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  1. WEEI's Dale Arnold is reporting that the Patriots are already negotiating a deal with Jimmy G. For those of you not from New England Dale is a very credible voice on the New England sports scene who was the first to report Tom Brady to Tampa. He says it's not a done deal, but things are looking good...Here's his Tweet Dale Arnold @DaleEArnold What I’ve been told, by a reliable source —-@Patriots are working on a new contract for Jimmy G that could lead to a deal with @49ers. Same source who correctly told me Tom Brady had signed with @Buccaneers. Doesn’t mean it will get
  2. Thanks for the information. Probably nothing, but it seems odd that they would activate Webb.
  3. Ok, I might be a little paranoid here, but I read that Bills RB T.J. Yeldon tested positive for Covid yesterday. I have Josh Allen going tonight and the nature of Covid tests being what they are is it worth picking up Matt Barkley just in case there is an incident similar to that of Dez Bryant a couple of weeks back when they league pulled him off the field at the last second? Does anyone know the NFL’s game day protocol in regards to Covid? Covid has clearly made its way into the Bills locker room within the last 24 hours...It’s not 100% that more Bills won’t test positive today....I’d be
  4. He claimed he was fine after the game, but I’ve seen people like Dr. Chao say they didn’t expect him to play this week.
  5. Mostert was just declared out and we aren’t sure of Wilson’s status. If both of these guys are out who gets the touches?
  6. Anybody know what James Robinson’s status is? Didn’t see the game, but saw he had an issue with his ankle.
  7. Anybody know Robinson’s status? I’ve read reports that he hurt his ankle, but may not have re-entered the game because the Jag’s were getting blown out...Does anyone know more about this?
  8. I think both Mostert and Wilson are solid starts this week. That said, I do fear that Mostert isn’t at full strength
  9. Ok, I need one of these guys to fill my flex spot in a 1/2 pt ppr league that is very td heavy...Thanks in advance. I’ll answer yours. 1/ Jeff Wilson vs Dallas (looks like Raheem Mosert is going to play, but nobody knows to what degree) 2/ Sony Michael vs Miami (D.Harris is out) 3/ Salvon Ahmed vs New England (looks like he is going to get the start) 4/ K.Coutee vs Colts 5/ D.Goedert vs Arizona
  10. I thought he looked a little off, but I’m far from an expert. I’ve read a couple of articles that said he wasn’t 100%.
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