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  1. I'm keeping 1.02... swapping it with the 1.08. If he did not accept this, I would move on.
  2. If you offered Godwin and 1.06 for Sanders and 1.11... I AM TAKING GODWIN AND THE 1.06 IT IN A HEARTBEAT! IMO, you are over paying.
  3. I am taking Kelce Chubb, Herbert as my 3.
  4. Definitely like the end package
  5. I am in agreement. The 1st for Wilson, IMO, is a wash... pretty close to even and I side a bit with the pick. The part that I don't like is Sanders / Golladay for Diggs as I think the 2.01 is a crap shoot.
  6. I also am not a Cooper fan, but I am not doing the deal. IMO, I would be looking for more than just the 1.05 pick... Cooper has more value.
  7. I would be taking the deal. Basically, Ridley for a 1.07.
  8. Agree with Gally, and my first option would be to move CEH... I really like Robinson. and I think CEH will potentially get you better WR value.
  9. First off, I am not high on CEH at all. However, IMO, he has more value... and I would do CEH for both picks with no other future pick from me (or a 4th rounder). As to Montgomery, again IMO, his value is less than CEH and it might take adding a future 2nd to get the picks.
  10. I am not hesitating... I am taking the pick.
  11. Simple question... 0.5 PPR, 12 teams standard scoring. would you prefer Gibson or Dobbins?
  12. Total agreement here. IMO, I have the pick slightly more valued than Kupp and would definitely try to figure on who might be available at 1.8.
  13. Value wise, IMO, it is in your favor as you would get younger and the extra pick could be used to find a running back.
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