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  1. Is this mismanagement by the Broncos? You know that if one guy gets Covid and is in direct contact with others, you're hooped. That's why some teams talked about (I don't know if they did it) keeping one emergency QB isolated.
  2. I'm curious what others are thinking for Week 14 and 15 pre-emptive pickups. My thoughts in rough order (assuming CHI, LAR, HOU, MIN rostered): Week 14: LAC, DEN, NYJ, BUF, PIT, ARI, WAS, TEN Week 15: BAL, WAS, SEA, DET, BUF, CIN
  3. Wonder about NE as a one off. A banged up, exhausted Colts O on a short week without Hilton and Doyle + a bunch of players questionable.
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