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  1. I would stick with Carson, low scoring may make the Seahawks run a bit more
  2. Hurts and sanders. You have a good problem here though I think all of these guys play well
  3. PPR league, who do you pick from the 3 available? Ito named starter but game script might not be great, bills rbs are a toss up who will do better. Was originally leaning singleterry but now thinking ito.
  4. In a Dynasty league 10 team ppr 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1flex. . I can keep 8 players, no penalty or cap hit, there is an auction draft next week for remaining players and rookies. Here's who I am keeping and who I'm undecided on. Keeping: 6 definite Lamar Jackson Miles Sanders Nick Chubb Tyreek Hill DK Metcalf Chris Carson Players left: Tyler Lockett - probably going to keep him but I have basically the entire seahawks offense DeVante Parker Darren Waller Hunter Henry Kyler Murray Hollywood Brown Kareem Hunt
  5. Agreed as well, Thomas, Julio, and Jones would be my picks.
  6. If Saquon or Zeke are there you 100% take them. Are the first 2 picks ahead of you not picking or used up on their keepers? If there are two people picking ahead and assuming CMC is kept I highly doubt you will get one of those 2 players.
  7. I think if you keep any it has to be Henry. I think there is a good chance he is there for you at 8 anyways so unless you think you can get a better pick at 8 than henry I would keep him, and then keep your second rounder since it's a high pick and you can probably get better value than mixon or mahomes there. If you really like mixon, i don't, then i would keep him too.
  8. The winner gets the first pick and all other picks are decided by random draw after keepers are submitted to negate the ability of knowing i can get my potential first round keeper in the draft. Can't trade mahomes unfortunately, I should have tried to make the move in season when i had the chance. I would say most of the consensus 1st round guys are not going to be available in the first round there are none other than kamara (which is mine) that is entering back in based off of term limits, and a lot of the 1st round guys this year weren't drafted in the first round initial
  9. I can keep 2 players in the round I drafted them, I can only keep the same player twice before they go back into the draft pool. Currently I am keeping Lamar Jackson in the 9th over Mahomes in the 11th since I kept Mahomes last year I get 2 years out of Lamar and think that's a better value. For my second keeper I am between Eckler in the 6th or Zeke in the 1st. The consolation bracket winner gets the first pick, and I'm giving up kamara this year because of keeper term limits. So there is a chance I can get kamara or zeke with a lucky draw. Is it work just locking zeke up for 2 year
  10. PPR league. Who do you start: Robby Anderson Miles boykin John brown
  11. There should be a lot of QBs available, but Mahomes scored over 100 points more than the next 3 best qbs in this format.
  12. I think I'm with both of you. Can't get cute with this, best player best value.
  13. Hey I have a 2 keeper league where you lose the pick in the round you drafted them in. 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1flex(te/rb/wr) 1dst 1k PPR and passing tds are worth 6 Currently I'm keeping Kamara in the 12th from the previous draft, but have a decision to make for my second keeper. 2nd rd - Kelcee 7th rd - Kerryon 11th rd - Mahomes 15th rd - Watson (was my keeper last year, can only keep a player for 3 years) Am I overthinking this and just take mahomes at 11 for the next 3 years? Do i take the RB value at Kerryon who would go maybe in the first rd si
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