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  1. I've made so many trades today but most aren't terribly exciting. I moved a future 1st here and there for like 1.10 and the like. But this one is notable in FFPC SF: I gave 2022 1st, 2nd I got Darnold, 2.11 OTC (took Nico Collins)
  2. Yeah if you thought WR was deep in FF in general, try SF. I have been arguing, and I feel like mostly on deaf ears, that this same process explains why you can get away with streaming QB2 or otherwise going small ball at QB2 in the SF format. If you're starting your 3rd best WR or RB is that really so wrong? It is *not* ideal but it isn't going to kill you. Sigh I just saw Chase go 1.10 in a different SF. Dude timed out at 1.05 and took Mark Ingram.
  3. Oh yeah, it's because I took Pitts at 1.07. Nutty.
  4. Somebody just took Chase at 1.08 in one of my SF. How the p o o p did that happen?
  5. Oh man, I just took Pitts at 1.07 in SF. And I have a few other shares, too. It's been a great day and it's still rolling.
  6. Wilson is still there. In a different FFPC SF I just saw Mac Jones go at 1.02.
  7. FFPC SF: I gave Kupp, Kmet I got 1.08 (1.07 is OTC but one of ETN/Williams will fall to me) Same league: I gave 2022 1st (one of 3) I got 1.12 (I have faith I'll like who will be there, I also hold 2.01) Different SF FFPC: I gave 2022 1st, 2.07 I got 1.11 (OTC), 4.02 I took Sermon
  8. Couple nice picks came my way so far: single QB I got Chase at 1.04 SF I got Najee as RB1 at 1.07
  9. Yeah that is rad I am hoping someone reaches up for Smith/Waddle like that.
  10. My earliest 1-QB FFPC is rolling along. 1.01 Harris 1.02 Pitts 1.03 Chase (me!!) 1.04 ETN 1.05 Williams 1.06 Waddle 1.07 D Smith 1.08 Sermon Early returns from other leagues are showing Pitts going early everywhere. Went 1.01 in two of my SF so far.
  11. I am pretty big on Chark this year and moving forward but I don't think I could do this. Mmmmmaybe if I were really in love with Pitts and he was OTC at 1.05 and I was already really strong at RB. Henry and Hill for Pitts and Chark? That might not seem so crazy a year from now. Today I don't like it. The 1.10 doesn't help it enough.
  12. Rookie drafts start popping off in the morning for FFPC. They're staggering the start times to avoid overloading the servers. Seems wise. I have some starting as early as 5:56 am local time and as late as 10:30. I am coaching a little league game tomorrow afternoon and am probably going to be OTC throughout. I'm going to have to give my phone to my wife.
  13. Yeah they're right there. I've seen people taking Carter before Sermon in redraft this past week. There is a big drop off in that area and I guess it just depends on where those sweet spots are for you (or me or whoever) and any potential trade partners. It is sure to vary from league to league. I think a lot of people will be willing to move up for him though.
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