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  1. https://twitter.com/robbystarbuck/status/1360993787317809156
  2. Trump isn't the president and look at all the fear in this thread
  3. All you needed to see was the video by the defense. GAME. SET. MATCH.
  4. No, you needed him to incite an insurrection. It didn't happen.
  5. Way to start off a presidency Democrats with an L. This is going to bring unity right? What week is the bye?
  6. LOL Democrats are celebrating a police officer. Now you know the #### is getting thick.
  7. Are the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors in trouble? Are they appropriating homosexuals? Are people offended yet?
  8. If you are going into education, .I'm wondering what was in your head? majoring in teaching and taking on a large amount of debt. Serious question, what were you thinking?
  9. Now that Trump is gone, the far left are bored. They have nothing better to do than to be offended. It's a disease that doesn't stop.
  10. I got in at 4.50. I'm holding for now.
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