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  1. Its interesting that folks think a wealth tax in lieu of charity will fix these things.
  2. I'm sorry. I don't have the time to explain the benefits of charity and charitable organizations to you.
  3. As long as the vulnerable stay at home. The elderly, those with preesixting conditions etc stay at home it should be fine. Also the lack of a mandate doesn;t mean you can't wear a mask as your own choice. Again, those with pre existing conditions and the elderly etc shoudl wear them
  4. Well first. There is no chance, and I mean zero chance that the government will spend the money wisely. Now that may come down to a number of reasons, many of them partisan. But that's how it is. Even playing off your comment about how people have zero in savings. This is very much what I'm against. Some yahoo doesn't save a dime, because he is a dunderhead, and now Bill Gates has to fund his bank account. Boo.
  5. "We aren't in need of charity" Wow. Ok. That is a statement.
  6. Im just a dumb guy trying to make it through the woods here. Be nice.
  7. All good points. But the idea behind the "wealth tax" is awful. It's punishing Americans for being successful. Yeah their billions will still be billions agfter they get taxed by the feds, but as I said, it can be a slippery slope. I legitimately worry about my 401K. I can totally see some sort of tax being applied to this (above and beyond regular income taxes) when I take my $$ out because I have "too much" and some drug addict down the street doesn't.
  8. Boom. I have to agree with this. I have a feeling if there was a chance it wouldn't pass without republican support, some possibly many would flip. But they dont need to.
  9. I'm old because I don't understand how bitcoin works, I don't know how to get it/save it/spend it, I don't trust it, and I'm scared to invest in it.
  10. Ok I don't understand anything. I appreciate your feelings on this matter.
  11. I'd rather the wealthy give to charity so they can designate where their money goes than to the government that will without question mis-allocate it and generally screw it up. I would hate to see the uber rich say "Well since you are now taking my money, I am not donating anything to charity anymore."
  12. It's not even the concept. I mean higher incomes lead to higher tax brackets. I get that. It's what's behind it. Its totally wrong. It's nothing more than jealousy. As I said before it just comes off as "You have too much so I'm taking it from you, only because you have it" and that idea, that entire line of thinking, really bugs me.
  13. I understand your feelings on the matter. Why don't we just pay everyone the same wage? Or at least pay every position within society the same wage.
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