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  1. It's a 1/2 pt per league with a strong emphasis on td's My roster currently looks like this QB/ D.Prescott, S.Donald, R.Wilson RB/ A.Gibson, C.Carson, Z.Moss, AJ Dillon, D.Singletary, J.Williams, A.Mattison WR/ D.Adams, C.Kupp, Antonio Brown, Dionte Johnson TE/ R.Tonyan Thanks in advance!
  2. Any answer why he hasn't been put on IR yet?
  3. Moss vs KC Brown vs Denver 1/2 point ppr. TD heavy league
  4. Agreed. There is just no way of knowing the how bad Gibson is hurt. Better to be safe than sorry
  5. I understand what you are saying, but I don't think Detroit is really a good test. I think Fields is a very talented guy, but it's going to take him a while to get his feet wet. In that time I could see the rb's struggle.
  6. I don't agree with that. I've seen a bunch of ROS rankings that still have him ranked in the 30's behind guys like Mike Davis and Leonard Fournette.
  7. Ok, don't kill me, but am I the only person who thinks that Zac Moss has tremendous potential for the rest of the season? Considering that at the moment you can acquire him for almost nothing he has the potential to be a huge game changer this season. He's getting roughly 15 touches per game on a very high powered offense and is in the top five goal line touches for rb's despite missing the first game of the season. He's seeing targets in the passing game and has scored four touchdowns in the last three weeks. His schedule going forward couldn't be more inviting with games against KC, Ten, Miami, Jacksonville, + the Jets over the next five weeks. Am I overvaluing Moss as a solid #2 RB going forward? I must be missing something as my opinion is in the vast minority. If I'm right this could be the last week you can acquire Moss for almost nothing.
  8. Does anyone else feel that the Bears with Justin Fields at QB are going to have a hard time putting points on the board vs the Raiders? I think Williams is a talented player, but with a rookie QB I just don't have a ton of faith that he will be anything but a solid flex play or a low end #2 over the next month or so. With that in mind isn't it possible likely that D.Williams doesn't really live up to the hype over the next few weeks? I traded Williams for Z. Moss in one of my leagues and I'm attempting to do it in another. Am I off on my evaluation of Williams and the Bears offense in general?
  9. Carson has a herniated disc. He may play next week or he could be gone for two months. I'd much rather have Robinson at this point
  10. I think you stole Moss in that deal...I think I did ok long term dealing Williams for him.
  11. Yea, I just traded Damien Williams to get him. I figured Williams has a limited window. Moss has the potential to be a major asset all season...If he continues in the right direction in this offense Moss is a legit #2 RB the rest of the way.
  12. I think Moss has genuine breakout potential given his schedule and the quality of this offense
  13. Moss and it's not even close. If he continues to get goal line touches in this explosive offense he could be a steal.
  14. I think this guy could be a genuine breakout for the rest of the season. He's seeing 15 touches per game and a lot of goal line looks on an explosive offense. If Singletary went down he could approach RB 1 numbers.
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