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  1. I have MIAMI in 4/4 leagues, and in one I have THE SAINTS as well. (I need to win weeks 13 AND 14 to try and back in to the playoffs in that league) Anyhow, I have noticed that SAN FRAN is on the wire in 3/4 of the leagues I'm in, I picked them up in 1 already. Their early playoff schedule looks like this. WEEK 14 @home vs WAS Week 15 @ DALLAS Do any of you love these matchups? I'm debating on snagging them and benching MIAMI ( AFTER this week vs. Cincy) then rolling out SF everywhere. You can always figure out week 16 when and
  2. Well, with the loss of El Burro........... as a Mixon owner in my biggest league, I hope they come out and just state that Mixon is done for the season. There is truly no need for him to play at this point. With 7 losses already and a massive downgrade at QB, what would be the reason to let Mixon come back for a meaningless week 15 or week 16 game? Its now safely ???( I guess) a lost season, so I don't see any reason for them to even try and bring Mixon back. Oh wait, this is the CINCINNATI BENGALS . I bet they won't say anything until about week 15
  3. Good move, I picked him up in 2/4 last week just in case as well. TZM
  4. Lets just say after digging into this a bit more thoroughly, it looks like Samaje Perine might be the one to stash on your bench, not Williams. From what it looked like, Williams was more used in the Pittsburgh blowout, and Perine was used more in "more usual game scenarios". Carry on. TZM
  5. He's hanging onto my biggest teams roster by a thread. I actually traded for this fantasy disasterpiece weeks ago, the week he was taken out of the game with a "minor issue". I literally never got a single start out of him. (Uh, might be a blessing I reckon??? ) The shark move is to snag TRAYVEON WILLIAMS and slip him on the end of your bench, and I did exactly that in 2/4 leagues. I have Gio in the league I own Mixon, and figured Williams was a good fit, because even though the Bengals seem pass happy, they don't have any issue giving Gio Bernard most ALL the run work
  6. The correct answer is........ when Gase is fired. But to be fair, Bell is part of the problem too. He either A - has slowly lost his ability (or at the least its just a shell of what it once was) , and likely thats combined with B - lacks any desire to make the extra effort, for several reasons..... including being on a bad team and toxic environment. I'm not a Jets homer by any stretch, but the best course of action here is to ####can Gase, and probably get what they can for Bell as well, at this point. The only way you can fix the future, is start by fixing issues rig
  7. Ok boys, every year we usually get this one going, and its helpful to gauge value in our redraft leagues, and try and see what other managers are giving up, to get something. As always, please try and give a very small bit of context, and also mention *NUMBER OF TEAMS* and any odd league scoring that may help clarify things. (Superflex, start 3WRs, PPR, TE premium etc. etc.) I will list a few here to get the ball rolling. 10 TEAMER, standard scoring but START 3 WRs no flex - TEAM A SENDS - JIMMY GAROPOLLO/MIKE EVANS/GEORGE KITTLE TEAM B SENDS -
  8. Liked* , because your thread re titling is pretty epic. (MCCOWN vs. ANDERSON) I'm a big Josh McCown fan. TZM
  9. Thanks for the heads up and info. The more I read that, the more it seems exactly what I was sort of figuring. (about him turning his life around, and then kind of alienating himself from the team, after not getting the massive targets he may have been desiring) Truth be known, I only owned this guy briefly in his rookie year....as a WR3 in one lone league. Its a sad story, and one where the guy really should get a better ending than this.... if he truly went full circle and turned his life around. (It seems as though he may have some other issues, dealing with things mentall
  10. Judging from the posts some of you guys made, MB must have done something stupid today. Unfortunately I didn't get to see but only bits and pieces of the game, can someone fill me in on what (if anything) that happened???? I'm assuming he may have thrown a fit on the sideline? I only know from the box score he didn't do anything. 1 for 2 with an end around early, and apparently he must have had zero involvement after that. I don't own him anywhere, but I was saying above in the thread that he might be interesting in a "WR3 kind of way " possibly if he was traded
  11. I generally agree with many of your posts SSND. But how can you not think he has at least WR3-ish potential if he gets sent to the right team and scenario? (Now those type guys have more value in my leagues, as we are mandatory start 3 WRs, so I get thats different but still...) If Jermaine Kearse can at least be "semi relevant" for the Jets, couldn't we think Marty Bryant would be at least that good? The Browns may not be a good example, but they are another team that could use an upgrade at WR. The Giants would be "interesting", as they are a throwing team, and they lost es
  12. I always liked your posts on the board and I knew you were one of the more dedicated Lion's fans around here. I wouldn't necessarily say I am a huge Lion's fan, but I have always liked underdogs, and if any team is one of those , one would think the Lions are certainly one. Had Stafford on my fantasy teams there for a couple years, bought into the hype, never again btw. I don't blame that all on Stafford though. He was really on fire there for a year or two. Anyway, my two "favorite" underdog teams to root for are The Lions and Cleveland. Two teams that will likely never see any real s
  13. I'm bored. 2014 - DT and Sanders 2013 - DT and Decker 2012 - DT and Decker / Roddy and Julio 2011 - Cruz and Nicks 2009 - Moss and Welker 2008 - Moss and Welker / Fitz and Boldin 2007 - Moss and Welker / Housh and Chad Johnson 2015 - Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. I think he is precisely 3 points behind 2 guys tied. (11th and 12th) http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/leaders?&seasonTotals=true&seasonId=2015&slotCategoryId=4 After this week he will likely creep back into the top 12. Remember - he has also missed one game, and its widely known Hurns has been gimpy and not 100% in seve
  14. Any fan of the Twilight Zone gets 5 stars!

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