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  1. I don't know those answers. However you asked about the other parts of infrastructure, and angrily asked if I "cared" about them. And it seems they are included in the proposal, so again, I don't know why you are against this.
  2. This is what the republican counter proposal has in it: $299 billion for roads and bridges $61 billion for public transit, $20 billion for rail $35 billion for drinking water and wastewater $13 billion for safety $17 billion for ports and waterways $44 billion for airports $65 billion for broadband $14 billion for water storage So again, I don't know why you are so angry. Seems it meets all your needs? Why are you not in favor of it?
  3. And I know some of the other things the dems want are NOT part of infrastructure and you can see the Republicans wont do it either Duh. Just don't blame the mean republicans, like you guys always do, for stalling this. its BOF SIDEZ. And before you board cop me, no, I haven't seen YOU specifically say it.
  4. With everything going on right now, and there sure is a lot, I do feel that Biden is overwhelmed. He is way way way too old and feeble to handle this much at once. So yeah, I am a tad concerned. Doesn't mean of course that there aren't capable people making his decisions for him, but I don't see him being capable of truly making informed decisions. He probably gets a quick brief then has to make the call. Probably not unusual for the executive anyway, but that's how I see it,
  5. I'd like to see some sort of compromise on the infrastructure bill. From what I have seen, the republicans are proposing $$ for bridges and roads mostly. And leaving the rest out. I am fairly OK with that. If we need bridges and roads, why are the democrats not accepting this counter proposal and getting this done?
  6. Well the thing is. You can watch a plumber doing his work and be able to say...Hey...that doesn't look quite right. It appears we are supposed to take the advice of the CDC without questioning anything, ever. Just follow along like brainless fools, and do what we are told. Even if something SEEMS wonky, it appears from the posters here were not even allowed to question it. Just shut up and do what you're told.
  7. Seconded. Why on earth anyone would watch ANY of these shows baffles me. Utterly baffles me.
  8. I've mentioned this lotsssss of times. They seem to be left
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