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  1. My last year paying to be on Football guys, it's absolutely atrocious, the layout is confusing, the email updates and their headings are misleading and bizarre
  2. I like Sherfield but any SF receiver this year is suspect to me, yes they will have some good games, but in too many they'll have a big lead and will be running the ball way more than passing. Just my two cents.
  3. When you got into fantasy football, was it for the chicks?
  4. So let me get this straight. You came back to tell me no one cares? 😂
  5. Henry averaged 60 yards and a TD when he started. He has a way better QB and the Chargers offense is hurting for receivers. Rivers loves his tight ends. If Henry can come back healthy, I'd rather have him.
  6. Go look when I said it......Good lawd. Back to mom's basement. Back! Get back in there!
  7. You do realize that I simply posted my opinion awhile ago and I only keep responding when peeps like you figure out how to use the emoji function. Once again, this is being taken out of context. Me....personally, I don't like drafting Evans in the 2nd round. Not that I wouldn't in a later round if he fell. He is too inconsistent for my taste. Is he good? Yes. Would I rather wait and get Godwin? Yes. So far this season he has hurt owners more than helped. Let's see where his season leads by Week 10-12. That's all I got.
  8. HA! I just traded Montgomery for Kerryon....actually I traded Boyd and Montgomery for Kerryon.
  9. I believe I drafted him two years ago, he sucked ballz. Week after week I kept waiting for a big game. Now that might not be all on him....maybe he had a down year, but I think the guy is over-rated......doesn't mean he's not good......good lord he's physically gifted, no doubt. But he relies on his physicality over his ability to be a disciplined receiver, meaning running routes, breaks, hands, etc. Not a bad take, once again, you're free to draft him in the second round, I won't. I was going to say I'll be taking Godwin in the 3-4th but now that cat is out of the bag.....amazing how much of a better receiver he is than Mike......but once again, that's my opinion.
  10. I think he is over-rated, still do. He is good, no doubt. He did have two bad weeks, so if you drafted him early, you could easily have two losses in four games because of him. So? Not sure what you are saying. Let's revisit this thread after week 10-12 and see how many good games Evans has and compare him to Godwin's stats, which was my main point. When I said he was a bust, that might have been too much emotion because I was burned by him, but still I stay away from Evans when I draft unless he fell to me in the third round.
  11. Never said he isn't a good player. Fact is he still suited up, so he was good to go. I think stats in fantasy can be misleading. You need consistency from week to week to help you win. Sure a player like Evans can have a 2 TD day with over 100 yards.....but then he has a few clunkers. When I drafted him he killed me......I think he had only a few games over 100 yards. Also the debate was taking Evans early or waiting to get his WR partner Godwin. I said I'd prefer to get Godwin. So far? Looks like I was also right. But hey.......draft Evans in the second round and see how it works out for you, don't let me stop you.
  12. Turf toe is a general term, not two injuries is the same. Good news is there seems to be nothing damaged based on his MRI. He could be up and running here soon enough.
  13. I disagree. Even in my own neighborhood I've talked to parents whose kids play football and they say they can barely get enough kids together now to form a team, let alone a league, and teams now have to travel far to find teams to play. To think about all the news of CTE over last many years coming out and it's effects on people's brains isn't having an effect on parents allowing their kids to play football now would be at best disingenuous. It is.
  14. NFL is in big trouble. Less kids today are playing football because parents don't want their kids to have major brain injuries. The moment college programs get sued and lose in court, insurance companies will start to pull coverage, then college programs will shut down their football programs. Not all but many. NFL has been pricing families out of the experience of going to a game for years. They are on many pay channels....they have alienated their fans. Not today, not tomorrow, but over next 10-15 years.....I am willing to bet the NFL will have to fold some franchises. That's just my two cents.
  15. Couldn't agree more. I picked up Darrel in both my leagues. Holding on for as long as possible to see what turns up, I believe he's going to get his chance here soon enough.
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