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  1. Does he strike you as the type of guy that Patricia and Quinn would pick? He’s a great corner but he was never going to be the type of player they look for.
  2. Zero chance the Lions were ever going to take Greedy, not sure why Lions fans got so worked up about that possibility. FWIW Dane Brugler just posted this about him on Twitter (and had him #65 on his big board) “Tavai was one of my favorite players in this draft. "Out of sight, out of mind" for many because he played at Hawaii and his shoulder kept him from the Senior Bowl and Combine. But Tavis is an ideal modern day LB. Inside-out versatility and can play any down.”
  3. What evidence do you have that Fant was a better pass catching TE than Hockenson? Hockenson had more catches for more yards at a higher yards per reception.
  4. Agreed. People insist on comparing him to Ebron but they couldn’t be more different as players. Hockenson is basically a 6th offensive lineman who is also a good receiver. If I had to bet on one guy from this draft class not to bust it would be Hockenson.
  5. Rodgers and Wilson I can see. Luck may never return to the form he had before. Mariota is living off a 6 game stretch last season but outside of that has been average. I think the top 3 is clearly Rodgers, Wentz and Watson in some order.
  6. I'd probably agree right now. Watson should be in the discussion as well. In the young QB category I also think Mahomes will soon be in that discussion, but obviously he isn't there yet.
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