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  1. I think I still go Rams on the belief they are the superior unit and LA (as a team) is looking to get the taste of some losses out of their mouth. That game should be a beat-down Gurley or not. Browns home should be solid, too, though. Good problem to have, IMO. Had 'em and dropped em before the game last night. I figured they would make life difficult for LA a little bit but wasn't convinced it would translate into a lot of fantasy points. Whoops.
  2. FWIW, I grabbed NE and (barring something unforeseen) I am starting them. Chose them over Indy, Cle, and Mia who are all other FAs I considered. Have Bal and Sea rostered but not feeling that good about either of those this week. I would probably play the Vikes if I had them, though, to be honest.
  3. I like the Titans this week but I go Rams and don't think twice about it. Cards making even the Atlantas of the world a good start.
  4. Wrestling with these choices, too, among others. NE home vs Buf initially caught my eye. Bills are at/near the top of the list of most friendly to opposing DST. I looked a little closer and that might be a little misleading, though. They gave up some big games early in the year but have been better of late. In fact, (in my league's scoring) since their BYE, they have given up games of 1, 7, 5, and 0 to opposing DST. I still think NE DST home vs an offense lead by a rookie QB, 4th string RB, and WRs most folks have never heard of is a solid play. Just might not be as appealing as initially thou
  5. Actually, literal in this case though the metaphorical applies, too. We get points for sacks, turnovers, safeties, and any kind of return TD. Shutout is worth 10 and holding opponent to 10 points or less is worth 3. So I got a measly 2 from the Ravens as they only got 1 sack and 1 int.
  6. There are several decent options to choose from this week, IMO. In addition to those already mentioned above, I think a guy could do worse than the Pats home (and presumably salty) vs the Bills. I was definitely expecting better than the deuce I got out of Balt home vs TB this week. And I wont be using them next week @LAC. Currently also have Seattle rostered. They are typically much better at home but the Chefs are coming to town. Considering Indy home vs Giants, Fins home vs Jags, Browns home vs Cinci, and NE home vs Buf. Dallas home vs TB might be viable but TB just made me regret goin
  7. Related:DUI arrest a few years before that. Guess he was about 22 & 25 when that went down. Have no idea if he can coach but that's pretty damn impressive he put that bull#### behind. Seriously, that's the kind of stuff that wrecks a guys life sometimes. So it seems like the career trajectory was: UT backup QB, alcoholic, got his #### together, couple years as a grad assistant at UT, parlayed that into a Colts gig, worked with Peyton & whoever Mannibg was coaching back then for 3 years, a year at KC when Manning was out & having surgeries, another year with Manning at Denver, hired
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