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  1. That was just Mrs. Kipling back in her natural environment after she was left unemployed after Jessie went off the air.
  2. Only thing I can think of in terms of turning water back on after it was drained would be if you had some water in the line at a low point that froze, obviously that one little part would not be enough to burst the line, but if it was a complete blockage, turning the water on full blast could cause the air in the line to over pressurize as the water was forced into the pipe and blow something out.
  3. Took me a few minutes to figure out the connection, pretty sure I have that CD somewhere. I was trying to think of another Denis Leary bit that had zombies and was confused.
  4. Cranberry Nut ####### Crunch Ale!! Cranberries and beer do not go together, one is for bladder infections the other is for getting drunk.
  5. This week on Jeopardy one of the categories was Alphabet Rockers or something. The clue was "'80s rap trio: It's tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme that's right on time it's tricky... tricky tricky tricky tricky" My 12 year old perks up, "Oh that is a Tic Tok song."
  6. Well, since the point of the trap is to keep water in it to prevent sewer gas from coming back up the drain that is a possibility. I would think the ability of the water to rise up on each side would keep it from expanding enough to break the line though. Plus freezing the water in a 1-1/2" line versus a 1/2" line would take much longer. Maybe it froze just enough to break the seal at the connection.
  7. Not only do I know what Jimmy Butler looks like (this one I can understand if you don't watch basketball), but I know that the Taj Mahal is not going to be an answer to the category "Geographical Namesake".
  8. Another reason for more burst pipes in southern states when they get freezing temps is where the pipes are. In northern states where you need to get your foundation below frost depth, the pipes are run in the basement/crawl and are kept within interior walls to protect them from freezing. Some areas like kitchen sinks will still end up with some pipes near an exterior wall, and this is were leaving cabinets open help out. In the southern states the houses are all slab on grade so to run pipes around the house they are in the attic along with the water heater, and often times they are locate
  9. Thanks for this. Have been using it to fill in the gaps on my normal TV watching schedule. Just watched a Beyond Wrestling that could be considered an AEW-lite. SCU, Santana/Ortiz, MJF, Reynolds and Silver, Kris Statlander, Brian Cage, Orange Cassidy. Also seems like everytime I put on the Impact channel it is a match between a super young looking Aj Styles and double J Jeff Jarrett.
  10. Woke up to around 4" of snow yesterday, single digits and sunny out, really easy to shovel. Thinking of using the leaf blower to clear off the cars today, high of -2. For shoveling I will take 10" of that over 3" of the wet stuff. For getting the kids outside to tire themselves out I will take 3" of the wet stuff and a yard full of snow men and forts over the super light and fluffy stuff.
  11. At my work email I get emails from a placement service "with the perfect candidate for your company". I have no idea how they got my email, we never used them to try and find an employee. They also have my name spelled wrong in a way that is not a real name, and their emails have some broken/bad english. A few years ago I emailed back with "remove us, we aren't looking..." since then the address/person that sends them has changed 4 times. I just have their domain set to go to the trash.
  12. I assume at some point Trump's defense will utter "Why would an 8 foot Wookie live on a planet full of 2 foot Ewoks? It does not make sense..."
  13. I will take it on a normal question. Like the Dave Chappelle one from a few weeks ago. I love being able to mutter "dumb-asses" under my breath at the contestants.
  14. You mean like a puzzle? In his post elimination interview he said he didn't even know they made puzzles like that. Who has never seen a slide puzzle. I really hope Josh gets thrown in a physical elimination and it is a replay of Bananas becoming CT's backpack.
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