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  1. That sounds like some HARRY HOUDINI #### I run up against most weeks.
  2. Didn't see one of these posted yet, so lets hear what you need on your Monday night games. In 4 redrafts, I have locked up a winner in 2/4. I know I have 2 wins essentially finished, but there are 2 others and , 1 in specific thats going to be down to the wire. LEAGUE A - Standard scoring, I am finished in the clubhouse, with a 39.04 lead, my opponent has JALEN HURTS. A loss could happen, but I'm not overly concerned. LEAGUE B - is a sweat shop this week. Standard scoring..... I have (66.02 points) + MILES SANDERS vs (66.04 points) + GREG ZUERLEIN. It is noteworthy, in this league 40-49 yd FGs are 4 points, and 50 + are 5 points. This one will probably come down to the very end......... I need a win there also, I'm 0-2. What ya need tonight everyone.....? TZM
  3. All my leaguemates know how I operate, my "timely moves" etc. Tonight was a good one. I load up on backup RBs and RB stashes (and I laugh at the others with WR5 types on their benches lol whatever) and just tonight about 7:00 I was looking over my redraft rosters, and I noticed I had CHUBA HUBBARD on 3/4 redrafts. Just for kicks, I checked my 4th redraft, lo and behold Hubbard was on the wire. So about 30 minutes before the game, I dropped one of my other 10 RBs and picked up Hubbard. Just in the unlikely event of something happening. I was about an hour late tuning in, but my phone was already going off, guys inquiring about Hubbard. Will he be a league winner? Doubtful, that line looked rough from what I've seen. But he may be a "season saver" as I call them, and give you decent RB2 numbers. I really hate seeing anyone injured, but we all know its part of our game. Who knows how serious this will be, hopefully he is back in 3-4 weeks. Not a brag, and not a gloat, but to win the lottery, you gotta buy a ticket. It doesn't happen often, but tonight I may have stumbled into another startable RB2 everywhere. Or trade bait. I'm also much higher on Tony Jones Jr................but thats another story. (got him stashed in 4/4 too) TZM
  4. I'm going to say this once. He is a league winner if Kamara goes down. He is the absolute perfect end of bench lotto ticket. I own in 4/4 redrafts. Don't hold your WR5 wastes, this is what wins leagues if things fall right. TZM
  5. This above^^^^. We all know McLaurin is a stud and you have to play him most every week. But when Fitz went down, I immediately became concerned about The Heinicke effect. Fortunately, it looks like Heinicke will at least be sufficient enough to want to target his playmakers. Ahem McLaurin. The one league I own McLaurin, (start 3 WRs mandatory) I have Devante Adams, Terry McLaurin and Chris Godwin. I had some concerns about Heinicke when Fitz went down, but I have no problem rolling out these three. So what if McLaurin is 10% less than what I drafted, hes still a stud and I'm trotting him out with confidence. TZM
  6. Exactly, and I thought this was likely going to be the case even when T. Smith was going to play. This just ices it. I figured Smith would get work, but Callaway would pull away and be the WR1 clearly by midseason, or at least until MT returns. Go out and get TONY JONES JR. and stash him on your bench as well. I don't like seeing any RB get hurt, but if Kamara happens to go down, oh baby...... you likely have the TOP RB LOTTERY TICKET in all of fantasy for the year. TZM
  7. You starting lineup will be McLaurin, Thielen and CALLAWAY in fairly short order. (Though I'm higher than most on Cooks, so I get it) TZM
  8. Well, I was going to post yesterday on this, as I have Ekeler in several leagues. But with the news thats come out, I am more "hopeful" than anything. I ALSO like JONNU SMITH as a top 5-7 guy. I drafted him in at least 2 spots, he has all the hallmarks of a possible breakout. He gets a few carries here and there, very talented and BILL BELICHICK sought him out specifically. There was a story about him meeting Jonnu on the field after a game last year, and Belickick told him "I'm going to have you on MY team someday". I don't think having Mac Jones under center will hurt him either, only help. Is he going to be a top 2-3 guy? That may be a bit of a reach but I think he could finish top 5-7 with ease, and hes going UNDRAFTED in most leagues. TZM
  9. I don't generally land top 4-5 RBs, I have a massive history of getting late draft slots. (Plus in a couple leagues if I pull a mid rd pick I go to the end, but anyway) I get you are asking the difference in value between Hubbard and Jones. Well, I think Jones might be "slightly" more valuable, because I think the offense is going to be better. But in a case like this, I think I'd hold Jones. The main reason is now I KNOW the Kamara owner is looking to protect his investment, and is looking to acquire Jones. Both could be excellent late season plays if things fall right, but in this instance I know Jones has a tad more value, at least from the Kamara owner's view. I also take into account the rest of my rosters bye weeks, how my RB landscape looks, taking a bunch of "Injury what ifs" into account. Like I told a league mate tonight when we were talking about lottery tickets and backups. "Well, you can't have them all, so I try and roster the ones who have the most upside". (He asked this when I promptly dropped Michael Carter, to hold Tony Jones on my bench instead). Of course, in said league I am currently rostering NINE RBs so I indeed try and acquire them all. (7 bench spots, and one IR slot) TZM
  10. Oh I get the point, 100%. Its extremely rare a rookie TE explodes, granted. But if there ever was a prospect who can be THAT GUY then Pitts just might be it. I don't blame anyone for steering clear whatsoever as his cost is high. I don't generally even draft TEs before the double digit rounds (league scoring/structure) but this was a case I made an exception. TZM
  11. I'd personally much rather have the lottery ticket/backup in a big offense as a lottery ticket. Now that said, I generally handcuff my big volume guys, (and I rarely get top 5 RBs) but a certain few like CHUBA HUBBARD, TONY POLLARD, AND TONY JONES I'm trying to get everywhere regardless. The stars align and they could be season savers/league winners. TZM
  12. So far in 3/3 redrafts, I have Denver IN ALL THREE . One more draft tonight, and I may well end up with them there too. I said it before in other threads, but after week 3 I can figure the rest out. Should be a strong start the first 3 weeks, and who knows they may be so good you are tempted to hold through some tougher weeks. TZM
  13. I have one last draft late Wednesday night, its a 10 teamer. Hopefully I land this monster again. (drafted in him 1/3 redrafts thusfar) The bad part is I know of 1-2 other league members equally high on him as well, so I will either have to get him in Rd 3 or risk not owning him there. Most of the preseason I didn't like the price........but this situation just reeks of a top 2-3 TE. Holding him out of the preseason "average run game", poor defense etc..... We shall see if I snag him again. TZM
  14. We are just one season removed from Godwin being overall #2 in fantasy at WR. Most forget that. As much as I like Lockett, he is starting to get older, and he has an absolute beast there in DK Metcalf playing at a very high level. Godwin fits the Tom Brady bill to a T. Lines up in the slot, OR can line up out wide, and is a monster after the catch. Could be an absolute target hoover near the line of scrimmage. Will he spread it around? Sure. But I don't think Godwin gets neglected in anyway shape or form. I don't think its close tbh. TZM
  15. Yes sir. .25 per reception, .25 per CARRY, and .25 for COMPLETIONS for QB too. I joined it 3 years ago, and I actually won the league the 1st year. (just a fluke though) Its not as big of a difference as one might think.........but it definitely lends itself to workhorse RBs and top QBs. Its a fun league with a refreshing scoring change from the standard ones I usually take part in. TZM
  16. One of my more engaged fantasy buddies and I were talking tonight. It certainly seems like something is wrong with Josh Jacobs, or its a worse injury than they are letting on to. They seemed to have wanted to work out nearly everyone in the last few days. I hope nothing is wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me if it comes out Jacobs is hurt worse than what we've been led to believe. TZM
  17. The most telling stat you bring up here is "CEH 6 G before Bell: 107 rushes, 21 receptions, 46.5 snaps /g CEH 7 G after Bell arrived: 74 rushes, 15 receptions, 39 snaps /g" Then you said "last game before Bell - 30 touches". Thats just an absolute fluke or anomaly. Its not like he was getting 30 every game . You can say I'm on crazy pills all you like, but I got texts from multiple owners in multiple games that CEH was on the sideline getting "looked at". Before week 13 too. He eventually worked his way back in those games though from the best of my memory. An injury to me, is one that causes a player to miss snaps or time playing, it doesn't necessarily mean hes OUT that week. But anyway, like you said, carry on. What kinda pills you got?
  18. I hope you broke your computer mouse accepting that one. Congratulations on absolute thievery. TZM
  19. This is key, and it always was. He is now one of the elite handcuffs, except NOW he is going to get you some production anyway. (if I ever dropped anyone, it wouldn't be Chuba Hubbard either, hes in a very similar heavy workload scenario if CMC gets injured). Just for kicks, here is my roster of RBs in that league I mentioned. (we can only start two, no flex, standard scoring) RB 1 RB2 Austin Ekeler, Gus Edwards Bench backs (we have 7 bench spots) Damien Harris, Zack Moss, Javonte F'N Williams, Melvin Gordon , Chuba Hubbard, Ty'Son Williams. As you can see, I essentially load up on RBs. Those guys that litter their benches with wr4-wr5 types amuse me. When I read about the Bell news earlier, it didn't scare me off of Ty'Son Williams, but it might just be a scenario I would rather avoid. I'll end up with Tony Jones there too I'm sure. TZM
  20. I think part of that was a fluke though BL. I vaguely remember CEH was nicked up several weeks later in the season which likely contributed to that as well. I DO* remember pretty clearly most CEH owners #####ing that they never fully quite got what they hoped for when they drafted........ All the guys in my leagues watched the draft last year and wanted CEH everywhere. I think nearly every owner #####ed to me about his "lesser production" which they apparently thought would be sky high after the draft. But I'm commissioner so I get those kinds of texts from league members. Regardless, I have CEH in one .25 ppr, and .25 PER CARRY league. Excited about the potential this year. TZM
  21. In one particular redraft, I'm debating snagging Tony Jones. (already snagged him in 2 others) The only people I could drop are CHUBA HUBBARD and TY'SON WILLIAMS . Dropping Williams might be the play, but take a guess who I have as one of my starters, GUS EDWARDS. I post this not asking for advice, merely letting others know the kinds of decisions we are gauging making. One thing for sure, there is only 3-4 "elite handcuffs" , where if something happens to the main guy, they look to get plenty of work and they automatically catapult to the top of everyones wire desire. Tony Jones is now one of those. TZM
  22. Drafted WILLIAMS AND GORDON in 2 of my 3 redraft leagues. Wanted Williams everywhere but got sniped in my other. Have at least 1 more draft tomorrow night, and I'll be targeting him there too. Like BB said above. LFG TZM
  23. Yes, I am commissioner of 2 leagues, both 7-10 years and going strong. I'm also just a "mere player" in a few others. However, its set up where I make a bit of $$$ for doing it, the guys don't mind and my guys virtually NEVER leave my leagues. Very little turnover, and everyone likes the way I handle things, and I have ruled "against myself" in the past. (Long story) All my players are very "adult" and there are rarely any issues. A little whining now and then, but that comes with the territory in most any league I think. TZM
  24. I've been down on AJ Brown all preseason. People seem willing to overlook he had BOTH KNEES WORKED ON this offseason. I'm sure he is healthy, forwhatever that means, but any time a player gets multiple parts worked on it at least gives me a slight pause. I like the talent and player too, but he was incredibly efficient last year (along with Tannehill). To the point where it just has to come back down to Earth at some point. The smart play is Julio Jones much later in drafts..... I've said it all along. (But he has red flags too, so I get why people are down on him) TZM
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