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  1. Value wise, IMO, it is in your favor as you would get younger and the extra pick could be used to find a running back.
  2. agree, still trying to lowball !!!
  3. Assuming that the picks are rookie picks. His offer is not close at all, the Brown side for me. Even if the 1.9 is removed, the deal is a bit closer, but I am still on the Brown side. Brown is a lot younger and I would want more. And Moss and the 2 4s are blah!
  4. IMO, his counter offer is not even close. and IMO, your initial offer of the 1.09, Golladay, Engram, I would have been all over it. But, what does the rest of your roster look like? What was the Hopkins offer?
  5. In total agreement with Gally's thoughts.
  6. I am in agreement with the order that Gally has... but I would see what I could get for either Barkley, Kamara, or Dobbins... Knowing that I would have to start a TE, it would be tough for me to let Kittle go, even if the value is a bit less. I am a bit nervous with Barkley's injury, thus if I get the right price in trade, I would have no issue moving him.
  7. In agreement. I would be taking the 1.6 / Higgins side for Sanders.
  8. I do agree with you, with no other information it is tough to figure out. If the team has the pieces, then... it might make sense.
  9. league size, starting requirements, roster, scoring??? IMO, my gut on just the players without any other information is no, I would not do it based on player value. I have Carson value much higher.
  10. I would ask the normal questions as to # of teams, starting requirements, scoring, your roster as of right this moment, and where are you drafting In my 12 team league and if I have the 2.01 pick, I would be doing the deal. Especially if I have some "expendable players".
  11. I would assume you can keep anyone on your roster, thus, list your team...
  12. I give my vote to Team C slightly over Team B...
  13. I would be finding a trade partner if trades are allowed...
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