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  1. If either of them can turn into a consistent fringe WR2 then I think it's a win.
  2. Yeah, there was like that season and a half where everyone was super down on him. Was able to trade for him at a discount and have been reaping the rewards ever since. Best goaline back in the league!
  3. 12 Team PPR 1QB 2RB 2WR 1Flx Team A - 2nd place finish last year gives Claypool + Deebo Team B 8th place last year gives 2022 1st + Chase Edmunds
  4. That was horrid. Had the whole field to the right to lead him.
  5. Carr's deep ball really does suck. Everything else is good/great but damn...
  6. oof, 1.06. I cringe to think what WR's you took him over...
  7. My Ruggs, Chark for Julio looking pretty good right about now.
  8. This guy doesn't seem to be able to cut/change direction very well. Pretty underwhelming.
  9. Jacobs is light years better than Booker. Booker can be solid behind a good line and does seem to have some pep in his step this year but Jacobs, although not the homerun speed, is showing elite vision and efficiency and seems to get the maximum out of every run that he is physically able to. I agree he's not in that elite tier really but a super dependable low end RB1 that earns a lot of yards based on his talent. As a major homer and Jacobs owner I wouldn't give him up for Terry and a 1st although it's a super fair offer but for the same reason I'd say don't give up Terry as a WFT homer. I mean how many productive fantasy options are there on that team? Hold him and enjoy the best of both worlds. Rooting for your real and fantasy team.
  10. It all sounds good but given that the people making the decisions were the Browns and then BOB, I'll give the guy still a little bit of the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Been rooting for this kid since he was a rookie. Just seemed like he never got his chance but you follow the team pretty closely so maybe he hasn't earned it? Just seems like someone you want to get the ball to and a threat to score from anywhere. Dynasty I rolled the dice on Perry after the Ford trade but agree that Grant should provide the more immediate production. Give the kid a shot!
  12. Been holding James White all this time. Time to cut him loose at the next transaction.
  13. If the rookie draft was done again he's probably a 2nd rounder. Don't think he jumps over any of the pre draft top 10 rookie WR's yet. Probably jumped over someone like Van Jefferson but I think people are still going to go with someone like Ruggs over Davis. So a 2nd is kind of his value and as a Davis owner I wouldn't give him up for a 2nd because it's hard to turn that pick into something comparable again. So probably going to have to sweeten the deal a bit. If I needed a TE, Tonyan for Davis straight up would have me very tempted.
  14. I don't think your take is wrong and it seems weird to say "rebuilding" while giving up two good rookies but for context I'm team b. My thought process was being superflex and even though my team sucks, I'm still no lock for a top 3 pick and QB's like Dak are not always readily available. I was thinking Robinson is worth a 1st but lets say he's the 1st and the 2nd. Then I'm getting Dak for Higgins and Ryan plus some junk. I think in season with a healthy Dak that offer never gets accepted. So while it really hurt to give up Higgins (still stings) I now have the option in the rookie draft to take best player available with my 2 1st's and not be tempted to reach for a QB. But respect your opinion also
  15. Had a Higgins trade a few weeks ago. Right after Dalton's decapitation Superflex PPR Team A (borderline playoff team, not currently looking good) gets: Matt Ryan, James Robinson, Tee Higgins, DiNucci, Team B's 2021 5th Team B (rebuilding) gets: Dak, Team A's 2021 1st and 2nd
  16. I don't know why all coaches just don't wear that plastic shield, seems way more comfortable but we know Gruden has a history of liking to cover his mouth.
  17. I'd feel embarrassed to even offer a 2nd for Goedert. That's theft!! I'd give a late 1st in a blink of an eye
  18. I'll be looking to get one of the two top rookie TE's coming out this year. Feel like it's worth the risk as getting a top 5 TE long term seems like such a roster advantage.
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