit. (4) Grand Ole Opry (outside of downtown) https://www.opry.com/ Neat to see and amazing how big this place is (compared to the cozy Ryman), but after seeing the Ryman, the Opry also suffers from “OK, I really saw all of this on the Ryman tour”. One benefit is getting to pay $20 for a picture standing at the WSM microphone stand, which the Ryman does not offer. Depending on when you go, Opry shows are actually held back at The Ryman during Nov-Dec. Holiday season, your loss from extra traffic getting to the Opry as it is next to a mall is offset by the great holiday display at the Opry hotel. (5) The Hermitage (outside of downtown) https://thehermitage.com/ Home of former president Andrew Jackson, a well kept museum and great to see if you are into American history. Plan on spending a good part of the day out here. ++++++ Eats and Beverages (all downtown unless noted) (1) The Stillery (two locations: (1) On 2nd Avenue, coming from Broadway it is before George Jones Museum, on opposite site of street with black awning about five or six storefronts in from Broadway or (2) at their midtown site near Vanderbilt) http://www.stillerynashville.com/ Our favorite to go to, definitely our first stop for lunch/dinner when we hit town. The Mac & Cheese with hot chicken is a must, but you will wish it was bigger it’s so good. Everything we have had here (salads, burgers, pizza) was fantastic. Only downside is that they only have beer in bottles at 2nd Avenue location, but at least some are from local brewery Yazoo (the Midtown location was not open when we were last there in Oct 2017, so not sure if there are beers on tap there). At 2nd Avenue location, there is a 2nd floor with a larger stage area than the street level seating space adjacent to where the kitchen sits. (2) Rock Bottom Brewery Main site - https://rockbottom.com/locations/nashville/ A member of the same chain as Gordon Biersch, we probably have been here more than any other place on the list. They have their own brews (most are excellent) and some of your normal national bar beer standards if you really need/want to go there. While the burgers and entrees are decent fare on their own, the nacho tray with chicken makes an excellent starter choice if you are a long time from the last meal or want to hit something up in between. Big place so the wait is normally not too bad. Bar seats are first come, first served, but this does not apply to booths in the bar area. Sign up for their mailing list - they do run specials frequently. Killer tray of nachos. (3) Puckett’s Grocery https://puckettsgro.com/nashville/ Great breakfast spot - prepare to wait a bit. But worth the wait. (4) Hattie B’s Hot Chicken (near Vanderbilt) http://hattieb.com/ Never had it. Heard it’s good. Always a line outside. (5) Flying Saucer http://www.beerknurd.com/locations/nashville-flying-saucer Located next to Union Station Hotel at 10th and Broadway, Flying Saucer is part of a southern U.S. oriented chain that specializes in beers on tap. Probably 75-ish at any one time. $3 drafts on Monday makes MNF a little more bearable to watch. (6) Merchants https://www.merchantsrestaurant.com/ We have not been here yet, but multiple friends said it was really good. Probably the best bet for something a little more upscale on Broadway, but not a suit-and-tie requirement type of place. (7) Tootsies http://www.tootsies.net/ Probably the best place to catch a guest appearance by a country star you may know by name. Crowded, convenient to Ryman and you can enter/exit through the back from the alley between the two. (8) The Red Door Saloon (near Vanderbilt) http://thereddoorsaloon.com/ Chicago based dive bar behind the Embassy Suites near Vanderbilt. No reason to go there unless everything else in the Vanderbilt area has already closed. And then, still debatable as to the value added other than damage to your liver. All bets off on NYE from experience. (9) Broadway Brewhouse http://broadwaybrewhouse.net/ On Broadway, 1/2 way down on right walking towards the river, one of the better selections of beers on tap and sometimes they have 2-for-1 drafts on NFL Sunday. Food is average. (10) Bailey’s Sports Grille http://baileyssportsgrille.com/locations/nashville/ Well, it is a decent place to catch a game. Decent amount of beers on tap. Food is average - Rock Bottom would be a better food choice at not much more $, aside from the monster sized screens here. (11) Another Broken Egg https://anotherbrokenegg.com/location/nashville-tn Another breakfast spot we have not gotten to, a few friends have recommended this one. (12) Demo’s https://www.demosrestaurants.com/ Simple, family style diner-esque food. The price is right and although the meals are a little on the small side, they tasted pretty good. (13) Tavern (near Vanderbilt) https://www.mstreetnashville.com/tavern/ Nice cozy and slightly upscale spot near Vanderbilt, decent food and beverage selection. Not open at 130AM on NYE. Since most of these were not open yet when we were last there, we have not yet been to Jason Aldean’s, Luke Bryan’s, Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey River, Blake Shelton’s Ole Red or Jon Rich’s place. While open, we also did not go to Alan Jackson’s Good Tyme Bar or FGL House. So, no opinion. But here is an article about them -
  14. Saw The National last Saturday in NYC at Forest Hills. Never listened to them before, free tickets from the venue which I only took because Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (a dal_boys_phan favorite) was the last opener before The National took the stage. Not sure if they are not my cup of tea or if I was still peeved that we missed 1/2 of Isbell’s set due to “delays” getting there, but I didn’t walk out of there thinking I need a second helping of The National. The venue though was fantastic - nice small footprint, great sound.
  15. 30 states visited + DC + Ontario Have not counted drive through only or airport stops - only ones counted where I stayed overnight and/or did something like stop at a tourist site 9 of those states saw a concert 12 + DC + Ontario of those states saw a baseball game 5 of those states saw a football game
  16. Need to start this soon. Never thought I was flexible, now things are worse.
  17. Anyone have a Toyota Highlander without Apple CarPlay? How does their system work vs. CarPlay (if you have been able to test both). Debating this ride vs. Honda Pilot as an upcoming purchase and this is one of the differences.
  18. I will add the old Bangalore, India airport to the retired bad list (they opened a new one a few years after I went there). What a craphole when your flight arrived at 2AM and you were trying to find your car service. To the current good list I will add Philadelphia when you are there for a 800AM flight to an all-inclusive resort spot and your start the trip with 25 oz Yards Philly Pale Ale from Chickie and Pete's to wash down the cheese steak and egg burrito.
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