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  1. This is going to end well for this country. Buckle up.
  2. prec·e·dent noun /ˈpresəd(ə)nt/ an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances. Expect more to come
  3. I turned it off and came back to this. What exactly was the difference?
  4. Hats off to Mike Tomlin for not takin a timeout
  5. Would you guys go with Tanny or Roethlesberger?
  6. The biggest "fears" of Biden come within it's own Party. The far left isn't going to be happy.
  7. Man Tomlin is awesome Don't be surprised you lose when Big Ben goes off.
  8. Big game today. The game is going to hinge on my qb. I own Tannehill and Roethlisberger. Who should i start?
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