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  1. dang you autocorrect!! yeah that would be harsh. just seems dangerous to allow trading for people that haven't paid.
  2. Strongly recommend altering your charter so this isn't a thing.
  3. Just for the record here I would give serious consideration to the other side for Zeke straight up. The 1.03 is a different story and the combo is crazy. I'm not a huge Ruggs or Sutton fan but I would caution that some of these veto comments scream "overvaluing Zeke and undervaluing Ruggs and Sutton". Don't get me wrong I don't love the other side vs just Zeke but I don't think it is crazy or that far off.
  4. I did drop RG3 the other day instead of waiting. But dude called me out on it during a negotiation as though I had room for what he was offering. But I didn't and said as much. He was like you can drop RG3. So I did mostly as a joke and then repeated me previous note to him verbatim about not having room for scrubs x and y.
  5. It is going to be interesting to all be together on this. I am really looking forward to it and considering how open all of us are about our preferences on these boards, I have no idea what to expect or how to proceed with any kind of real strategy. I suppose it will depend on draft slot and my *own* board. I don't think I want to worry too much about other people's thoughts.
  6. I think you might be right if you can pull that off. I suspect you'd have to do Pittman or Shenault but parlaying one deal like this into a second one that gets you where you need to be for a RB is a nice play. I would hope to maybe move up to like 1.05 or 1.06 and take a rookie RB over a vet, but I just tried to do that last week from 1.09 and ended up getting a much better deal for CEH instead of 1.06.
  7. Tua would have no bearing on my decision but Meno is right you do have to consider who you're displacing when you buy someone. If I had Herbert I would have already cut Tua in my mind but would sell him for a ham sandwich if possible. And not actually cut until last minute.
  8. I am not convinced Woods should be starting for you so I wouldn't be buying him. It is a good price but that doesn't mean you have to do it. You will also probably never be able to sell him again so unless you see him as a core piece then I'm not sure what you'd be accomplishing. I like Woods but if I need RBs I am not buying old(er) WRs. It is a good price, though and one I might actually do despite what I just said *if* I had plans to move one of Shenault or Pittman for a RB. Woods may have more trade appeal packaged with one of those two or some other piece. But if you move one of them then
  9. I see one source shows it equal another shows it quite heavier in the picks side. I think they're both overvaluing Chubb and undervaluing the future 1st. But whatever.
  10. This makes my head spin. Haha. Ok I'm trying to figure this out and I think I have to go with the picks side. If that side needs a RB that bad I think I would much rather take one at 1.01 than move for Chubb. If the bigger motivating factor is to get a difference maker in Hill, then I'm not sure how much I love him more than Godwin *or* Robinson individually. I do like Hill a bit more than each of those guys, but again not sure the gap justifies the cost. I guess I'll say it isn't terrible but if I were a Hill owner that had to have him "pried away from me", this would probably do it. Cha
  11. That's gross. I took over a crappy orphan and am trying to move Evans and got a really bad offer just like this one today and dude got sour when I rejected. But I was going to put it in the worst offers thread and then saw this. Ruggs may not be so terrible and Evans is trending down (I guess) but dang.
  12. Give me 1.05 and Slayton. Not terribly close. I am still on board for hoping the Giants draft a top WR. I think that should only help Slayton. But this is all about 1.05 over 1.08.
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