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  1. no thanks, I would be keeping Moore.
  2. I am holding with Cook and McLaurin
  3. I am not doing it... you are giving up more value with your side... I assumed 12 teams... and what is your entire team look like right now?
  4. I just re synced my league and went into the in season player projections. My team is not connected to my players. Some leagues are okay, others are not.
  5. Commish in a dynasty league now going on year 20. Still have 6 of the original 12, and 4 others have been with this league over 10 years. Just a couple of owner changes, last time 3 years ago. Solid group of owners, have a lot of fun. Love it. Co-commish in 3 others just as a 2nd hand person to help when necessary, involved in 12 leagues overall.
  6. 2021 Season Long Coverage section... Player and Game Forecasts --- are our teams (scoring) going to be connected to the weekly projections during the season? as of this moment, they are not.
  7. For me, I am keeping Higgins and Murray. I am keeping the better players. I am not high on Gaskins at all.
  8. Are all the keepers set? Who are you keeping? what is your starting lineup?
  9. I am leaning more towards Henderson based on the value. I have Hunt projected a bit higher in "scoring", but it is not a huge significant total. I think the extra $5 during auction would be to your benefit.
  10. Cooks and not even close.
  11. Teams??? to me, if either 10 or 12 teams, WIlson is not even a top 24 player... I am keeping Hill and Barkley. Have you projected what the other teams may keep?
  12. I am not doing it... would want more. What does your roster look like, and is it a dynasty, keeper or redraft?
  13. assuming redraft... I am taking Brown
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