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  1. Yes this was found in the Henry thread. It always fits. There were. 50 TDs in 44 games. He has scored a TD in 30/44 games during this split since becoming the workhorse. So to anyone that ever called him TD dependent, a reminder. When he scores one TD in a game, his TD per game average *goes down*. He averages 1.67 TDs in games he does reach the endzone.
  2. Got my first dynasty share this morning. I did like him during the rookie drafts in May but I almost exclusively went with Terrace Marshall when faced between the two. Traded Elijah Mitchell for Elijah Moore (and Damien Williams)
  3. Definitely a bad matchup but teams aren't even trying to run it against the Bucs, whereas the Bears are emphasizing the run to protect Fields. I am more curious about D Williams and if he will come off the covid list or not.
  4. I'm starting Patrick in one desperate spot this week. Desperate just in terms of the one WR2 slot in my lineup. But I don't hate it. I think Patrick has a better chance of being a later career bloomer something like a Robert Woods/Doug Baldwin than the chance Gabriel Davis has of doing something. But I still like Davis' possible ceiling better. By Woods and Baldwin examples I just mean in terms of career trajectory, not in terms of the type of WR they are/were.
  5. The Sanders signing really sank him. I had high hopes until then but otherwise I'm holding long term where I can. If either of Sanders or Diggs go down he might still be worth having, but pretty tough. He got some 4th quarter run last night and had one endzone target where he drew PI. He is still involved. IDK.
  6. FFPC is TE premium as well if that matters, but perhaps you're right. I think Gesicki is set up to be a featured target for the Dolphins for a while. And this team had Jonnu Smith as it's TE1. Lots of RB strength, though. Also that lisfranc injury scares me worse than an achilles at this point.
  7. FFPC SF - I'm 1st in my division but barely, and a distant 3rd behind the 1 and 2 seeds ATM. I have a very strong lineup with depth, though. Except for TE, where I don't have squat. I sent ETN I got Gesicki (and some late picks)
  8. Same. I got him on waivers for free one day before CMC got hurt in one redraft. I only have one other CMC redraft share but I have Chuba in all my CMC dynasties. I know the short term IR fumble that the Panthers had was bad news, but *if* they can be smart about not rushing him back *this* time, he can still be the league winning CMC we have known for the FF playoffs. I got a pretty condescending offer for my pair of CMC/Chuba this morning in an FFPC SF dynasty. It wasn't a *terrible* offer but dude just assumed I was packing it in for the year. I'm 2 VPs back from the playoffs and deep. Lemme get through the bye weeks a bit and see but this isn't a team that needs torn down. Darnold looked really, really bad though. IDK what was working for them/him before but it isn't working now. Rhule said they're going to change some things. I think I believe him. Can Darnold be better? Even last week I was more of a believer than I am now.
  9. Yeah probably about that. I don't disagree. Mills has been targeting his WRs pretty heavy, and they are always in come back mode. But he is basically a dynasty stash for me. I have him on many competitive squads but needed to figure out how to make room in some spots to come off IR. In redraft I'd have to be pretty desperate. But I am and have been in a couple spots. I put up some 0s yesterday on teams just obliterated at WR. If I know Nico is lining up across from Cooks I might throw him into my lineup in redraft. And no I don't know that yet. But I thought it was at least encouraging that the drumbeat was steady throughout the offseason and then he started right away, but then even though he got hurt, he was immediately involved in his first game back. And as a rookie and all that. But really again, just a desperation play. Those teams that put up 0s are probably toast anyway. And my really good redraft teams have first world problems. But byes are *just* getting started. I will probably be tempted to put him in some desperate spots. IDK even know how bad week 7 is going to be for me at WR but I'm guessing bad.
  10. ####. I forgot to mention and it is important. He went to the locker room in the first half at one point. He wasn't out for terribly long but IDK maybe 10-15 minutes in real time? But he was involved as soon as he got back in and played the rest of the game. I never heard what it was about.
  11. For sure. WR has been more challenging than ever before for me this season.
  12. Yeah well I am of the opinion that a good offense can support two WRs (for fantasy). And if Thomas comes back and does Thomas things, then Callaway may actually benefit from it. I have him in a number of spots and have largely been just holding. Very curious to see how this plays out. If he does Thomas things it could be a boost for Kamara as well.
  13. That was more or less my take all offseason but then Bateman got hurt and Hollywood exploded. Much more so than I had given him credit for being capable of. So now I wonder just how dominant an alpha Bateman can be in this offense, especially with Andrews there as well. Great for Lamar shares. Except yesterday when two 29 year old running backs and one 31 year old scored rushing TDs. That had to be a little bit of an outlier. But Lamar did look good again. Seriously who had Latavius Murray, Devonta Freeman, and Le'Veon Bell all scoring a TD for the same team in the same game on their bingo cards for 2021?
  14. Yeah it may very well be overblown. Plus time passes and things can change. I think everybody wants the best players on the field even if there is/was bad blood. I hadn't looked ahead far enough yet to know that it is the Monday game. Yeah no thanks. I would need to hear some pretty good news about them wanting to feature him like usual, to even consider it.
  15. I was afraid of Hilton's return and the possible emergence of Paris Campbell both being factors that could eat into Pittman's floor and ceiling. Just one game and it wasn't a great script but I am definitely taking notice. My gut said bench him in a couple spots and I didn't.
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