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  1. We will know more definitively tomorrow. But Goedert has had vet rest days before, and this might be a way of easing him back in. Thats strictly a guess, but I'd be shocked if he didn't play Sunday. If he wasn't going to play, what other reason did they have to activate him earlier? They could have just waited a few more days............... TZM
  2. Bridgewater was reported as "fine" a bit ago, and ready to roll. As far as I'm concerned, this is like stealing money. Denver has most all their defensive players back, and the Browns are a shell of themselves on offense. 3rd string RB? Check. Down OBJ? Check. Jarvis Landry's first game back returning from IR? Check. Backup Cleveland QB? Check. It doesn't get much better than this, if you are a sports bettor. (Can the Browns win?????? Possibly, but W in T F more reason do you need to bet Denver, than the ones outlined above?) I'm just upset I didn't get a bigger line earlier in the week, but I wasn't paying attention until yesterday. TZM
  3. OFF TO THE RACES BOYS...................... Word just came out he has been activated off the reserve Covid list~! This should be a solid play rest-of-season. TZM
  4. STILL NOT PRACTICING. I'm not cutting bait just yet, but its sounding more and more like Covid may have been harder on him than we expected. (Purely a guess?) The only reason I say that as by all accounts he was in a "race to get cleared" before last week........and he is STILL not practicing. I suppose we will know Friday one way or the other, but I am starting to think about waiver wire scrap TEs in one spot. Might be time to fire up your RICKY SEALS-JONES or CJ UZOMAHs of the world.
  5. He shouldn't be on the wire. I'm guessing he was dropped because of the Covid status. I nabbed him immediately when I noticed he was sitting there. (Dropped Schultz because of bye, and saw Goedert.......UPGRADE!) I guess we will get some news out from Philly on his status, but the early word last week was he should be ready this week to go. But I have seen or heard exactly nothing. In fact, I don't think ANY reports have come out of Philly in the last few days. I'd assume we hear something tonight or tomorrow, but I'd like to start making alternate plans if he isn't healthy. TZM
  6. Any news on Goedert???? I looked a bit ago and didn't see one iota of news come out on any Philly player. I think hes definitely a top 10 guy from here on out, and hopefully he is back for this week's game. TZM
  7. Its a fair point, but essentially theres 2-3 teams in this league that has virtually ALL the name running backs. I'm one of those. The rest of the bigger names are spread out to roughly 1 per team. Injuries have crippled teams this year at RB. My guys tend to get hurt also, so I will be holding both buffalo guys most likely. (the 2 I'm rolling out this week is Melvin Gordon and Damien Harris, I didn't list those) The one I really wouldn't be scared to face is Singletary, or Michael Carter. Agreed, I think Carter has the potential to get decent volume, but that offense as a whole has been pretty bad, so that may not happen either if they are constantly behind. Either way, I'm going to have to make a decision, as I'm really wanting the Dallas D and not have to stream a bunch of bull#### at defense. I think I have a few days and don't have to fear anyone picking up the defense, since they are on bye fortunately. TZM
  8. I "lucked into" the Dallas D 2 weeks ago in one league, and lo and behold I looked and they are sitting on the wire in another of my leagues. Its a 10 teamer, but I have no one to drop. My bench looks like this Zack Moss, Devin Singletary, Austin Ekeler, Justin Herbert (BYE and I ain't cutting him lol) Brandin Cooks, Michael Carter Javonte Williams. We start 3 WRs, and Cooks is my only extra WR, can't drop him either. Might have to drop Michael Carter. (I'd prefer he puts up points on MY BENCH not someone else's team) I know, first world problems right.......? Point is, I absolutely believe like Tigerz said above, if Dallas is available, you should try and acquire if you have any way to get them. They are one of the few plug and play options at defense, and they might just have been dropped (or will be) because of the bye. TZM
  9. Get him with any reasonable offer. The Falcons DEF is worse than some middle schools nearby and he should get a ton of volume. I hesitate to say he is a league winner, but I'm certainly wishing I had him everywhere. I expect a second half explosion. (Unfortunately the one spot I have him tanked) TZM
  10. It doesn't exactly look good, but.......... I think you play Moss here all day every day. Remember, anything you get from Sanders is tied directly to Allen. MOST EVERYTHING you get from Moss will be in the form of handoffs, so thats the way I would go easily. TZM
  11. Just saw this one last night. 10 Teamer, standard, start 3 WRs , no flex TEAM A gives - ALLEN ROBINSON and DARRELL HENDERSON ........... TEAM B gives KEENAN ALLEN and KENYAN DRAKE. Team B is RB desperate, and Team A is looking to upgrade his WRs. Drake was just a throw in. TZM
  12. In a 12 teamer , standard start 3WR league, I moved Allen Robinson early last week. Here was the trade - I send ALLEN ROBINSON and AUSTIN HOOPER for GEORGE KITTLE and JERRY JEUDY . (The other owner was "disgusted" with Kittle , has Goedert on the bench, and was desperate for WRs) In that specific league, we are the 2 lowest scoring teams and were both nearing must win status. A few days later KITTLE goes to I.R., and JJ was already on IR. I think I definitely won the trade, but in retrospect I kinda think WE BOTH LOST. (I promptly lost Kittle, Carson and Calvin Ridley last week, so my season there is almost over, barring a miracle win this week) Anyway, the reason I even bring it up, is all off-season long I have been a believer in ARob. Its certainly not like hes had Hall-of-Fame caliber QBs in his career, in fact some were just bad.....really bad. The whole situation reeks of him staying a bust the entire season. Will I think he rebounds a bit and has some good weeks? Sure. Do I think he is the high end WR2 from here on out he has been in the past, no chance. Wrap your head around this............ I play in 10 and 12 teamer leagues, and the majority of those are mandatory START 3 WRs. In 2 of the leagues I am in, 2 other "relatively smart owners" have now BENCHED Allen Robinson. Yes, BENCHED ALLEN ROBINSON IN A START 3 WR LEAGUE. Always liked this guys dedication, work ethic and talent, but he's just not in a good situation. I'm kind of glad I washed my hands of him for good. And to think, in 1 specific 12 teamer I had these three starting WRs - Stefon Diggs - Calvin Ridley - Allen Robinson. I remember I left the draft thinking I "beat the league at the WR position". TZM
  13. I drafted Denver in every league I am in. Looking at their early schedule, I figured I would just cut them after week 3 and stream from then on. Problem is, they looked so damn good at times I decided to stubbornly hold in spots. Now I'm just thinking of cutting bait EVERYWHERE . After a quick schedule glance, they really only have 2 "good" consecutive weeks much later in the season. I'm thinking weeks 14 and 15 they are @ home vs Detroit then Cincy. I'm certainly not one to hold multiple defenses during the regular season , although I may do it occasionally in the fantasy playoffs if needed. I'm thinking they are now a complete drop and fade, and hope they don't do much, then try and reacquire in week 13 or so. Who all you guys got that's flying under the radar and has a few decent weeks coming up? TZM
  14. I'm going to assume you are referring to KHALIL HERBERT , not Justin Herbert. Ty'Son Williams has been the apparent subject of trade rumors. So it is possible he gets moved then comes up the ranks a bit. But one thing is for sure, they seemingly didn't want him as the lead back In Baltimore. With Herbert, you are likely getting some immediate work if needed. But there may be a path to relevance for him also, and its probably a bit more likely. Williams would have to get moved, and then become a starter somewhere. Herbert is going to get some work straight away, and his future could well hinge on the return of DAVID MONTGOMERY . As much as I like Damien Williams, he has never really been much more than a backup, or handcuff. Going on a foggy memory, the few times he DID have the starting role,(due to injury, situation or whatever) he was mediocre as far as I can remember. So there is also a chance Khalil Herbert really explodes and looks the part, and at the least takes over until Montgomery returns. I think you gotta hold Herbert in this situation. TZM
  15. I don't think we can blame Mixon himself for his "limited" receiving duties. (Well maybe if you want to chalk some of that up to injury perhaps) Now I'm not exactly a Bengals fan, but I have had Mixon on and off in fantasy the last few years. Has he really had great QB-ing at the pro level? (I think Dalton was the QB there in 2018 and 2019, Mixon was there both years) Let's not go out on a limb and say Dalton was a check down (to RB) master, and I'm of the opinion that Burrow is still easing his way in to being a solid QB. His season was cut short last year remember....? Above all this, I'd be willing to bet that it is partially poor play calling, and also part wanting to use a bit of a committee at RB, remember Bernard was used heavily at times. (and then very rarely at others) Just because we as fantasy owners want to see a guy become an outright workhorse, do it all and lead us to championships, doesn't mean the coaches want the same thing. His rushing attempts this season have been 29, 20, 18,16 and 10 this last week when he was injured. His receptions have been 4, 1, 1 , 1 and 1 this week. No matter how you shake it, thats A LOT of touches in this injury riddled season. (and it was most certainly less this week because he was gimpy also) Would I like to see Mixon give me a few more receptions each week? Sure. But I'm also just happy to have a guy getting this many touches overall. It seems like there are fewer and fewer of these guys every year. Hopefully he will be primed and ready to go off this week vs DETROIT , and he also gets the JETS in week 8. If he stays healthy, he has some big days coming. TZM
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