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  1. If I am understanding you correctly, I definitely disagree with it. Let me try to make sure I am understanding you correctly, though. I believe you’re saying rape is wrong (in part) because it’s forced use of someone’s body without their consent. And since a baby is using its mother’s body, (in an instance where the mom doesn’t want to give birth to that baby) it’s forced use of her body against her consent and therefore can be legit compared to rape? Is that correct?
  2. That is kind of what I was wondering. In Henry's example, the "kidnapping victim" is in cahoots with the kidnapper, isn't she? I mean, with the obvious exception of women who are forced, every woman who willingly engages in sex knows (or damn well should) that pregnancy is a possible outcome. I get the point of what he's saying but I guess I struggle with her being labeled a victim taken against her will. To me, that absolves her of her accountability.
  3. I get that. But it’s sports. It’s the toy department. It was clearly a joke.
  4. I said "Nothing". If we cant laugh about something like that, we're taking things (or ourselves) too seriously.
  5. Roger that. I thought you intentionally chose a therapist because she was advertising a Christian element and it didn't seem to make sense you'd do that and then be unhappy when she went with the Christian element in the therapy.
  6. Something is not really adding up here. Why would you intentionally book an advertised Christian therapist if the religious part of what they had to say is just going to be noise to you? Further, why on earth would you want go back to this one knowing it will bother you (and your ol lady) if she doesn't nix the Xtian elements? What would make you think you're entitled to a refund?
  7. Earlier, my daughter (4) asked me if we could go ice fishing after lunch One thing (and I suspect many of you might be seeing the same)...I am getting a ton of emails from activity centers saying "No school?! Bring the kids here for ___________". I get it (and lord knows my kids are climbing the friggin walls here) but just seems a little...I don't know...irresponsible? I mean, the schools are closed because its dangerous to be outside for any length of time and the Super Rink is sending me emails about bringing the kids to open skating today
  8. Fair enough. I liked it. I just am not sure how many people would answer "football" if the question was "What is Jerry Maguire about?". Close enough, though, I suppose.
  9. I don't know about that one. I mean, Jerry is an agent and there's obviously football in it. But I wouldn't think we'd call it a football movie. Might need a ruling... Is "The Last Boy Scout" a football movie?
  10. Heart goes out to the folks with little or no shelter. This kind of cold is unforgiving. Hard on the critters, too. I see a fresh set of tracks out back. Coyote or fox most likely. Will check later. I have a trail cam out there, too, that should have got ‘em. I don’t know how they do it. Our dog doesn’t even like going out to take a leak in this.
  11. This is tough. I really like a lot of these and some are among my all time favorite movies.
  12. Its not, IMO. Its an earned advantage for anyone who manages to accomplish it.
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