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  1. I am just blown away by the people who don't think Martavis is a top NFL WR.......His catches have been just amazing. Yes he is immature....so what? Again so is most of the NFL. These guys are all self-centered athletes.....even some of the ones who are supposedly mature. I can't believe the BS being slung around here. Martavis paid the price......he's back. If you don't want to use his skills......and are obviously not getting him involved on purpose.....screw it. You think winning is everything to these NFL players? Hate to tell you, it isn't........they love to win and play the game bu
  2. Hasn't proven anything? WTF. He's a top talent......yes these WR are all prima donnas....just like Antonio Brown. What would happen if he got two pass attempts a game for a few games, he'd be going off in the media, you know it, we all know it. Would it hurt to pass it to him a few more times in a game? Honestly? Bell doesn't really need 30 plus touches a game.....he could be okay with 25. Good Lord. Oh he smoked some pot......he should be taught a lesson. Give me a break. Half the league smokes....Heck Ben doesn't have a great track record himself. He isn't really loved that much ei
  3. If you aren't going to use him, trade him. I think Ben is the problem. He is d#$# and wants to teach him a lesson for lying to him and/or wants him gone and doesn't like him. Trade him then.......Martavis deserves and opportunity to play, he has world class talent, and most importantly wants an opportunity to show his abilities so he can make more money. I don't blame him to be honest.
  4. I got a lot of players to drop this week.....he's on my list. Even if he goes off.....which I doubt....let him be someone else's problem.
  5. Why is he not part of the game plan? I mean he's obviously got incredible talent, he has game tape.....he's killed me this season. I keep starting him thinking he's gonna make it happen but he gets squat. If I was him I'd demand a trade.....screw the rumors....just go public and say I want out of here.
  6. I just read your post on Percy Harvin and you basically answered my post in the Assistant Coach forum.  You said a lot of what I am thinking but I wanted to make sure that I wasnt the only one who was thinking like that.



    1. thehoch


      Totally. That's just my opinion. I am not starting him until he has a good game. But I believe he will have every chance. I know guys that were around the NFL....They say he's one of the best pure athletes every in the NFL. He's still young...he's healthy...more mature....He could have 7-9 touches a game....and break one for a TD. He's a stud.

      Good luck in your league!

    2. CaptainJT


      Thanks for your thoughts.  I went for a bike ride to get in some activity before the sun was gone and came to the conclusion that I should drop Jerrick McKinnon for Steve Smith and hold Harvin.  I dont think I will start McKinnon due to having Ajayi (and DWilliams), Booker (and Bibbs) and Ware (and West).  I was pretty much holding McKinnon to keep others from using him but he has been so bad.  I would like to have dropped Snead but I started him Thursday night...

      What do you think about dropping McKinnon? 

      Good luck!

  7. He's a millennial! They all think the are owed the world. I'd cut his arst so fast it wouldn't be funny.
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