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  1. 2018 he was a rookie, 2019 finished #5 and finished #6 this year. Tex
  2. I'm thinking it's the perfect time to sell. (Dynasty) Tex
  3. I don't know about this, I mean they might be clowns but I like who they drafted. They added Hightower and I really, really love Quez. He's (I know we here this all the time) very underrated. The kid can climb and he can fly, he ran a 4.35 forty and Hightower ran a 4.43. I know forty times carry little weight in the scope of things but check this kid out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pIs_iI8U3I He needs to gain a few pounds but he's on my list to grab late in the 3rd round. Tex
  4. He’s in my top 5 WR group: Take a look: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zFYfwLr0JoM Tex
  5. He deserves a thread, waaaayyyyy underrated right now. Ttx
  6. TE Noah Fant, Iowa 6'5, 241lbs A projected 1st rounder who ran track, played basketball and football, last year he led the nation with 16.5 yards per catch at his position. He broke the school record for tight ends in the vertical jump at 42 inches which was previously record was held by San Francisco's George Kittle, it's also the highest recorded by any TE since 2012. His Coordinator is Brian Ferentz who coached Gronk and Aaron Hernandez as the tight ends coach in New England. The guy is a Freak and someone I MUST have on my squad just watch: https://www.youtu
  7. I’m not ignorant nor am I a strange bird. He’s very athletic I mean he won a college championship and Hell Im a big fan of Clemson as I have Hopkins and M. Williams on my team but I stand by what I said, he’s not as good as his numbers indicate. He could be figuring it out and could improve but no one is giving those receivers enough credit. They have MUCH to do with his success it’s not all Watson like everyone is saying. Tex
  8. I didn’t say he was a bum but he is not as good as his numbers suggests. I didn’t see this last game but I did see the long run and TD by Hopkins. The commentary was all on Watson on that play and he was given the credit for the TD which is comical that TD was all Hopkins. Here are the facts: Watson’s 69.2 overall grade is 28th in the league. Fourth-highest percentage of negatively graded throws Ninth-highest percentage of turnover-worthy plays Lowest drop rate in the league by receivers, only two drops Charged with four sacks, tied for seventh among quarterbacks
  9. Watson has been lucky a lot, great WR play and at least three dropped interceptions that I know of but sooner or later if he doesn’t correct his decision making it’s going to catch-up. Sell HIGH now! Tex
  10. Watson is not playing as good as you might think. Wentz is playing better than him 10x over and if I had Watson I would be selling high. Tex
  11. Wait til they draft a real running back. :chills: Tex
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