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  1. Yesh but it had to be said. We had a nice hiatus and unfortunately thats ended. Cest La Vie. But my goodness the arrogance
  2. Definitely to get other peoples opinions. I lean right and really like to see how the other side thinks about things. Then I can take that all in when I formulate my own opinions
  3. Can you please, for the board, stop judging and sharing your judgments about others? No one cares. Juat post man. Please. You are not the board judge and it would be wonderful if you realized that and just...posted . Please.
  4. And they are really bringing the feels. They are just so nice!
  5. Just waiting for squish to come here and say this was selectively edited and ol Joe really speaks like a 39 year old man.
  6. This will be mostly what democrats can use come 2022 election time. You will hear trumps name so much it will be like he was running.
  7. Well the support for no unemployment bennies for anti vaxxers tells me the support for no welfare as well would be equally wanted
  8. And no welfare benefits either. No food stamps. No medical care.
  9. This is an interesting thought and well articulated. I read this and the flat earthers immediately came to mind. Heck growing up i never heard of this idea. The internet has given it an absurd amount of traction.
  10. I despise these simplistic facebook driven analogies. A medical examiner doesn't have to wear gloves because his level of germs will have no affect on his patient. So if the person the nurse is coming into contact with has been vaccinated why should they care if the nurse is not? This logic doesn't hold. And please don't give me the argument that they have a responsibility to protect the unvaccinated too because I have seen enough of the "their choice their consequences " to know most aren't terribly concerned about the unvaccinnated.
  11. Shame on them. If everyone would just see the light and go democratic the world would be wonderful
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