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  1. https://komonews.com/news/nation-world/badri-313-elite-taliban-special-forces-with-us-gear-weapons-seen-patrolling-kabul you gotta be ####### kidding me
  2. So you are saying Trump failed at the pandemic, then Biden now has failed too? '
  3. This is disgusting. Biden was a Senator during the fall of Saigon. Think about that.
  4. Let's ask Satoshi Nakumoto, the creator of Bitcoin, what is goin on. Oh wait you can't, he's a fictional character. I smell something foul.
  5. Everything at once is making the perfect storm
  6. IOC BANS All Forms Of Protesting ANYWHERE at Tokyo Olympics. I'd say if you don't want to be on Team America, then go sit your ### at home.
  7. If AMC can stay over 60 tommorow, the hedgies will have a huge problem on their hands.
  8. After reading the FUD at AMC I had no doubt. The hedges had to try something.
  9. GME and AMC are now on SSR list
  10. Adding to total on the dip #AMC
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