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  1. Wife got Moderna #2 this morning, I get my second in a few hours. Hopefully one of us makes it through with no side effects other than a sore arm.
  2. So did they stop testing people first, or is there a mohawk demographic they were trying to fill. Fox was not the sharpest. "Coke developed this cherry flavored drink to rival Dr. Pepper" "What is Cherry Coke?" and "Named for an explorer and linked to salt flats, this ancient lake once covered most of what is now Utah." "What is the Great Salt Lake?" sound like my 4th grader answered them.
  3. Stupid question. How many people are actually there?? Thanks to WWE it sounds like 100k, and it is Florida, but I am guessing 20k or so.
  4. I have watched 0 hours of WWE, but since I get Peacock with Comcast I tuned in. Guess I am entertained..
  5. I will take a bunch of money to grow a mullet/mohawk. Hell, I might grow one just because...
  6. So was that 2020 HOF "announcement" just so those guys/gals could have some piped in noise?? So stupid
  7. Turns out Horatio Sanz is smarter than I thought he was.
  8. And South Park put a disclaimer at the beginning of their "South ParQ Vaccination Special" which made fun of the Disney disclaimer.
  9. Semi Jeopardy related - James Holzhauer's brother is running for a spot on the Naperville City Council. Not Jepoardy related - a neighboring suburb has a Danny Glover running for their city council. Unfortunetly it is a 40 year old white guy and not a former LAPD officer with a loose cannon as a partner.
  10. On Sunday my wife got her first at a site in Lincoln Park. Yesterday there was a news blurb about that site, and how all the shots they were giving out to the public were supposedly ear marked for only the Chicago Public School teachers. According to the clinic they were only giving out the extras on the weekends, and that teachers were getting shots during the week. According to CPS, the clinic was supposed to keep all the shots they got in the fridge until the teachers needed their second doses. So now my wife needs to find a new place to get her second shot setup since the clinic was s
  11. I am assuming there is going to be some twist for the finals where the partners all get switched up somehow. They have shown too many times people talking about not wanting to be with someone because they could slow them down in the finals.
  12. Got my first Moderna yesterday. Today my arm is fine, unless I try to lift it above my head. Last night I rolled over onto my arm, boy did that wake me up fast.
  13. This whole thing is so frustrating. Each pharmacy has a different time that they release appointments, and you need to already be signed up with each place since they go so fast. CVS goes at 6am and is first come first serve, Walgreens at midnight but they at least hold your spot for 10 minutes or so as you fill in the forms, Walmart at midnight (but a little whisper told me if you set your computer time to eastern then you can get in at 11). Luckily my sister is in a volunteer group that is helping seniors and non tech friendly people get signed up so she has figured out all the tricks. T
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