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  1. On Rosen, they clearly made the right move. A player with his pedigree (10th overall) has done nothing since. You'd think someone with his talent would shine through. He's clearly a massive bust, and was only signed by the Falcons (right before the start of season) because McCarron went down. It's fascinating to think where the Cardinals would be without Kingsburry. Teams NEVER give up on high QBs after one season but if they'd stuck with Rosen they'd be in draft hell and have missed out on Murray. Sometimes players need time to develop (hello Josh Allen). But at other points a player clearly isn't good enough. You have to know the difference and Tua... he's not good enough. Throw on top that he's severely injury prone.
  2. The major problem (and it is a problem) with sports "reporting" is that these reporters are 100% beholden to the team and league they report on. You're not getting access, you're not getting on the property, if the team and league don't want you there. These guys bury all kinds of stories because being part of the "in group" career-wise matters far more than breaking major stories. This is a problem across all sports leagues (and in political reporting too). Mark Leibovich book goes into this and I've heard other reporters who leave their sports league mention this as well. It's a reality. It's a problem. And it's an ugly look for Schefter. Sending your story to be reviewed by Bruce Allen? Gross.
  3. “This is his third year [in the offense], man, it shouldn’t be a problem,” Arians said. “And at times it is. It’s just attention to detail like missing that blitz. But he is a great runner. Caught the ball well. I would like to see him run for the first down. But yeah, I mean his mind is fine, it’s just his play isn’t as good as it should be.” It's not just anecdotal. By the Bucs staff and analysts it's been repeatedly mentioned as an issue. From day one.
  4. Those takes are grossly off. I've watched every one of RoJo's snaps, he's been called out by Arians and Koetter for his pass pro, and couldn't catch a cold This is so obvious. If PFF is saying otherwise, their 16-year older intern doesn't know what he's seeing. But there's an even simpler argument - Ronald Jones isn't used as much in pass pro and passing situations. That's part of why his snap count went down as the year progressed. He had only 30% of offensvie snaps in the post-season and wasn't even TARGETED for a pass. They brought in Bernard because both players suck at pass pro and in pass catching. As did Lesean McCoy (at pass pro).
  5. First Brady will have a lot of influence on this decision. Second, as terrible as Fournette is at pass blocking (and he's terrible) Jones is worse. And as mediocre/bad as Fournette is as a receiver (see: INT), Jones is worse. My outside the box guess is that as Bernard gets more comfortable, and if he can show anything as a runner, he'll take over more snaps. He's the style of player the Bucs should've grabbed last year (aka can pass block and catch). We'll see.
  6. Is this mismanagement by the Broncos? You know that if one guy gets Covid and is in direct contact with others, you're hooped. That's why some teams talked about (I don't know if they did it) keeping one emergency QB isolated.
  7. You have to think like a coach, no a personnel guy. If CMC says he's fine and the medical checks out, you want your best guys on the field. You want to win games, you want to end the season on a positive note. You're right as a personnel guy, but most coaches don't think that way.
  8. That may be true fantasy-wise, but it's not what's happening on the field. Teams have been scheming to take Evans away all season and he's been the one that's consistently double-covered. Even without Evans seeing a lot of targets, he's the WR other teams are most worried about.
  9. But functionally you're doing the same thing. Getting a 10 yard DPI call = a 10 yard catch. In football terms, it's exactly the same thing. The much, much weirder thing is awarding points for simply making a catch. A reception is absolutely valueless in the NFL only yards (and TDs) matter. Simply catching a ball is not a positive play, it's catching a ball for positive yardage. A reception for -4 yards is a negative play, a catch for 0 yards is a worthless play as well. The value in a catch is in the yardage (or points) it generates on the field. How is awarding points for DPI change fantasy when PPR is even further removed from football?
  10. No... you wouldn't give a TD because a TD isn't awarded... You'd give whatever that yardage was. If it was a DPI on the 1 yard line, you'd give 1 receiving yard.
  11. Simplest is 1 yard PI = 1 yard receiving. Because functionally, that's what happens. A 40 yard DPI call = a 40 yard catch. They generate exactly the same outcome.
  12. Arians is so full of ####. Evans was not frequently open, in large part because Leftwich/Arians scheme like it's 2009. They keep Evans to a restricted route tree almost 100% playing the X receiver role, limiting his looks. You can see a breakdown of last week here: https://www.pewterreport.com/bucs-briefing-was-mike-evans-really-open/
  13. I've liked this idea. A WR who beats his man and gets tackled 20 yards downfield is accomplishing the same result as a completion. Generating DPI's is almost as valuable as a catch (only slightly less because there's no run after). Ideally forcing DBs to manhandle you would be rewarded.
  14. Here's a question: Pollard has looked better than Zeke all season in this offense. He's much more dynamic as a pass catcher and actually has a significantly better PFF grade. I've personally never been very high on Elliott, I think he's severely overhyped playing behind one of the best OLs in the league, a very good young QB, and because he's a Cowboy. I've always thought Elliott was only an above average back in probably the best situation in the NFL over his career. I think we're seeing the fruits of that now. Anyways, is it possible that Pollard actually delivers more value than Zeke down the stretch should he go in?
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