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  1. I am sorry to say that I knew exactly who you were talking about. Luckily my kids never watched him or his tv show.
  2. I think I saw this in here, making little pizzas in muffin tins. We tried it over the weekend. First pass I made the dough according to the box and it was too runny to form into the tins (I forgot I was out of flour so we had nothing to add to stiffen up the dough). Ended up just putting it into a cassarole dish. Went to the store and tried it again on Sunday. I left the dough to proof for a few hours, and then had to add a bunch of flour in order to get the dough to where it would hold the shape. Kids loved helping make them, and they have already asked to make them again. 2 boxes of the Jiffy brand pizza dough ended up just enough to fill 12 muffin tins.
  3. Anyone else always read Nicholas as "Oh, Nicholas, you are so strong!!"
  4. And Vitor won by TKO. Ref called it with 10 seconds left in the first round. Evander was slow to react (to be expected for a 58 year old). Vitor got a few good punches in then was hammering away into Holyfield's block.
  5. Silva won. He did the whole Ali dancing against the ropes, wasn't hit by any of Titos shots, then landed a right hook that put Tito to sleep.
  6. LOL. Anyone else watching the Triller boxing fights?? Anderson SIlva vs Tito Ortiz was just the co-main. Tito threw 5 or 6 super slow punches, Silva danced around and one punch KO. Next up is Vitor Belfort against 55 year old Evander Holyfield. As a kicker 2 of the announcers are Trump and Trump Jr. Between Fights Trump just said "They say lots of people are watching from home, I don't understand why, but that is what they say..." Not sure if that is what he meant to say, but I kind of agree with him.
  7. I love the AEW non-scripted commentary. Tony with a "he is just an old guy yelling at the clouds" and JR with a reference to the Kenny Rogers song "Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town", odds are only a few people even know that song. Add in Taz being Taz and it is gold
  8. In a family league the last few years it was 1 point per carry. This year they also have 1 point per completion, and -6 for a pick 6. Dak was at 47 points in the first half so far I think, going to be stupid high scores this year.
  9. I was in the "Block I" student section, and my buddy may or may not have tried to conceal a pylon in his jacket as we tried to leave. Another buddy may have tried to sneak out an Illini helmet that he managed to cover with a towel he found. Turns out those 80 year old "security" guards have better eyes than you think. I am disappointed to admit that as a University known for engineering, the students who climbed the goal posts could not figure out how to get them to fall down (or proud that as an engineering University, they were smart enough to construct goal posts that could not be taken down by students....)
  10. In 98 after the Illini ended an 18 game losing streak against Middle Tennessee State we may have stormed the field
  11. I read it was legit travel issues for PAC. Maybe he went home and couldn't get back and quarantine in time? Could easily be worked into the story with Andrade.screwing with them.
  12. You guys need to up your game. 10x or 100x over the next few years is nothing. Just started laughing when I did a sort by % change over the last week. "The price of Glitchy has risen by 318,957,248.18% in the past 7 days."
  13. A few years ago the Cubs decided to stop with having the 7th Inning Strench always get sung by a celebrity (after some horrible renditions). They started going with just people with ties to Chicago, or they would put an old tape of Harry Carry/Ernie Banks on the big screen. Well with AEW in town this weekend they decided to go with.......The Big Show tonight (no idea if they tried to get Punk or not). He was, not good, to put it nicely. At least it woke up the Cubs who have scored 5 so far in the bottom of the 7th.
  14. That will end up an EF-3 I am guessing. I think the difference in the assumed wind speed is "taking off a roof and some upper level walls" = EF-2, "leveling entire portions of a home" = EF-3 Father's Day night we had a tornado go through our neighborhood at 11:30. Had to wake the kids up to run into the basement. Our house was luckily just outside of the major damage corridor. Houses a 1/4 mile away had entire second floors gone, huge trees down, we were without power to 3 days.
  15. re: CGLD Any reason for the jump from $4 to $11 yesterday?? Back down to $5-6ish today.
  16. Saw on twitter or reddit, they should do the first ever "Don't you know who my family is?" match between these two.
  17. I was watching some of the swimming over the weekend. There was a lady where both arms stopped at about her elbow, and she was going faster in freestyle then I probably could. The blind swimming race was interesting, where each swimmer had a helper who used an 8' pole to tap them on the head when they were getting close to the wall so they knew to do their turn around flip thing. I kept flipping wanting to see what goalball was, thanks.
  18. This will never go away. A very conservative college buddy (dude has like 7 kids, so using protection is not his thing) posted what he thought was a "gotcha" screenshot and quote from CNN. It was something along the lines of "in regard to the Delta variant, the vaccine is very good at stopping severe hospitalization and deaths, but it is still spreading..." Of course his response is along the lines of "maybe all the vaccinated should stay home so we don't get it, natural immunity is better but they won't say that..." I have no idea how the religious are on the side of letting everyone get sick and if they die they die. I stopped going to a catholic school in 4th grade when a nun would publicly shame me on my cursive, but pretty sure letting people die due to a somewhat preventative disease is against their beliefs.
  19. She was only on Dark until Brandi got pregnant. The fight with Shaq/Jade Cargill was supposed to be against Cody and Brandi. When Brandi got pregnant I think they panicked and put Red into the spotlight before she was ready to keep that story going since she was the only obvious replacement (given the NIghtmare family stuff).
  20. To be fair, the guy was walking in the bike lane.
  21. Agree, should have been Buzzy as the day to day, and then Ken as the Prime Time special host since non-Jeopardy people would have heard of him. They still could have done the months of guest hosts as a special thing, and to give them an idea in case they needed someone in a hurry (one gets sick or something)
  22. The manbun looked weird, like he only had hair on the front half of his head and the ponytail was at the top of his head not the back.
  23. People have questioned how those small plexiglass dividers would actually protect the cashier.
  24. Can they have the AI computer that Ken went against be the host?
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