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  1. Starting him again in a few leagues and benching in a few. Don't have better options in some and simply can't trust him in others.
  2. I definitely have room to hold in redraft. Benching this week everywhere.
  3. Starting him in my superflex spot over Andy Dalton in one league.
  4. FFPC 1QB I gave Damien Harris, 2022 3rd I got Lindsay, 2022 1st
  5. Yeah we are busy too. Playing Tetris and eating food.
  6. I am with you. I took a lot of zeroes last week from Aiyuk.
  7. Tons of people have him as their first or second off the board.
  8. I think he is incredible and has just needed a stable QB. He has produced through injuries in the past. But there were stories in his rookie camp where he was staying late with the JUGGS machine, working with the robot tackling dummies and figuring out how to set them both up to have "hard to catch" balls like behind or to the side of the dummy such that he would be required to make some acrobatic maneuver to catch it. He was staying late to do intensely specific high difficulty reps because it might help him in games. Reminds me of Dirk Novitski working on weird angles for jump shots or Lillard taking 40 footers in practice. Seems insane until he is headlining sportscenter.
  9. Hey I am as big a stan on McLaurin as you will find and I *did* bench him in one league this week based on my fear of this matchup. I then later thought better of it and got him back in well before kickoff but still. It *did* scare me.
  10. I posted a message on our FFPC dynasty page but I am bored today and thinking of hosting a zoom at some point today if we can get ~5-10 participants at a decent hour for folks. Let me know if interested and I will try to set something up. Could be in the next hour could be much later tonight. IDK.
  11. Yep Yeah you acquired a starting RB and that is a really big thing. Totally square and I like it. I prefer the other side but I also always say that there has never been a trade in the history of the universe that happened in a vacuum.
  12. I like it and don't consider it an overpay at all really. Sutton is still limping out there and Waddle may be a difference maker. Henderson can be a difference maker in terms of his utility at a position of scarcity but the 2nd is probably undervalued here. I like the trade for you.
  13. he was regularly getting him turned around
  14. Yeah he totally owned Bradberry the whole game. That interception was a *great* not good play but it had zero to do with McLaurin and 100% to do with Bradberry, Heinicke, and that insane playcall. That is a strategic situation where it is easy for the DB (of Bradberry's caliber) to say "if the initial read after the snap is that they are passing, then it is likely a short little hitch to get the 7 yards" - in other words it is a very jumpable route. Which is another reason it really was a dumb playcall and to not just give it to Gibson who was eating everytime he ran with it. I give all the credit in the world to Bradberry for making that play. It *should* have won the game for them. But it had nothing to do with Terry, who had owned him the entirety of the game.
  15. I wasn't expecting Ryan to be so horrible. My main take coming into the season was that they would pass 600 times and Pitts must get tons of targets. But if they are just hot garbage it won't matter if he is Mike Ditka 2.0. I didn't draft Pitts very often in redraft and only a couple shares of Ridley but dang they looked bad. Like worst team in the NFL bad. A contender for it anyway.
  16. They didn't give it to him when they had a small lead a couple times. They didn't give it to him early. It wasn't just when they were trailing. They specifically did not try to establish the run. Which is strange for them and for him being the weapon he is. It isn't like the game got away from them. I don't know if I said it in the game thread or if I am repeating myself in here but either they were managing him or the playcaller should be fired. They won in spite of their lack of trying to establish the run. They got lucky.
  17. I don't disagree that it shouldn't be done but I can't help but wonder if it did. They didn't even try to establish the run and IMO they should have lost.
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