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  1. Agree - he’s probably lined up for more carries than Henderson.
  2. Half PPR - championship. Thinking Henderson and Davis. I have Tyreek Hill so not sure I want to put more on the chiefs but nervous about Henderson splitting time. Diontae Johnson worries me if he has an early drop or two.
  3. Half PPR, need to pick two. Mostly need to decide if Sanders is in or out today. Thinking Bell and Sanders. Rest of the roster is this - D Watson T Hill D Hopkins D Montgomery D Henderson M Andrews [Flex] [Flex] Succop Ravens
  4. Going into semi-finals this week and would like thoughts on last flex spot and TE. Scoring is half PPR, pretty standard otherwise. Pretty even matchup with my opponent this week based on Yahoo and FBG projections with me projected at 135 and my opponent at 131. Roster - QB - Cam WR - Evans, Julio Jones RB - Kamara, Chubb Flex 1 (WR/TE/RB) - Lamar Miller K - Zuerlein TD - Atlanta Opponent team: Mahomes, Michael Thomas, Hopkins, N Hines, Gore, Kelce, Cooks, Dede Westbrook, Vinatieri, Chicago Questions: TE - Njoku / Vernon Davis ? Fle
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