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  1. His matchup this week is by far the best of any WR..............should be interesting. Tex
  2. Allen not only has the better matchup but he's going to get the targets this is your best and safest option. My main issue with AB is you are taking a chance because from week to week you don't know who Brady is going to make the flavor of the day yet on top of that it's not a horrible matchup but not as good as Allen's. Tex
  3. D. Johnson has the toughest matchup of all of your WRs..................I'd bench him if this was my team. I own him in Dynasty and he's on the bench. Tex
  4. Higgins will be lined up against a weak Detroit secondary he would be my number 1WRa and AJ Brown with that matchup is 1WRb, these are your two starters this week. Sutton against LV with the targets he's getting is #3. Lockett and Sanders are facing two average defenses so I'd put either of them in the flex with Lockett getting the edge. Tex
  5. The owner won the Championship two years ago. Last year he had the 2nd highest scoring team but got bounced out of the playoffs. He’s in contention but knows unless he improves his RBs his window to win another championship fades as each year passes. When you constantly picking in the 8th-9th range you’ll never get a top tier running back. So he gave up youth at the WR position to win now. He has a few other WRs plus it’s a Flex league and he likes to run his team with 3 or 4 running backs vs 1 or 2 WRs on a weekly basis. He tried to offer Allen Robinson but I shot that down. He offered another WR, I shot that one down too only Jefferson will move that needle so he felt the pressure and reluctantly pulled the trigger. LOL, trust me he DID NOT WANT TO GIVE UP JEFFERSON!!! 🤣 I’m loaded at RB so Mixon doesn’t even start for me, last year he started once. So I’m moving a few pieces for strong younger player before my backs get too old and still have value. Pairing Jefferson, Lamb and Nuke I’m good at that position. Tex
  6. Dyno, TE Premo: I gave Joe Mixon I got Justin Jefferson Tex
  7. That shoulder looked good last night! Tex
  8. I’m loaded at TE, I will never start Fant. I like Freiemuth a lot. I know it might sound odd but I’m ok giving up Fant for him. Tex
  9. Sorry, I gave him the 2.1 pick also. Their numbers from last year are very close but I believe adding the 2.1 balanced it more. Tex
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