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  1. If AMC can stay over 60 tommorow, the hedgies will have a huge problem on their hands.
  2. After reading the FUD at AMC I had no doubt. The hedges had to try something.
  3. GME and AMC are now on SSR list
  4. Adding to total on the dip #AMC
  5. The 11.5 million shares are from April 27. This is old news. SCARE TACTIC. They are desperate.
  6. The stock market is a transfer of wealth from the impatient to the patient. W. BUFFET
  7. Still deciding. I think there's more to come.
  8. Still holding 12k shares AMC. Not selling yet.
  9. I have 12,000 shares and ain't selling yet
  10. If it gets to 14 it's going to blow up
  11. I'm not sure AMC can be stopped this time. Call me crazy but this thing may actually squeeze.
  12. What's going on at Draftkings? What am i missing?
  13. Middle East conflict...oil stocks anyone?
  14. rename this "Biden's Plan Thread"
  15. It's because IT IS ALL HYPE
  16. Stop it. There are jobs...nobody wants them. .An awesome catalyst for Inflation my friend.
  17. So according to the jobs report, the government is paying people not to work. Americans are paid to stay home. This administration going to end well.
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