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  1. Its a fair point. The democrats spent way way too much time looking for the wokest candidate. And when it came down to it it became the two old white guys that took the lead. One thing democrats have historically been is kinda dumb politically.
  2. Wasn't Biden supposed to repair our relationship with our allies. Yet now France is pulling its ambassadors from the US. Well....at least we don't have any more mean tweets
  3. Oh brother..Still on this? So far there has been no evidence that he has tied to overturn anything. You guys. And Biden won...So you can't judge him on whether he would try to overturn a free and fair election.
  4. I agree completely. Or telling people what cars to drive, what medicine to take etc. So the idea that small government fans are ok with states saying this but not the feds is an impossibly weak take.
  5. I've said this too. Like why does anyone care about what one state does in regards to abortion? Just go to a different state. Who cares? It'll never go past that. It's just a blip
  6. Boy is this post weird. You really think states rights supporters are fine with being told what to do....just as long as it isn't the feds doing the telling? Is this really how some of you all think?
  7. The gubbermint doesn't care what you want. You will drive an electric vehicle. Period. Stop telling anyone what you want. Those days are over for now.
  8. For the most part, it seems like this board very much enjoys the government telling people what to do. I can't see why this would cause much of a ruckus here.
  9. Absolutely living in your heads..All thoughts, all situations. It's just crazy how this man has completely changed how you think about everything. I mean just move on Jeez
  10. Its absolutely hilarious with these guys and how much Trump completely drives their line of thinking about everything. Wow.
  11. You are generally very smart on a lot of things but you couldn't be more far off with this. Maybe sarcasm, but America is SOOOOO celebrity driven. What they do matters way more than it should. It's quite hard to see.
  12. Well thats just absurd beyond reason. And let me see if I get this. They will lie to the cdc but tell the truth to a pollster. Yeah. Thats completely logical
  13. Because many liberals bought it. Cause they all wanted to blame Trump for everything covid related. No critical thinking, no reasoning. Heck remember the days when the us was the worst country for covid? Worse than even India? You all bought that too. It was a fantastic campaign by the dem party to put this all on Trump. Few Biden supporters saw it
  14. Dude...Now you are going to back up your absurd CNN Link with Twitter responses? You can't be serious.
  15. So Dale makes this up and because no one disputes it, you now take it as fact. Has anyone honestly ever seen this before? Ever? I know I haven't. There is a degree of common sense people need to apply to these kinds of things and try really hard to not be snowballed by things that don't pass the smell test.
  16. Dude..when someone tells me angels are real I don't correct them. I just move on. Theres only so much tolerance for stupidity. Plus, by even acknowledging this guy, you legitimize him, which is a bad thing to do for CNN.
  17. See this is what I mean. Utter blind loyalty. And yet these guys will come out tomorrow and say "I don't watch CNN" My God
  18. LOLOL Oh that's rich "CNN reporter and presidential fact checker" Listen. We need to have an agreement that NO Fox News Links are permitted and NO CNN links are permitted. They are 100% biased, full of agendas and not to be trusted about anything political whatsoever. Let's strive to do better. CNN has zero credibility when it comes to political news. Zippo.
  19. Didn't our current VP, along with many other non Trumpers, tell everyone to NOT Take the shots when Trump was in office? Kinda thought they did.
  20. African Americans are generally not Trumpers. Just saying.
  21. Dude..this is coming straight from CNN..I mean STRAIGHT from it.
  22. MAYBE you might be learning that it isn't just the "schtick" posters that question a lot of your credibility. Mirror time I think
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