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  1. Thsys good to know. I honestly didn't hear boo from him until this thing
  2. I have Cherokee ancestry too(among other things) and I couldn't care less about the name. I have much more important things to worry about. Like the alcoholism pandemic that is destroying Indian communities and families. THAT seems to be something my Chief could focus on more than what a car has on its side. And please spare me the "cant he do two things at once?" question. The answer of course is yes but up until yesterday I have never heard anything from the Cherokee chief, ever. So I don't know if that's his fault or the media's but this seems to be such a silly thing to NOW
  3. I'm not interested in discussing the "value" of a degree. What I might think of as wasteful someone else might think of as a truly enlightening field. Art music and education definitely come to mind. I am OK with some method to bankrupt out of these. To me that means it it needs to be reviewed by a judge before it's discharged and that means someone is at least looking at the individual situation and not just throwing a blanket over the entire issue.
  4. No one...or at least very few people, will ever take climate change seriously if it means they have to sacrifice...anything...that's the reality People are inherently selfish and for the most part bad.....This isn't changing. All in on telling how everyone ELSE should behave...especially corporations, but when it comes to sacrificing personally, nope....That's not happening. I EARNED this SUV. *I* worked HARD for it...I'm not giving it up now.
  5. I don't disagree with much of what he says. Hes right that the US in an innovator and we can and should take the lead where we can.
  6. Always easy to give away someone else's money. Whether its taxes or payroll or whatever. If a loophole exists, it exists. I sincerely doubt, in fact I'm almost certain, no one is saying "Hey I know I only owe $500 in taxes but I want to pay $600 just because. Additionally, I'm less concerned with tax dollars than I am with charity. I feel those with large amounts of $$ should absolutely be charitable with their money. And I am very cool with them donating and financially supporting things THEY believe in. Rather than giving it to a government entity that will almost certainly wast
  7. Well youd think this could be done with the current welfare system. but no, it can't. remember this is a gubbermint operation. It's going to be a cluster
  8. Ok. Whatever you say. Utterly pointless to disagree with you. Moving on.
  9. This is a serious post. Wow. So now we have to not only post a link but post how many agrees shares likes something gets too? Holy moly when does it end? You guys crack me up.
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