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  1. Yeah I thought about that after I posted it. Viska is an upside play that I believe in a little bit but the idea wouldn't be to replace Julio's production with him as a motivating factor for this trade. But yes ABrown could accomplish that as well. Also to the extent that I am thinking about replacing Julio's production I'm thinking about current day Julio not prime Julio. Although honestly when he is healthy I don't know if there is a difference. Love the guy.
  2. I read some stuff that has given me pause on a couple other of the RBs that are projected to come after the big 3. I'm wondering if this guy shouldn't be in consideration for RB4. Am I crazy? If I'm right that means the RB crop is even crappier than I thought and that an early 2nd might do it. Just fishing for info here I know nothing about him except he is big and apparently has good receiving skills?
  3. This was by far and away the best deal for Zeke I could find. And I actually did shop him for a while and got a number of offers over the last few weeks. But including Julio is really the clincher probably to tie it together. Shenault has a lot of big fans. I'm not sold on him yet but among my very favorite FF plays is to acquire 2nd year WRs. If Lawrence is the real deal, and with a healthy Chark and Robinson, I think there is a ton of upside in that offense. Or at least a bit.
  4. FFPC SF I gave Zeke, Julio I got 1.05, Shenault In every instance of a borderline orphan that I purchased this offseason, I looked at it, assessed it, and decided that I could turn it into a contender and compete in year 1, and then purchased it. Other orphans I bought were powerhouses already and I have zero doubt about competing in year 1. This orphan is one I have had 2nd thoughts about, however, and have decided to tear it down. The more I've stacked this one up against my other teams, it just isn't going to get there this year. It was $29 ($250 level) and I think it's future i
  5. 24 team PPR (TE sort of premium 1.25 per) 2 copies of each player QRRWWFFFTKD (11 starters but no more than 3 TEs) Team A gave 1.22, Tonyan Team B gave 1.10, Funchess Robbery IMO. For one thing I hold 1.14 and would have paid the other version of Tonyan that I hold to move up. I suppose I would have tried hard to get something more than Funchess if it were my 1.14 +Tonyan but dang. Oh well, tip of my cap to Team A. I gave Hines I got 2.10 Also robbery but it appeared in my box. This is the only squad I have anymore that isn't an official FFPC team.
  6. Each league is so different, though, and some leagues just aren't that active. I don't know what the advice is for how to make things happen in those leagues.
  7. I don't think you're wrong. If he has the ability to be a top ~5 guy or to meet that 25 PPG threshold you were just posting about, then you absolutely would want to keep him vs say Penny or Cohen like in this example. I think the pendulum might swing towards really wanting to get a deal done with one of your QBs sooner than later though, if those fringe guys you're talking about are a cut above the Cohens and Pennys out there. In such a case I think the roster construction you're talking about is not optimal but in this case I would not hesitate to roll with 3 top end QBs if Penny or Cohen wer
  8. FFPC Regular I gave 3.06 I got Mooney He offered me this or my Everett for Mooney but I think I have to see what Everett can do to beat that price. I think I like Higbee in LA right now more than Everett on team X in FA but I'd like to see it play out. And this team of mine is buying players like Mooney so I think I can roster Everett for now.
  9. Dude had a note in the offer that said "Thoughts?" This is an orphan of mine so I just replied politely with "thanks but this is really far off". I wanted to say so much more.
  10. On the whole Jacobs v Chubb thing - one note. A lot has been said about Chubb but not as much about Jacobs. I have to think that last year is at least a little bit of a low water mark for him. I don't know how much I would expect the Raiders offense to step forward but Jacobs is still so young that I have to think that this debated difference in production between Jacobs and Chubb is negligible and could be considered equal if regression to the mean is applied. Does Chubb have a higher ceiling than last year? I don't really think so for 2021 but I think Jacobs has room to grow on the other han
  11. And then today: I gave 1.09, 2.04, Crowder, Big Ben I got CEH, 2.06 I gotta be honest this one feels good. I know a lot of people don't like CEH but I'm not one of them.
  12. 1.01 in probably 99% of leagues. The 1% of leagues would be people that already have QB dialed in and didn't figure out how to move back or didn't understand they should have taken Lawrence regardless if they couldn't move out of it.
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