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  1. That was horrid. Had the whole field to the right to lead him.
  2. Carr's deep ball really does suck. Everything else is good/great but damn...
  3. oof, 1.06. I cringe to think what WR's you took him over...
  4. My Ruggs, Chark for Julio looking pretty good right about now.
  5. This guy doesn't seem to be able to cut/change direction very well. Pretty underwhelming.
  6. I had no idea they were doing artificial crowd noises... Not sure what I think of that. Will have to wait and see.
  7. Does the road matter this year? I guess maybe cross country but it's not like noise is going to be a factor.
  8. I'm hoping to go Jacksonville 7 vs Cinncy 8 vs Jets then pivot to the Jets D for the above juicy schedule
  9. I'm trying to grab the Saints where available and ride them to their bye.
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